Australia Fights Back

From 1950 to 1975, Australia was the most prosperous nation on Earth and this was an egalitarian prosperity… which means almost all Australians were located within our famous demographic bell-curve middle-class, and with almost nobody living in poverty.

By the year 2010, most Australians were struggling to survive. Today, following the Covid-19 pandemic, at least 60% are barely surviving.

What happened?

Our country was the subject of a US coup (followed in 2019 by a globalist medical fraud which we will comment on later).

Last revised 4/03/2023

Some Australians know about the US coup; most do not. This has been kept secret through media/government complicity but you can easily confirm the truth by researching the following event…

US CIA agent Christopher Boyce, correctly seeing the 1975 CIA/MI6-engineered sacking of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam as betrayal of a valued friend and ally, was imprisoned for 22 years for exposing the truth about the coup.

The US takeover was later consolidated by US agents Bob Hawke and Paul Keating with their transfer of media control to Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer. John Howard later passed even more power to Murdoch to facilitate his own election success, a strategy which a furious Keating acknowledged so indiscreetly on national TV (quote… “Fucking Howard has made a deal with the media”). This demonstrated that both the Liberal Party and ALP serve the same global interests, represented in Australia chiefly by Murdoch; a fact later confirmed by major Liberal Party funder and later United Australia Party leader, Clive Palmer.

What we have lived through has been:

*   The destruction of Australian manufacturing and family farming.
*   The dismantling of regulations preventing corruption, corporate abuse and exploitation.
*   Turning our currency over to foreign manipulation; and
*   The complete dissolution of Australian national sovereignty.

All politicians were complicit, with the exception of those of One Nation and Australia First, who were certainly patriotic but, sadly, One Nation’s leaders were emasculated by their own ignorance, by their lazy failure to research issues adequately, or to consult with their own party membership.

Only two Australian journalists dedicated themselves to telling the truth: John Pilger and Julian Assange. Pilger survives very actively but Assange is currently being tortured to death in the UK under savage American interrogation.

Leap forward to recent events… 

A farcical Parliament, American ownership and control of the public media (actively opposed by Kevin Rudd’s record 600,000 signature petition), takeover of arable and residential land by China, US military annexation of the NT, rigged elections, and lying politicians.

In the NT, this betrayal is illustrated with horrifying clarity with the CLP’s handover of Darwin Harbour to China, and the ALP’s gift of Arnhem Land’s Aboriginal Gulkula site and Melville Bay, to the US military and Raytheon Technologies war missile manufacturer.


This was the Australian demography of early 2020: RECORD 50% UNEMPLOYMENT CAUSED BY FREE TRADE… more specifically: “1 in 4 out of work; 1 in 4 struggling with inadequate part time work”… 

This shocking position was revealed by a demographer on ABC TV during a successful ambush interview, resulting in a panic-stricken editorial screen note advising viewers the official unemployment rate is 5% variable; which only served to precipitate heightened awareness of the government lie. As my own surveys had produced a similar set of statistics, also ridiculed by media-popular economists (ie Steve Keen), such independent verification was hugely welcome.

Ironically, the entirely fraudulent Corona virus pandemic threatens to expose the government lies about unemployment and homelessness, these being the most at-risk demographic. Actual unemployment is now believed to be 60% although politicians and journalists grudgingly admit to 7%.

The following document explains the who, what, when, why, and how, of this scandalous discrepancy; and how Australia’s former world-leading prosperity was taken away from us.

This complete story is told nowhere else in Australia, although parallel coups in other countries are covered by the researchers, authors and journalists who feature in Ontario’s

I recommend that readers visit this site.

(A fuller bibliography for this document is provided at the end of this paper).

Now read on: how we lost Australia


by Tony Ryan



Note to Reader… if you want to skip the reasons why this site exists, scroll down 26 paragraphs to Chapter One. However, context is everything and if you want to understand how to win this war you need to understand the battlefield.This is an online text documentary describing:

* How free trade eliminated 5 million full time jobs in Australia;

* How live export closed down 150 abattoirs at a cost of 240,000 jobs (directly, and through destruction of feeder industries, public and private services and government regulators);

* How 90% of manufacturers were driven to closure;

* How most of our family farm domestic food producers left the land; which is now being rendered permanently infertile through crop monoculture petro-chemical-based factory farming… cotton, wheat, rice, and canola;

* How Australia lost national sovereignty in 1975, essentially making it an unwilling territory of the US; one without state rights.
This documentary is the equivalent of a 60 (A4) page condensation of the original 1000-page three volumes trilogy, RETHINK; of which only the first volume was ever  published… Delusions of Democracy in 2007. It was then realised that conventional hard copy books will never be bought and read by the impoverished people who most need to know the truth.

Publishers refuse to print such books. In 1990, Cambridge University Press sent a written invitation for this manuscript to be submitted. When it was eventually presented, Cambridge denied any knowledge of the offer.

And, although the below position paper covers information critical for any reformer who hopes to return Australia to the status of independent and prosperous nation, it must be acknowledged that few such activists are about to read three entire volumes, which would be on the market in competition with books published vigorously with the active support of the resource-rich free trade sector. Ergo, all publishers are now owned by multinational corporates.

Nevertheless, and for the first time anywhere in the world, this intensely condensed version identifies all 17 known elements of G

lobalisation; a deceptive term that to the more alert mind reads as the incremental installation of free trade, deregulation, privatisation, militarisation, internationalisation, culminating in global dictatorship.

Parallel with these changes has been the removal of environmental and citizen protection mechanisms, and of democracy itself.

The author of these changes has been the global investment banker alliance, led quite openly by the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties. None deny it and David Rockefeller openly admitted it, saying in summation “We will take over the world by manipulation and, if this fails, by force”.

This is the reason for the Occupy Movement’s two-year targetting of Wall Street; and for its forced demise.
This document addresses:

  • strategies that were planned; plus
  • intended outcomes, and
  • unintended consequences; which

… on interaction will, it is my contention, cause the emerging New World Order to self-destruct (curiously, a phrase reminiscent of Marx’s “Capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction”. Nevertheless, do not be fooled, Marx was a globalist in disguise.

That notion notwithstanding, for all those people who have lived in fear of the impending destruction of freedom, democracy, justice, and cultures, the document you are reading may be seen as an expression of irrepressible human optimism, reinforced by hitherto unrecognised Laws of Economics referred to later in this website.
But first, a clarification of intention… I have no desire to persuade anybody to a particular point of view. For those who choose to reject the evidence and the logic presented herein, it is only yourselves who will suffer and I point to the poetic justice of free trade ideologues and other elitist believers one day being forced to account for their betrayal of family and country and humanity.

