Aborigines possibly the tenth race to have inhabited Australia

The Torres Strait Islanders are a different race of unrelated people of Melanesian descent, their history goes back about 3,000 years diverging to a mix of Papuan and Lapita people 30,000 years ago. They are a well structured society with agriculture and productive communal industry, and warriors using bows and arrows. The aborigines never had enough smarts to copy their usage or society, they never rose above stone age weapons (National Geographic) had gardens or agriculture.

Australian Aborigines were probably the tenth race of people to have lived in Australia

Aborigines are of Indian descent, sharing the same mtDNA, and two basal synonymous mtDNA polymorphisms G8251A and A9156T with the M42 haplogroup, shared exclusively between(pre-Dravidian) Indian and Australian aborigines — “These particular mutations do not exist anywhere else in the world; they are shared exclusively between a few isolated ancient tribes in India and Australian aboriginals” (Quote: Prof Dr Satish Kumar).

Ancient endo cast skulls have been found, strange Flat-Head skulls, others of very different ancestry from Kow Swamp, Nacurrie, Coobool Creek, Cohuna, Lake Mungo, Tasmanian Aborigines were Papuan Ulotrichi referred to by Professor Alfred Cort Haddon in his book, ‘The Races of Man’. We have photographs of the “little people (150 cm) of the Kuranda rainforest.

The many different races to have occupied Australia are scientifically proven by Dr Irina Pugach Dr Frederick Delfin, Dr Ellen Gunnarsdóttir, Dr Manfred Kayser, and Prof Dr Satish Kumar: Supported by research from Drs Norman Tindale, Joseph Birdsell, Peter Brown — and Professors Mark Stoneking, Allan Wilson, Alan Thorne, Colin Mackenzie, Manning Clark, Joseph Greenberg, Alan Cooper, Chris Stringer, and Dr Merritt Ruhlen. You cannot disprove their science.
With reference in the “Atlas of Foreign Countries”, written between 265 – 316 A.D., Chinese Sea Captains describes the mysterious great south land being inhabited by a race of one-metre-tall pygmies: Frank and Alexander Jardine settled Cape York recorded they witnessed the little Negritos being hunted down like kangaroos by the taller aborigines. In the 1400’s and 1500’s, Dutch and Portuguese sailors sighting the Western Australian coastline noted “tall natives in warfare chasing and killing hordes of “little” native peoples”.

There is no need for a referendum to include Aborigines in the Constitution — They are not and never were the nation’s first people, probably the tenth race to have lived here. 

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