Labor, bureaucrats, ABC, academics, councils in panic over council coup conspiracy

Apr 5

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A My Place group meeting in suburban Melbourne. It is one of many such groups springing up across the country.
Darren Bergwerf at the Frankston My Place market day.


ACROSS Australia elected and appointed authorities, many hopelessly brainwashed by green propaganda, are panicking because lots of people are pushing back against the totalitarian, WEF-Agenda 20-30 program being imposed on their councils from above.

Melbourne and Adelaide people in particular, are putting the wind up their local councils, simply by turning up at meetings and making their views heard about so-called Smart City plans with their China-style surveillance and data gathering systems.

The ABC is stupid enough to describe these actual plans and programs being implemented worldwide as “conspiracy theories” and has been running silly scare stories about councils being threatened by radical right wingers and “sovereign citizens” like Melbourne man Darren Bergwerf, the founder of the growing My Place groups such as those at Greensborough and Yarra Valley.

My Place groups, usually on Facebook, state their goal as “to implement a project that allows us to step away from the current systems that are not serving our best interests. As we all come together and share our skills, knowledge, and support, we can gradually build the individual sectors where the services can be accessed by all.”

The ABC’s Emily Baker, an investigative reporter based in Sydney has produced a ground-shaking expose titled “The Conspiracist Group Wanting to Control Your Council”. Excuse the sarcasm. But the 2022 Young Journalist of the Year Emily apparently led a sheltered life in Tasmania and has never before encountered people who think beyond the approved ABC narratives of LGBTQ rights, climate change, anti-racism and social justice.

Emily, for the 7.30 Report, went to the My Place Frankston meeting in Melbourne. “Darren Bergwerf started My Place as a meeting place for people opposed to COVID vaccinations. He is a sovereign citizen, meaning he does not believe Australian laws and institutions are valid and subscribes to the conspiracy theory that a global cabal is plotting to remove ordinary citizens’ freedoms,” she reported.

Young Emily apparently thinks the only bad guys out there are … well, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, President Xi, Kim Jong Il and the rampant conspiracy theorists. After all, who in the West would even contemplate for a minute taking away ordinary citizens’ freedoms, right Emily?

Our intrepid ABC lady went on to expose even more shocking facts, such as that last November Bergwerf’s group welcomed guest speaker Riccardo Bosi, “a former SAS soldier who has called for politicians, health workers, and bureaucrats to be hanged for their role in pandemic management”. Wow! Fancy that! Apparently, Emily and the ABC think that everyone, except Bosi, who lost their job for not having a dodgy shot, had their business shut down, got separated from loved ones or got fined for not wearing a useless mask was warmly appreciative of the government Covid response.

Equally sinister for our Emily was her shocking revelation that “in the days before 7.30 attended his market, Mr Bergwerf shared “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” to a My Place social media channel” and “when quizzed about its contents, he condemned last month’s demonstration by neo-Nazis in Melbourne but said he believed there was a question mark over the Holocaust in part because “I wasn’t there”.”

Emily apparently was never told that some people do question certain events in history – even events like the holocaust. There’s even a rabbi in New York who claims less than a million Jews died, but let’s not get sidetracked down that rabbit hole.

But of course, Emily, in a state of shock and panic, went running to some academics and the government to support her conspiracy theory about My Place planning Australia’s first local council coup. “The group’s beliefs and aims raise alarm bells for Deakin University extremism expert Dr Josh Roose,” she reported.

Dr Roose had this brilliant and insightful observation to offer: “They’re highly adept at couching the language in that of love, of wellbeing and caring about others and community and so on.” Yep, them Frankston folks are as sinister as the Illuminati, right Dr Josh? They tell you one thing, but behind the scenes they mean something altogether the opposite! My goodness, sounds like certain people who inhabit those parliamentary spaces …

Our Emily also quoted a “spokesperson” from the Department of Home Affairs: “The Department of Home Affairs is concerned about the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation in online environments, particularly those that influence Australia’s national security, democratic values and social cohesion. The department is working across government and with academia to develop approaches to misinformation and disinformation.”

Cairns News readers might be wondering of those “approaches” might include compulsory re-education … sorry anger counselling visits to those Covid quarantine facilities?

Intrepid Emily extended her investigations to the Hunter Valley, where, shock and horror, a Cessnock councillor named Jessica Jurd, was suspected of, but denied being involved in a My Place group! The councillor, at the March meeting, “brought a notice of motion on 15-Minute and Smart Cities”.

But the ever-so-clever Emily wasn’t going to be fooled by this. “Cessnock is not signed up for either initiative, both of which aim to make life easier for residents but are viewed as covert tools of control by conspiracy theorists,” she reported. By golly! If only those conspiracy theorists knew that Smart Cities, Agenda 20-30 and the Great Reset were actually about making life easier!

But like sinister green mist, the Council Coup Conspiracy has also taken root in Adelaide. At the City of Onkaparinga’s meeting in January, police were called when more than 150 people arrived at the council chambers, upset over some lame-brained scheme by councillors to declare a “climate emergency”.

Things got a bit rowdy after all but a few of the crowd were locked out and police had to remove several from the building. According to Mayor Moira Were’s statement: “We know our community cares about this issue —81 per cent of respondents to our 2021 community survey agreed that ‘not addressing climate change would be a risk to our city’,” she said.

Really Mayor Moira? And where were all those respondents who somehow think their city is at risk from “climate change”? The people who cared enough to come out were those smart enough to know that there’s an agenda behind “declaring a climate emergency” – as utterly stupid as that idea is.

But send out another stupid “community survey” asking stupid questions like “Do you agree that not addressing climate change will be a risk to our city?” and a bunch of clueless people will no doubt agree because they saw something scary about climate change on their TVs.

At Salisbury City Council’s January meeting about 70 protesters from the No Smart Cities Action Group (NOSCAG) gathered at the council chamber on a Tuesday night to oppose the council’s “Smart Cities initiative” which involves more CCTV cameras in the area. The question is whose “initiative”, and we know it’s not local councillors.

The meeting was supposed to be held the previous night when some 100 protesters rocked up but it was cancelled due to South Australia’s amazing renewable energy system blacking out the council and 1200 other properties.

In Victoria, way back in 2016, the “progressive” collection of Greens and rabid Andrews leftists at Darebin Council saw fit to declare their climate emergency. As yet we are unaware that Darebin municipal area is inundated in sea water or residents suffering heat exhaustion en masse, but we can all breath easier because Darebin has gone “carbon neutral”.

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