But those who heed the information are, I know from experience, joining dots they had long ago identified but lacked the time to visualise the complete picture.

I hope I have saved you a few thousand hours of very arduous research. By all means, duplicate the research but you will find the same conclusions await you.

Focusing on a practical and application level, this paper has been prepared to familiarise already-concerned Australians with the dangerously underestimated multiple crisis into which our nation has been plunged.

Although I specifically address the Aussie situation, the pattern of globalist conquest is repeated with minor variations around the world. Unsurprisingly, therefore, our American cousins, and even our rebellious post-Brexit relatives in the UK, pro-democracy activists in Greece (who, believe it or not, redefined democracy from this very website), and the former Yellow Vests of France, will find little here that is unfamiliar.

Research for this paper commenced forty-five years ago, contributed to by dozens of independent researchers in Australia and elsewhere; often in disparate environments, yet all reaching the same conclusions. Nevertheless, there is no expectation or intent to persuade our Aussie readers to accept only this interpretation of events. We all face a common enemy and we will secure its defeat only if we continue to analyse individually and cooperatively, and then work together to whatever level of agreement emerges.

CAVEATIn this paper, the copious footnotes and bibliography traditionally demanded by our scholarly elite is absent for the simple reason that this paper is not the product of conventional scientific or academic research. With their impositions of political correctness, active repression of open community consensus, derision of views not delivered through ivory portals, and their almost unanimous collusion with New World Order installations, scientists and academics have proved to be an element of society which can no longer be trusted. Most of these people are eager converts to elitism and wokeism, which are the philosophical genesis of globalisation.

Here is a thought that might afford the reflective reader a chuckle, until it is finally realised that this will one day be accepted as a prosaic truism: ACADEMIA IS THE NEW STUPID!

We have been educated to not question the validity of our education system, which is a most unscientific position to adopt. The truth is, the rigid conventions now applied to contemporary documents are there to inhibit challenge. Peer review, for example, is a barricade with which to exclude the rest of our community; and qualifying footnotes and links very effectively exclude new thoughts, ideas, and propositions.
A point of clarification; I do respect genuine science. However, few scientists today deliver science. This calculated betrayal is pathetically evident in so-called climate scientist’s failure to identify Kiribati as sinking, rather than being innundated by rising seas as climate change alarmists claim. Oceanic rise is miniscule to non-existent… which does not stop alarmists from fabricating terrifying rises.

Ever since science and academia were corporatised, we have found that scientists will deliver whatever they are paid to deliver. Only those scientists who support the official position are employed and those not employed are derided as unemployable. Thus, deniers of globalist positions are branded as heretics and fools.Nevertheless, all the information provided in this document is upheld as conscientiously accurate but is nevertheless wide open to challenge. I welcome challenge.

I reiterate: This document is not an attempt to win readers over to one position or another. I do not wish to persuade you in any direction. In fact, I do not care what you think. 

This document, in fact this entire website, is provided solely to provide information for those who actively seek it. It is designed to save you time, which I calculate will be some 20 years if you were to research all of this full time. If you discover errors, tell me and I will edit accordingly. If your evidence is superior to mine, your’s becomes my new position. This is democratic mutual education and is the only way we can become an informed nation.

Likewise, you will note the absence of SEOs in this website, which makes it difficult to locate. Most people discover this site on the recommendations of friends and allies and this is how things will stay. Currently, expose researchers and writers who adopt a Quixote-like high and noble profile are ridiculed, vilified, locked in psychiatric institutions, or executed. I would prefer to defer such a fate.

This paper is the cumulative product of on-site observation and investigation within government, industry, commerce, agriculture, community development practice, and in the political arena… the author has pursued careers in all, and has produced 17 chapters specific to each issue thus identified. (I acknowledge that the mRNA saga and proposed Great Reset constitute elements 18 and 19, and that Rothschild preoccupation with number configurarions suggests 20 and 21, but I would prefer to view more evidence before calling these out. In the meantime, let me just say I have identified a NWO PLAN B, should the latest battles be lost).
Obviously, some writers of pre-existing papers and articles have been a confirming and often inspiring influence and some of these are listed at the end of the paper. But it would be fair to say that some ten thousand interviewees, sounded between 1988 and 2011, also share authorship here.

The scamdemic has not changed the history and ultimate strategy patterns of globalisation, but how we must now fight it. For this reason Covid-19 is not incorporated into this narrative and features in the Page titled Health Issues. For the moment, we can note that the scamdemic caused the postponment of the original Great Reset (originally set for January 2021, in which currencies are to be disolved and private ownership discontinued).

Finally, the paper itself…


All seventeen known elements of the global recolonisation strategy…(1) The Financial Meltdown: Was this a case of oops! or just another ring of the corporate till?

Until recently, explanation about the cause or causes of what has come to be known quite satisfyingly as the global financial meltdown, or to global apologists as the GFC, has been confined to economists, or to the quasi-economists of journalism. Politicians have been quick to parrot journo jargon in the fragile hope we become persuaded that they know what they are talking about. They do not.
The keyhole vista these academics and politicians present to us, while sometimes impressively mathematical, merely dangerously narrows the parameters of what are vast and far-reaching elements of change which extend, as we shall demonstrate, more invasively and malignantly within the body politic than the average expert observer would even dare imagine, and with infinitely more devastating consequences for all of the people in this country.
What most ordinary citizens have already concluded is that:

  • Economists appear to have contributed significantly to the financial disaster with their glib and rarefied theories, and failure to realise that their favourite equation… debt equals credit equals wealth… is untenable; or that futures, derivatives and credit default swaps are merely sophist juggling, gambling and fraud, by other names;
  • Private banks cannot be trusted to manage the wealth of the nation, on behalf of the nation; and
  • Journalists, for their part, are endemically unable to differentiate fact from fiction and are gullibly serving the entities responsible for manipulating this situation in the first place: the investment banks and Wall St.

