Alice Springs in another meltdown

Apr 15

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Things aren’t alright in Alice Springs.

Out of sight and out of mind to most of the country, the problems in Alice Springs and across the Northern Territory are being ignored by Anthony Albanese.

But something must change. Now.

Back in January when the country’s media shone a spotlight on the problems, Albo couldn’t spare more than a few hours before he had to hop back on a plane to get to Melbourne for the Tennis, and he hasn’t been back out here since.

Three days courtside, just four hours in Alice Springs.

That’s not leadership, that’s cowardice.

So when Peter Dutton came to Alice Springs, demonstrating REAL concern for the people of Alice Springs and showing us all what REAL leadership looks like, Labor and its lackeys couldn’t handle it.

They went into meltdown.

The talking points were sent out quickly and everyone got on message.

Their approach – to try criticising Peter Dutton for “politicising” Alice Springs and turning serious issues like child sexual abuse in to a “political football”.

Are you for real?

It’s a bit rich from the party doing NOTHING about the problems affecting Aboriginal Australians, instead pushing only for their dangerous, divisive, and costly Voice.

It’s the grand solution in their eyes, but they can’t even tell us how it would work!

As my mate Paul Murray put it, the Voice campaign is a “giant year-long distraction from accountability”.

Too right!

They have no plan, they have no clue, they have nothing but a mission to tear the country apart with division.

Labor isn’t just politicising Aboriginal issues in the NT, it’s happy to politicise them all over the country.

Like when they voted against my call for an inquiry into land councils, Labor has shown time and again that it’s happy to let the REAL problems continue while they get warm and fuzzy feelings after a few good headlines.

Labor’s divisive Voice is more than just a catastrophic mistake, it’s a cop out.

It’s their excuse to leave the vulnerable in dangerous conditions.

It’s dangerous, it’s divisive, it’s costly and it’s wrong – that’s why I’m voting NO.

Yours for REAL solutions,

Senator for NT, Jacinta Price

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