The Damning Truth of What is Going on in Australia

Aboriginal June Mills exposes Army enforcers removing her people to enternment camp

Australian Government give MSM 100% Tax deduction

No Jab for Public Servants

The jab explained simply

With colourful words, even the “Dumb F***ks” may understand vaccination for COVID is a useful as a sunroof on a submarine

Funeral home whistleblower exposes vaccinated children deaths

Sydney funeral home whistleblower exposes massive baby & children covid vaccination deaths and many others, all quickly cremated without funeral or service and death certificates issued reading “death unknown”. Statistical chart is shown of children diagnosis from Australian hospitals. Body cold room containers now needed to cater for the dead.

Kill Grid: The Vaxx, 5G and Smart Phones Are Inextricably Linked

We’ve seen very clearly in recent days how the Biden Regime is waging war against Americans, by crashing the US economy and the US dollar with an engineered fuel- and food crisis.

This is clearly in tandem with the various genocidal initiatives that have been put in place in recent decades, like the glyphosate herbicides that have reduced human sperm counts by 90%, the forced-vaccination of school kids that has resulted in autism rates of 1 in 17, the carcinogenic 60 Hz fields from our electric grids and the weaponized millimeter waves of 5G, all of which are killing us softly.

5G network killingengineered geonicideplanned death rays

NATO Admits COVID Hoax Premeditated Mind Control

Dr. Peter Breggin joins Kristi Leigh and special guest Alex Jones to discuss the true motivation behind those that pushed the COVID hoax on the world population in an attempt to experiment on the innocent.

Australia’s DESPICABLE Covid response 2022

Australia’s health bureaucrats, state premiers, federal politicians (and anyone else who mocked and vilified the unvaccinated) should ALL hang their heads in SHAME.

The day of reckoning is drawing close so if you are vaccine free and have been bullied by the vaccinated make a detailed record for a class action is just around the corner

PCR Deception to tests

This video exposes the establishment propaganda machine operating on pure fiction supporting COVID scamdemic push of vaccination and persecution

Maybe people will start to wake up when there’s millions of dead six and seven-year-olds

Australian Health Chief Threatens Unvaccinated

Acting Queensland Health officer Peter Aitken: “Life Will Be Miserable Without Being Vaccinated. You Won’t Be Able to Hide. You Won’t Be Able to Go Anywhere.”

Australian Prime Minister – We do not have manditory vaccination

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison states – “We do not have mandatory covid vaccination in Australia” Policy of the states, NO JAB NO JOB, No Pub, No Entertainment, No Socialising across Australia.

Australian nurse tells Australian media that hospitals are full of ‘vaccinated people

Australian nurse slams the covid “shamdemic” while explaining to MSM the hospital in Adelaide has 32 patients in ICU and 30 of those because of vaccination-induced problems. A must see video that never made it to MSM publications ..WHY?

QLD Premier admits to covid unvaxxed camps

Queensland premier introduces covid unvaxxed concentration camps

Thousands Of Vaxxed Canadian Children Dying Suddenly As MSM Looks Away

Stew Peters exposes Canadian child deaths from COVID Vaxx that MSM hide and government remain silent

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