 Nor was the oft-heard wail ‘

no one could have seen this coming’ related in any way to substance. In fact, thousands of observers, including a former head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), have attempted to bring this long-anticipated financial collapse to the notice of government and the public, but have been shut out of dialogue by the media and the publishing houses; especially those publishers associated with universities. But there is little evidence that even these pundits predicted that the systemic implosion of the entirely phoney investment industry

would precipitate a greater avalanche of global economic, industrial and social chaos.  This is because most of these concerned people, nevertheless, were ardent converts to the neo-religions of

free market theory and

academia-led elitism. As with all belief systems, faith replaces intellect, logic and evidence. Moreover, as with all religions, disbelievers and heretics must be reviled and rejected if “truth” is to finally emerge for public consideration. Thus, anyone who both understands and cares that

free market policy means untrammeled licence to terminally exploit workers and consumers, automatically becomes a pariah before government, and elsewhere where voices can be heard. Neither can a heretic be considered as a candidate for preselection by a mainstream political party. New parties have an uphill battle for survival yet even corrupt electoral laws have been unable to prevent an explosion of these alternative means of electoral expression. Currently, the six newest parties have more than double the membership of the three major parties. However, with Murdoch’s iron grip on the mainstream media, it seems unlikely that this will translate into a new coalition of freedom. The recent and ongoing global financial collapse is essentially a breakdown of

measuring devices and exchange and has only limited impact on real economics…

if one accepts the definition of economics as

the measure of coordinated human survival effort. And, of course, we

immediately part company with economists here. Few economists are concerned about people, unless these are converted to more malleable and manageable symbols, numbers and jargon. 

The real and salient issue in Australia is the governmental abandonment of manufacturers and domestic food producers… and hence jobs and workers and families; a disaster inflicted primarily by removing tariffs. Other internationalised trade practices have exacerbated this. For example, Live Export closed down 150 abattoirs with the loss of 240,000 jobs (directly, and also from feeder industries related to freezing works equipment and infrastructure maintenance, transport; and to service industries, which included schools, hospitals, garment industries, grocers, etc).
 Prosperity has been exchanged for poverty, and Australia’s famous all-encompassing bell-curve middle class, which was the real measure of prosperity, was eliminated in only three decades. Regardless of the antics and theatrics of politicians on the Australian stage, all economic policy here in Australia has been shaped in New York. We need always to be aware of the Wall St puppeteers.

As an increasing percentage of Americans are now realising, as was evidenced by the OCCUPY movement, economic rescue must be led by

tariff restoration; which is heresy to the high priests of free marketing.

Donald Trump cynically exploited this realisation, then backed off protectionism once elected. Threatened by the media barons, he was forced to resume tariff reconstruction. Wall St and the media immediately accused Trump of starting a trade war, but in point of fact, free trade is an act of trade war. Biden merely continues this.
What we all need urgently to grasp is that the credit and investment collapse is a shallow diversion from our more fundamental problems.
But before we pursue the tariffs issue, we need to clarify the behavior of banks and investment practices.
Many independent writers have been quick to grasp the obvious, that what was put down to arrant stupidity and greed was calculatedly and profitably manipulated. The US Government’s bailout to banks, and the behavior of AIG and Goldman Sachs executives with $152 billion of taxpayer’s money, and concomitant management of the US Federal Reserve and Treasury, is evidence enough of that. The more critical question is, was the collaboration more extensive?
This line of thought zeros in on the apparently seamless relationship between Wall St, the big investment banks, the US Federal Reserve, and the White House. Cynics also sniff knowingly at the more recent emasculation of protective legislation originally introduced in the aftermath of the Great Depression (dissolution of the Glass-Steagal Act). To have achieved such a clearway, they reason, required overriding influence of both the White House and Congress. Removal of Glass-Steagal is irrefutable proof of conspiracy; the GFC being the inevitable and intended outcome.
While high-ranking analysts ponder these realms, most ordinary citizens are considerably less confused. Internet detectives to a man, they have long since ceased to balk at the acrid smell of gun smoke and have moved on to discussing the entity holding the gun, and why the law has not moved in on the crime scene. (Actually, the “Occupy” protests outside Wall St were exactly this).

 Thinking people realise that it takes a lot of power and wealth to own Presidents and Congress. By a simple process of elimination, the manipulators have been identified by the complete absence of alternative suspects. Such figures require boundless wealth, motivation, power, administrative infrastructure; a choke-hold on the print, TV, and cinematic media; and international cooperation, especially of governments. Superficially, the Trump election represented a break away from this horizontal stranglehold; which explains why the media did everything it could to destroy him; spectacularly in the ludicrous Hillery Clinton accusation that Trump was a Russian shill. His detractors needn’t have bothered. Trump backed off his most significant promises: promoting war against Syria’s Assad, and leaving free trade policies intact. In the meantime, we need a wider knowledge to understand contemporary geopolitics. Genuine history can provide us with the all-essential context with which we can understand what is happening now; and what is about to happen, and why. More specifically, we need to step back and examine the history and role of the United Nations as central to this affair, for this is where all money and paper trails lead. And we do not refer simply to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or even the Rothschild’s private but collaborative Bank for International Settlements (BIS), but the actual owners of the funds they dispense. 

Although we focus here primarily on the Australian experience, international readers can interpret in terms of their own national context. This will not be difficult, and the startling similarity of events further points to the global manipulation that so many acknowledged ‘experts’ deny. Obviously then the names Rothschild and Rockefeller will emerge; but so too will their anointed collaborators who rule Australia: Frank Lowy, Rupert Murdoch; and to a lesser extent Ross Garnaut (Trilateral Commission) and the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, who is not employed by Australians, but by the Rothschilds in Basle, Switzerland.

Surprise, surprise. And I am betting you fervently believed the RBA was a sacred institution, independent of the political wing of government, and dedicated to the integrity of the national finance system. LOL.

