Comrade Dan goes grovelling to CCP paymasters to prop up state

Apr 8

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

COMRADE Dan Andrews must be missing the days when the 10,000 kids of Chinese Communist Party officials studying in Melbourne came out on the streets loudly demonstrating in favour of their “Great Leader” Xi.

In fact Xi’s revolutionary kids were agitating right across Australia, for instance putting pressure on Queensland University to punish a student named Drew Pavlou who in 2019 organised a protest against China’s brutal suppression of Hong Kong people and some 1.5 million Uighurs in western China, who have been shunted into re-education camps.

Pavlou’s demonstration upset the so-called Confucius Institute, which had set up 13 of its propaganda outlets across Australia. Then came Covid and a Coalition Federal Government veto of the institutes and the CCP’s privileged kids, spies and various operatives left Australia in large numbers.

But now that Comrade Albanese rules in Canberra, Comrade Dan wants the Chinese commie kids back in their thousands and too bad about those Aussies desperately seeking accommodation amidst a housing shortage.

Early in April Andrews snuck off to China for four days, making sure the media didn’t follow him. The CCP must be amused seeing this pathetic little Aussie Labor premier come running to China to bail out his bankrupt state. But the CCP don’t mind visits from useful idiots who can open the door to their long-term plan to control and colonize that big island down under.

What Andrews did say was that his visit was about “sending a message that Victoria wants to deepen its relationship with China”. Really Dan. And who, exactly, in Victoria wants that? Was it those few heads of those education businesses we once called universities and China-financed companies in the Big Build Victoria project?

The ABC reported “defence and security issues were not raised on the trip” which would be surprising since Andrews is a state premier, not a Federal Government representative. Neither did the grovelling premier raise the matter of Melbourne woman Cheng Lei, a journalist who was arrested by the CCP, put on trial and jailed for passing on state secrets.

Ms Cheng was an anchor for the Chinese government’s English-language propaganda channel CGTN, faced closed court trial in Beijing in March 2022. The Australian ambassador tried to get access to the trial, as agreed to by diplomats, but was locked out. Cheng has a daughter and son in Melbourne aged 12 and 10.

But such matters don’t concern Comrade Dan, who was quite happy to turn Victoria into a police state for at least a year and is now covering up the official reasons for the lockdowns. Andrews went to China to sign deals with CCP-run “working groups on trade and higher education partnerships”.

He even went grovelling to China’s “Education Minister”, more properly known as Minister for Youth Indoctrination, to set up a working group to facilitate “postgraduate students” (read CCP-approved assets) moving between China and Victoria.

Andrews even tied Victoria to the CCP leaders of Sichuan and Jiangsu provinces, who are pushing “sister province” arrangements, that is, deals to allow CCP-controlled business operatives and spies to “legally” come in and out of Victoria to do what ever the CCP deems beneficial to them.

“Between those two provinces, it’s 175 million people, pretty much. This is an enormous opportunity for us,” Andrews told the ABC. You can be sure it’s more an “enormous opportunity” for the CCP to re-establish its foothold in Australia – a place Xi and company long-term see as one of their overseas colonies.

Andrews, who went to China with Abanese’s approval, is playing not only Victoria, but Australia into the hands of the immensely powerful, dictatorial Chinese state, that treats its people like livestock to be tracked, traced and controlled in the ultimate surveillance state.

The culture of the CCP is anathema to Australia’s Constitutional system which is based on the principle of rule of law and limited government power. We know that system has been undermined from within, but that is certainly no reason to hand the country over to the world’s leading totalitarian power.

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