Sad, isn’t it?

 Our Australia is going rapidly down the gurgler!!! Fancy us borrowing money to give ‘Aid’ to a country that is run by a bunch of Lunatics who have Nuclear bombs ready to use on a peaceful democratic neighbour? We are getting a crippling energy tax that will wipe out our coal, gas and petroleum reserves and even though we are amongst the world’s richest sources of uranium, we can’t have nuclear power either because the Greens control the Senate. Meanwhile, pensioners are terrified to have a hot shower or turn on a heater because they can’t pay their power bill.   Note that, as of July 1, Electricity is up 21%. Wake up, Australia, we need a SENIOR’S PARTY to kick out that bunch of Politically Correct Bastards who run our Country from a narrow-minded perspective. Let’s set up a SENIOR’S PARTY Maybe Dick Smith or someone with $$$ and balls will take up my idea.   Can anyone take up the cause of Preserving What is Good and Just about our country – fantastic Australia? Most of you have put in at least 50 tax returns since you got your first job at age 15, and isn’t it time I got a little bit of a fair go for paying my taxes and making Australia the great country it is today? The Labor movement has extinguished the light on the Hill; the Liberal and National Coalition disappoints middle-class Aussies as they make up policies on the run; the Greens live in La- La Land; the Democrats are Kaput; and most of the Independents can be bought off. Come on AUSSIE SENIORS we have a bloody massive numbers advantage… let’s start using it Remember the $20,000,000 (that) Penny Wong couldn’t possibly find in the budget to pay back the troops to compensate for the Government swindle on DFRDB. (Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefit fund)   Now, $20,000,000 will miraculously appear to cover the ‘Snouts in the Trough’ pollies for their “meagre” pay rise.   What a joke. Oh, and (recently) she has announced $11 Billion (which we’ll have to borrow) to prop up the Euro. How stupid is this Government – without a mandate – most of whose members were NEVER in a creative job prior to entering Parliament? We are ‘broke’ and can’t help our own Seniors, Troops, Orphans or Homeless. However, in recent months, we have provided aid to Haiti, Indonesia, Timor, Turkey, Greece and Pakistan (among others, at least four of which have a “standing” armed force.   Our Aged Pensioners who are living on a ‘fixed income’ receive almost no aid, or get any breaks, whilst our Government pours hundreds of millions of $$$$$$’s, and tons of food, into Foreign Countries! We have thousands of adoptable children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans.   AUSTRALIA is a country where we have homeless without shelter, children and adults going to bed hungry, the elderly going without ‘necessary’ medication and the mentally ill going without treatment. YET………………. We (Australia) make donations for the people of Pakistan for their citizens who are lining up for food, water, tents, clothes, bedding, doctors, and medical supplies. Even though that country -Pakistan – is currently buying fighter planes worth $1.4 billion, as well as TV stations, ships, etc. Imagine if the Australian Government gave us the same support they give to other countries.   Sad, isn’t it? 99% of people won’t forward this. I, however, just did!

Published by Nelle

I am interested in writing short stories for my pleasure and my family's but although I have published four family books I will not go down that path again but still want what I write out there so I will see how this goes

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