(2) The redefining of Democracy

For more than a century, in order to manoeuvre governments towards acceptance of international elitism, the international banker/media alliance, which dominates funding and management of political party election campaigns, has proselytised the notion that representationalism is democracy. It most certainly is not.
Democracy is Government of the people, by the people and for the people… lyrically expressed as such by Abe Lincoln, with the then contemporary threat of financial and economic hegemony in mind, his intention being to obstruct those same banking families who were playing on the ambiguity of the word represent.
In the modern context, democracy is that state in which the thrust and direction of policy is generated entirely by informed electoral consensus. The correct role of the political representative is but that of message boy, to convey that consensus to the public service. Parliament itself is not a component of democracy and we could well do without it. Parliament provides the illusion of the voice of the people. It is never this.
Representationalism is leadership, made to look like democracy, wherein a person or group nominates to make decisions on behalf of constituents. This is the very opposite of democracy and it matters not if the leader is elected or self appointed, history demonstrates this mode of social organisation has never worked happily for The People. Such a person accumulates power, and all power corrupts, as Lord Acton so sagely noted. Moreover, this wisest of men added, there are no great leaders, only bad men, but they write the official histories.
In terms of contemporary politics, the bottom line is, representationalism is the act of electing a preselected stooge who serves an oligarchy, which in turn serves the corporate banker elite who does our thinking for us.
Expecting someone to do our thinking for us and expecting an outcome favourable to our interests is the most outrageous act of gullibility and liability it is possible to conceive.
Do any genuine democracies survive today? No.
Erasing the democracies which were led for four centuries by Ireland and Finland, the Vatican reintroduced global theocracy in the 8th century. The only attempt since, to resurrect democracy, apart from a two-century’s Chinese democracy in Indonesia, was made by Thomas Paine, most famously with his inspirational book The Rights of Man. Attempts to revive partial democracy survived from the 1790s, and readers aged over sixty-five will recall politicians being required to trudge from doorstep to doorstep in their electorates to gauge the people’s will… at least up until 1973. Thereon, the media and pollsters hijacked this function.

Today, rare expressions of democratic consensus occur, such as the Crimean realignment with Russia… so obscenely described by the western media-political establishment as “illegal”. No referendum can be illegal. And quite apart from this, Crimea was part of Russia until “given” to Ukraine away by an impulsive Ukranian Nikita Krushev.

In Australia, there has been only one attempt to form a democracy and this culminated in the massacre at the Eureka Stockade on 3 December 1854.

Revisionist historians (all corporatised academics are paid liars) present the Eureka Stockade as a pre-union squabble over the extortionate price of mining licences but this is like saying the Indian Mutiny was all about cartridge grease. Ironically, both events had much in common. Both were a fight against repressive and exploitative British colonialism. But the men of Eureka also represented a multinational force of pro-democracy activists. These were Americans, Irish, English, Russian, French, Danish, and Canadian, and dozens of representatives of other nationalities.

These single-purpose immigrants were attracted to the well-defined concept of democracy proselytised by the Eureka leaders and they realised that this was probably the best chance to create the world’s first genuine democracy. As a matter of record, this was also taken very seriously by the global investment bankers, who actually believed that a world-wide revolution for democracies would be precipitated by Australian success. The British colonial authorities were exhorted to repress the movement at any costs.Which they did.
Because most Aborigines, and also many mainstream Australians, consider Australia Day to be an insensitive celebration of colonial invasion and ongoing genocide, we intend to call for Australia Day to be transferred to December the 3rd… Eureka Day We are also acutely aware that pre-contact Aborigines were actually practitioners of pure democracy and this is regarded as poetic irony in our campaign to build the world’s first modern democracy.

(3) The Corruption and Subversion of Governments

Governments no longer govern on behalf of their respective electorates; instead they install the various programmes and strategies ‘requested’ by lobbies, the unaccountable UN, other foreign influences, and election campaign contributors (mainly bankers and the corporations they own).
Australian Governments, led variously and seamlessly by Prime Ministers: Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and now Scomo, have excelled at this betrayal more than their counterparts in any other country, with no other nation rendered so dangerously exposed and vulnerable through tariff removals; although the US has been similarly emasculated. It was recognition of this that drove American workers to elect Donald Trump.
That these left/right politicians moved in exactly the same direction is mute testimony to the clear conspiracy at work here. This transition of power, from electorate to faceless political party leadership was lubricated by the act of preselection replacing branch elections.

This abrogation of electoral accountability has resulted in a virtual dictatorship by the investor clique, and clustered at their feet are the aspiring nouveaux riche; who have no real comprehension of national economics, are devoid of social conscience, but who worship at the alter of Wall Street and free market theology. Mammon by another name.

Formerly (pre-1973), corporations were companies led by Managing Directors, who invariably worked their way up in the company and who felt the need for loyalty and accountability to employees, consumers, shareholders, and to the wider community; and if significant on a national basis, even to their nation.

Corporations today are led by CEOs who are bribed to betray their own employees and product consumers, and who repay the bribes by transferring extortionate dividends to mercenary shareholders. Thus, worker-shedding, off-shoring, and quality-control reversal, create extra and immoral profits which benefit only the shareholders.
To many insightful Aussies, the word investor has become a euphemism for traitor.
Another significant set of lobbyists are the major land developers (who operate mostly at a state level), but the central players are international banks, the global corporations and the media. In Australia, all media is controlled by Rupert Murdoch (including ABC and SBS), although he actually owns 70%. Occasionally this has occurred through direct intimidation, as when Fairfax’s The Age published a condemnation of Israel’s murder of 400 children during the 2009 attack on Gaza. The next day a retraction appeared. But invariably, cynical and values-deficient journalists impose censorship on themselves believing, accurately, this to be in their career interests. This has been the published observation of journalist and author, John Pilger.
Political analysts of the past; Donald Horne for example, included the judiciary among the social institutions that protect our freedom. Today, alas, judges are political appointees who are also leading proponents of the internationalist movement… which is a nice way of saying opponents of Australian national sovereignty, law, and patriotism.
Most Australian and American citizens who have realised the extent of misgovernment and widespread judicial malfeasance have focused on constitutional issues: calling for amendments, new constitutions, declarations of ultra vires for current legislation, citizen initiated referenda (CIR), and so on; all of these good and well-meaning people not comprehending one overriding truth: that almost all governments have been corrupted, subverted or taken over, and all had constitutions to protect citizens from precisely these attacks.
What does this tell us?
Those who have finally pulled their fingers from their ears hear the message plainly… constitutions protect no one but their creators.
The evidence of history is that the lawyers who drafted constitutions were already working for the enemy… hence the twenty-seven amendments applied to the American Constitution when they finally woke up to the complete absence of Thomas Paine’s clauses. By the time they had muddled their way to the eventual ratification of the Bill of Rights, (the first ten amendments) no American was capable of understanding the philosophical significance of Thomas Paine’s under-pining statement “All authority derives from the people”.
Constitutions and bills of rights were a clever con from the outset. Remove the belief systems from our minds and the evidence is irrefutable; but for many, this is too frightening to contemplate. Regardless of the intent of The People, all national constitutions have placed power in the hands of the financial and legal elite, and the only power left to The People is to whinge to the head of state; in Australia, the Queen of England; who is a historical and financial member of the ruling elite.

Actually, the Queen to whom politicians so piously refer is a non-existant sheila dubbed the Queen of Australia.
This reality of constitutions goes some way to explain why no national constitution in the world includes the very word that represents people power… democracy.

Prior to 1975, Australia was a partial democracy inasmuch as aspiring politicians were required to door-knock the electorate and seek the views of constituents, which meant that reelection would depend upon the electorate approving a degree of politician’s loyalty to election promises. The media duopoly in Australia smothered this convention and the electoral mood was fabricated through phony polls.

But the most decisive factor in the loss of national sovereignty came with the sacking of the Whitlam Government in 1975.

One can only speculate, but many Australians wondered why Gough Whitlam did not fight back. As Pilger and others have revealed, five hours after his sacking, Whitlam had been scheduled to list CIA operatives in Australia to the Australian Parliament. These included: Sir Arthur Tange, Permanent Head (ie Secretary) of Canberra’s Department of Administrative Affairs; Doug Anthony, head of the National Party; Sir Peter Ables of TNT; and his close mate Bob Hawke, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).

It is my belief that the CIA, true to form, would have warned Whitlam that if he pursued this course, he and his family would have been destroyed. I very much doubt that he alone was the recipient of this threat, others also being in the know; which kinda explains why he later said to an interviewer, with very evident bitterness, that he “owes nothing to history”. Those who could have banded together with Gough to reveal the truth to the nation, caved in and distanced themselves. I fully expect one of these people to release the truth pothumously.The Australian Labor Party (ALP) is now the living legacy of this betrayal and it has become evermore globalised as time progresses; fully supporting the free trade that decimated its membership. Worker members have become replaced by academics and professionals and the branch membership has fallen from 350,000 in 1975, to approximately 30,000 today. The ALP is now a PR illusion. One Queensland branch reported that it can no longer achieve a legal AGM quorum.

The ALP today is a mere extension of the Tavistock Institute, which is a branch of the WEF administration. 

(4) The incremental elimination of tariffs
 It was Gough Whitlam who locked us into the

Lima Agreement of 1975, which initially launched Australia into the globalisation nightmare. Essentially, this declaration demanded that we hand over our resources, technology and wealth to so-called third world nations, even though the impoverishment of these nations was entirely due to the corruption cultured and installed by agencies operating behind the façade of the IMF and WB, who then opened the doors to corporate exploitation and destruction of indigenous economies and industries. (For the most expert witness/commentary on this behavior, read John Perkin’s celebrated book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”).
There is some debate over whether Whitlam understood the ramifications of the Lima Declaration. ALP stalwarts insist he saw only the helping of third world peoples, and was unaware of the wider agenda. Others point to his intellectual origins in the London School of Economics, along with Bob Hawke; the spawning grounds of Fabian Socialism.  Only Gough knew who the real cur was and he is now safely dead.
Regardless of who was the first traitor, it was Prime Minister Paul Keating who really put the skids under Australia and gave it the big push towards internationally regulated poverty.
Without doubt, as part of his liberalised media-ownership deal with Rupert Murdoch (and also Kerry Packer), he established the free trade theocracy that marked his regime. His daily speeches were peppered with economic rationalism, privatisation, deregulation, and claims these would make us “competitive on the global market”; which, considering the extent and richness of our resources, and the three preceding decades of unrivalled prosperity, we already were too competitive for the globalist banker cabal’s liking.
Economic rationalism, a euphemism for stealing the prosperity of Australians and handing it over to foreign corporations and banks; what used to be called colonialism, was damaging enough, as was privatisation. But in terms of immediate impact on Australians, nothing was more devastating than the incremental elimination of protective tariffs. The impact is still being measured and agonisingly sustained through widespread poverty, family disintegration, depression and suicide.
During a little over two decades, more than three-quarters of our manufacturing sector was destroyed and nine-tenths of our domestic food producers were forced off the land. The latter were replaced by cotton corporations, wheat and rice for export, and other crops that are exported and are of no benefit to Australians. But these crops use precious water and destroy soil structure and natural fertility. Measured in personal incomes this represented the loss of four million full time jobs. One million agricultural workers and their families, including those employed in support and service industries and enterprises, drifted into cities, providing a devastating impetus to existing urban sprawl. This was given even greater momentum by Live Export, which forced the closure of 150 abattoirs with a loss of 240,000 jobs (direct and of feeder/service industries).

Amidst a rapidly shrinking manufacturing jobs market, most workers learned to struggle on part time jobs, often juggling three or four to make ends meet. With the demands on time flitting from job to job, family life ground to a halt; exacerbated by an average of 9 hours unpaid overtime per week. A closer look at urban statistics tells a chilling story. Full time working parents today are jointly earning 10% less than the traditional bread-winning dad of 1969. Yet these are the lucky ones.
In an August 2007 questionnaire survey of a well-proven representative demographic corridor (Ryan Research, Sunshine Coast), it was found that 67% of locals had incomes below $29,000 per year. An average worker brought home $380 per week, not the $1000 that government and social scientists claim (statistics published in the three-yearly micro-tabloid Australian Independent… back copies also available as PDF).

Of all adult Australians, 54% were found to have incomes below $15,000; which under prevailing circumstances means these people are dying in slow motion from malnutrition and lack of genuine medical and dental care. This is economically-generated genocide, pure and simple.

For more than half of all adult Australians, the only dental care they can access is to have a tooth pulled. For age pensioners, the Queensland waiting list for dentures is several years. For single age pensioners the waiting list for public accommodation is 24 years… a joke.
These are ultimately the cascading effects of tariff removal. Less direct are the following:

  • One million Australian rural and regional refugees drifting to coastal cities; conjoined with pressures exerted by foreign refugees and migrants, and foreign investors, and the outcome has been upward-spiraling home rentals. Many families fortunate enough to have jobs are spending half their pooled incomes on accommodation. Many are forced by competition for scarce accommodation, to bribe landlords.
  • Swollen urban populations, especially in Brisbane and Toowoomba, have strained the small local water catchments causing a severe water crisis at times of drought. The arid Australian continent is unsuited to European-style mega-city development and our populations should be dispersed across the land to delimit environmental impact. Nevertheless, the Queensland Government has invited the ruthless water corporations Bechtel and Vivendi (the same gut-slashing corporations that were thrown out of Bolivia by Evo Morales and his supporters), and these corporations have manipulated water shortages and are promoting dam construction to flood agricultural and dairy land, and demanding the drinking of treated filtered sewerage. Where water supplies are plentiful, the cost of water has risen by 10% or more; but why? Use of the term reverse osmosis in relation to treated sewerage for drinking water is merely slick public relations and junk science, no process of osmosis being involved; simply high pressure filtering which is vulnerable to failure. Although the Queensland Government claims failsafe mechanisms are in place, they said this of fluoridation and whole Brisbane regions were accidentally subjected to 8000 times the safe amount, and fluoride is toxic enough to kill. Those suburbs will undoubtedly deliver a vast harvest of cancer deaths but no medical authority is monitoring this.
  • Flowing from the ‘purified’ sewerage drinking caper is the problem of what to do with the solid waste thus separated. Engineers have speculated that this contains concentrations of toxic waste from medical and pharmaceutical products and practices, yet this has been sold to farmers as fertiliser, inserting heavy metals into the human food chain. One engineer claimed some waste had been dumped down a disused mine shaft and had since entered the ground water supply.
  • Property developers, who collectively contribute 70% of the Queensland state Labour Government’s campaign funds, have a slow release land development policy, to keep home prices high.
  • Because of tariff removals, and subsequent impoverishment of their feeder regions, rural councils are short of funds. Exploiting this opportunity to centralise power, the Queensland Government has forced local council amalgamations, which dilute electoral influence and make developers proposals easier to install. This is in spite of a state wide plebescite in which 77% opposed amalgamations. As then Premier Bligh was reported “I don’t care what the people want.” This also goes part way to covering up the reality that local government is not permitted or recognised by the Australian Constitution, and that 67% of Aussies would like to see inevitably corrupt councils done away with (Ref 1984 national referendum).

Because tariff removal eliminated most manufactured goods; and much of our fish, fruit and vegetable output; many of which are now imported, the value of Australian imports is around 30% higher than that of exports. Add to this, the value of loan repayments and interest flowing from Rudd’s foolish post GFC stimulus package, the scenario is rapidly forming in which the IMF will be able to declare Australia bankrupt and will then announce a kindly act of Debt Forgiveness, subject to the handing over of all resources to China. The BIS will run the role of enforcer.
Once again, it is the Rothschild/Rockefeller bankers, backed by super lobbyists Frank Lowry and Rupert Murdoch who stifle public debate on the critical issue of tariff restoration.
If for nothing else, Australians owe Donald Trump a debt of gratitude for his reversal of free trade (Trans-Pacific); presuming he does not entirely go back on his word.

More recently, payments made by Scottt Morrison to out of work Australians during the covid scare, were made by printing money not backed by substance. A solid tsunami of inflation will follow this. Meanwhile, money set aside for age pensions has been absorbed by politician’s inflated salaries, opensions and perks, and payments to NGOs such as Bill Gates’s Wellcome Foundation and GAVI, to subsidise vaccination development.

Politicians are not worried by the loss of Age Pension funds because they calculate that the mRNA injections will kill off most old people within four years. In the US, this is very much a part of the vaccination programme agenda.

(5) Removal of workers’ protections
 From late 1975, there commenced a massive and sustained campaign to depopularise trade unions and to vilify strong union leaders. We were warned daily by politicians and through the media that the “unions are destroying the economy”, yet the millions of dollars that were sucked out of the Australian economy were held by the David Rockefeller-led banker alliance, and strongly supported in its campaign of union-bashing by media magnate Rupert Murdoch; who by then was closely associated with Rockefeller and the Rothschilds, significantly, all of them politically active Zionists. The truth about unionism was that Australia’s period of greatest ever prosperity was the 1950s and 1960s, and this was also the period of optimum union activity and influence. Although natural resources launched post-war wealth, the trade unions alone were responsible for Australia’s famous era of egalitarian prosperity and they most certainly did not hamper the production of wealth, as the records unambiguously show. The trade unions alone were responsible for Australia’s vast and prosperous middle class, and a fuming banker elite orchestrated the union movement’s destruction. The ultimate union traitor was

Australian Council of Trade Unions President Bob Hawke, who arranged disastrous union amalgamations that weakened the position of workers and delivered union leadership into the hands of ambitious university graduates and opportunists (once known as carpet-baggers).

Eventually, as Prime Minister, an ambition he achieved through media ownership deals with Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch, he destroyed an already useless Australian Constitution, and rendered assuming the copulatory position before American Presidents a cornerstone of Australian defence and economic policy.

If journalist/authors such as John Pilger are to be believed, and there is ample reason to do so, Hawke was a CIA and MI6-approved stooge. It was also Hawke who introduced percentage wage increases, replacing set amounts, which meant that highly paid workers received much higher pay increases than the poor shop assistants and cleaners. Clearly, Bob Hawke was Australia’s prime enemy of egalitarianism. No doubt, Kerry Packer and Rupert Murdoch smirked while Paul Keating cheerfully betrayed his old pal and mentor, Bob Hawke, with the same media ownership deal. Keating betrayed his country in a far more spectacular fashion. Ironically, it was the ALP’s Paul Keating who dealt the death blow to worker prosperity, family influence and integrity, and national sovereignty. It was Keating’s free trade, privatisation, deregulation and economic rationalism that precipitated the journey into poverty that is the current existence of more than half of all Australians. When the gallows are finally rebuilt, it is hoped that Keating will enjoy the shortest fall. In an other event of hilarious political irony, John Howard, never known for originality, made a follow-up media ownership deal with Murdoch upon which both his predecessors slithered to power, evoking on-camera rage from Paul Keating. Howard went on to set industrial legislation that would eventually eliminate all meaningful worker’s rights (including the SC457 provision, the import of 200 thousand foreign scabs). Australia’s worst kept secret is that Kevin Rudd assured Rupert Murdoch and America’s Dick Cheney that his grasp of Mandarin and experience as a diplomat in China qualified him to deliver Australia to China as its newest colony (the first conquest being NZ, and its handover being the WEF’s Helen Clark’s only claim to fame). Such treasonous ambitions were unlikely to inspire his concern for Aussie workers and families, and in real terms, living conditions worsened considerably under the Rudd regime. Perhaps the real measure of Rudd was his perpetuation of the Liberal Coalition myth that unemployment is low, then claimed to be a mere 5-6%. By then, five million full time jobs had ben lost.

Independent but conservative surveys in 2007 showed unemployment to be at least 19%, although as long ago as 1999

The Newsweek-Bulletin’s Max Walsh measured 23%. One can only speculate upon what knives were drawn in the darkened corridors of power, and the nations still wonders why Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister one day and political pariah the next; replaced by his former ally, Julia Gillard, the then new Prime Minster. The most likely scenario was that Rudd unwisely slapped Israel’s wrist for its criminal execution of nine passengers on the Turkish-sponsored Aid Flotilla to Palestine; as well they might in the face of a measured 84% disapproval of Israel by the Australian electorate (Survey of August 2010). In insignificant contrast, Julia Gillard is a pathologically uncritical Zionist, and an inaugural member of the

Israel-Australia Leadership Forum; something two former Australian ambassadors to Israel, Ross Burns and Peter Rodgers have publicly condemned. Completing the picture of typical Zionist cronyism and corruption, Gillard’s sex-mate was also employed by Melbourne developer Zionist Albert Dadon. Gillard will never embarrass Israel. She was well rewarded, but reviled by the electorate. Although she claimed she was a victim of male hatred, it was a measurable fact that her most implacable enemies were women. Her supporters were predominantly men, but women saw right through her lies, deceits, and disloyalty. During my surveys, many women volunteered that they turned the TV off the moment they heard her voice. The political implications of this history are important; that accommodating Zionist control of our banks and media, Australia is now effectively an economic colony of the owners of Israel. And as one third of China’s banks (or their subsidy funds) are also Zionist owned, this sharing of colonisation should not provoke conflict, especially as China now owns a leading French bank; once a shimmering Rothschild possession. Clearly, globalisation is no friend of nationalism… even French! The 2010 Ryan Research survey broke brand new demographic ground, discovering that unemployment was henceforth beyond empirical measure, identifying as it did by door-knocking that 14% of homed workers were unemployed, but some 13% were simultaneously unemployed and homeless, and therefore empirically invisible. This marked the end of a decade of full demographic sample surveys. Accuracy was now impossible to achieve. Nevertheless, this final experience told us that real unemployment was at 27%, which was consistent with independent surveys in other OECD countries. It has risen dramatically since 2010; now around 60% (ie unemployed and part time employed on inadequate incomes). With chilling cynicism, the Federal Government has quietly propagated a rumour that Child Protection authorities will confiscate the children of people living rough and have them fostered. Thus it is that the homeless have now dispersed throughout the countryside; living in sheds on farms, in their cars, or camping in the bush; determindedly invisible, terrified that Child Protection will take their children. (Several Queensland landowners reported they were receiving up to two requests a day (2010 survey) from passersby wanting to live in outbuildings). What became clear was that worker’s incomes and protections eroded even faster under Julia Gillard than under the Liberal National Coalition, and with actual average worker incomes of $650 per week reported by the cynical and cruel Gillard Government as $1200. With the return of the LNP coalition, nothing improved. All major political parties, including the Australian Greens, One Nation, and Xenophon Party, continued to pretend that unemployment was below 6%.

Ironically, the advent of the Corona virus has reshaped the political and economic landscape inasmuch as the real levels of unemployment and economic decay will rapidly become apparent. Confidence in the integrity of government will also erode as word gets out that India’s Uttar Pradesh and Goa have defeated covid with Ivermectin and HCQ, both of which are banned in all OECD countries. Other nations using ivermectin successfully are Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, and Brazil. Burundi and Tanzania have little or no covid because the population takes HCQ weekly to prevent malaria.

(6) Removal of consumer influence and rights
 In the 1970s, a series of porous barriers were erected ostensibly to protect consumers, which in fact assisted consumer exploitation and negated consumer influence and responsibility (ie

caveat emptor). The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has publicly been accused of collaborating in consumer abuse, famously described by Sydney University’s Dr Evan Jones as facilitating the criminal exploitation of family farmers and small businesses by

National Australia Bank (NAB), citing eight documented examples. And where business-to-business financial exploitation occurred, such matters flowed to ASIC (Australian Securities Investment Commission), and the handover process was designed by a person who, as Dr Jones so delicately put it,

“… should be taken out the back and shot.”

As has been concluded by all observers genuinely championing the rights of consumers, the ASIC does not have the skills to do its job, and most certainly does not want to acquire these. This sad reality is now dawning on all Australians in the wake of the Royal Commission into the banking and finance industries. Even sadder, we are about to learn that white collar crime gains considerable sympathy from our equally corrupt judiciary. The FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) has the primary role of protecting Australian land and resources from being bought out by foreign interests, circumstances that would quickly render consumers helpless. Even two decades ago, the FIRB was approving forty-nine of every fifty land sale cases that crossed its desk. Today it is essentially a rubber stamp for bargain basement sale of the Australian continent, with up to one third of targeted residential land being sold to foreign investors, in small legal packages to camouflage illegality.

Celebrity CIA agent, Bob Hawke, moonlighting also as Prime Minister, enabled 1.2 million Chinese to enter Australia and assume citizenship. Xi then arranged for fund transfers to Australia to enable the buy-up of prime arable and residential land. This is invasion and occupation a la 21st century, which also violates food security and generates poverty. The silver lining to this dangerously dark cloud is that China will never bomb its investment; which does not stop blithering idiot Peter “potatohead” Dutton from warning us that attack by China is imminent.

Actually, with rabid US provocation, China may well direct missiles to US military bases in the Northern Territory (Gulkula Raytheon missile base near Nhulunbuy, Arnhem Land, and the Shoal Bay spy satellite and navigation centres outside of Darwin), none of which will effect Chinese investment. But the ultimate failure is demonstrated by the extent of grocery monopoly in Australia.

Whereas Americans are worried about a 40% monopoly, and the UK is reportedly about to legislate to dismantle a 50% duopoly (don’t hold your breath, Brits), the Australian Coles/Woolworths duopoly is 80%, yet the ACCC smiles benignly at plans to eliminate even more competition. Citizens protesting against new and unwanted installations in their towns and villages are confronted by a hundred-strong police line, as in Maleny, Queensland. The same happened to the equally spirited town of Mullumbimby, north of Byron Bay, NSW. Labeling of dangerous food additives is another serious problem, with government refusing to demand clear and unambiguous information to guide consumers; especially parents. Deregulation has been imposed on consumers even where this can cause ill-health or even death to children, as with GM foods, Aspartame and the vaccine killer components ethylmercury, aluminium, polyethylene glycol, hydrogel envelopes housing DNA disrupters, Polysorbate 80, formaldehyde and squalene. Government is moving away from consumer rights and, aided and abetted by the UN’s WHO, there were recent plans to force, under pain of imprisonment, vaccination for the relatively mild H1N1 swine flu. In 1976, this measure killed 30 Americans and paralysed many more, with an initial compensation bill of $1.4 billion, which eventually rose to $4 billion. This time around there will be no compensation for the largely untested experimental mRNA vaccine as the US has legislated freedom from litigation for all pharmaceutical corporations, even if negligence is proven. That there is indifference to human suffering was evidenced by the 2009 delivery of 72 kilos of bird flu-contaminated vaccines to several European countries; only the conscientious checking of a Czech technician preventing thousands, possibly millions of deaths. Baxter, the pharmaceutical corporation responsible, has since been given permission to produce a H1N1 vaccine. Our then online

TRB Chronicle alerted other independent Internet information outlets and, within hours of the H1N1 virus being identified in Mexico, much of Australia was already forewarned of the dangers of an untested vaccine being thrust on the market. Meanwhile, the Government of Poland decided not to purchase the vaccine, yet Poland had an identical death rate to countries that vaccinated widely; which exposed the H1N1 vaccine as useless for flu protection purposes, but with accompanying high health risks, with at least five Australian children dying as a result. Happily, 75% of Australians refused the useless vaccine and the ALP’s then Minister for Health, Nicola Roxon, who was warned of the risks, wasted $131 million dollars on a dangerous yet useless vaccine. (We wish Nicola a long and healthy life so that she can eventually stand trial for her corruption and negligence). There is a deepening suspicion that some vaccines are responsible for the dramatically increasing incidence of autism, from one in many thousands of the 1970s, to one in 78 children today. Note, they are not born with autism, but develop this after vaccines. Other increasing illnesses, such as attention deficit disorder, are also being blamed on vaccines, but the then Rudd Government refused to initiate independent Australian screening of vaccines or other suspect pharmaceuticals. Little wonder that

Agenda 21, a supposed programme to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, is now increasingly being taken seriously by even conservative observers. With the failure of the H1N1 vaccine, the 2021 pedocide has been transfered to 2030. Meanwhile,

Codex Alimentarius aims to outlaw all natural remedies and force the toxic products of the pharmaceutical industry upon us. Clearly, consumer’s rights will not only continue to erode, but will soon cease to exist.  

(7) The privatisation of national resources and publicly-owned utilities and services
 In spite of absolute majority electoral opposition to the sale of Telstra (76%), the politicians went ahead anyway. Australian Democracy was declared dead. 
Privatisation, a euphemism for the illegal conversion of public resources to private bank accounts, has taken our airports, our roads and bridges, our water and electricity, our postal system, our railways, most of our schools, many of our hospitals, our transport systems, the Commonwealth Bank, and mail services; and there is an obvious intention to eventually sell off all national resources, natural and infrastructural.

This will put Australians at the mercy of the global bankers and mega-corporations, who have already demonstrated their willingness to create poverty in every country they control. Although this is denied, and of course there is simply no way to prove the validity of political party whistleblowers messages, there is evidently a long term commitment to privatise police, the defence forces, all hospitals and schools, and welfare.

Unemployment benefit will become unemployment insurance, the premiums of which few workers will be able to afford. Age pensions will undoubtedly be suspended due to a government revenue crisis of its own making, and these will never be resumed at even current deficient levels.

Considerable public relations investment prepares Aussies for this event; generally in the form of proselytising the myth that the younger generation is being stuck with the burden of financing pensions for the ageing baby boomers. The reality could not be more different. This is the story of a different kind of privatisation… outright theft on a multi-billion dollar scale; the appropriation of an entire age pension scheme.  The history of the Age Pension Fund is not-well-known and it goes back to 1945, when Prime Minister Ben Chifley became aware of grinding poverty amongst the elderly. He was shocked, and a referendum was put to the people of Australia; and the outcome was a welfare fund contributed to by every Aussie worker, at a rate of 7.5% of gross income (at the time, in Australia and New Zealand, one and sixpence in the pound). This was a fund that was very specifically owned by the workers and declared as such; a fund in which government could not interfere; and from which it could not even borrow. Money could only be paid out as an indexed and non-means tested pension upon retirement at age 65 (60 for women).

To ensure the public was reminded of its investment, and so no government could interfere with the Fund, the amount appeared at the top of every PAYE income tax form and was calculated before income tax. Actuaries have calculated that this fund should currently be yielding at $6000 per year more than the current age pension.

Posthumously, former Prime Minister Robert Menzies should be tried for the original theft; perhaps the greatest heist in human history. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating needs to answer the long-stalled question, where is this fund? This is a fund that he illegally, and in breach of the constitutional sacrosanctity of referenda, imposed means testing; on worker’s own savings.

Does the current government know about this? It would certainly explain why on 29 July 2009 the Minister for Aging Jenny Macklin diverted attention from the 1946 fund, by erecting a monument in Canberra to the 1909 age pension scheme which, as she mentioned over-casually, “was means tested, just like today’s version”. Nice try Minister but you are still in possession of stolen funds and imposing illegal means-testing. Apart from ongoing complicity in the original theft, Macklin is now also guilty of conspiring to pervert the course of justice albeit with her perennial pop-eyed air of blond innocence. Macklin will also require a short rope because her head would otherwise part from her rotund body.

The list of recruits for the justice gallows has since grown dramatically with portfolio juggling and successive governments, as Ministers realise the nature of the poisoned chalice they have been awarded.
 When Aussies finally toss these criminal politicians out of power, one would hope that there will be a lot of politicians and complicit senior public servants serving life sentences; or if some 70% of Australian poll participants get their way, queuing up at the reconstructed gallows.


Evidence is difficult to obtain, let alone collate in any coherent form but, it appears that PM Robert Menzies ‘invested’ the welfare fund into the Snowy River Scheme construction companies but neglected to ensure that investment returns went back to the Welfare Fund. This suggests that the theft was intentional and well covered up. At a guess, around a trillion pounds were stolen… all of this belonging to Australian workers. Should we just shrug and say “oh well, that was 65 years ago. Let’s just forgive and forget”. I for one say, “Hell no. I want all the surviving property belonging to the guilty politicians, public servants, and company owners, confiscated and used to rebuild the welfare fund.”

Monstrously, the crime continues to grow. Australia’s age pension fund belongs to the people and the 7.5% of gross income is still being contributed by all workers, and this must be reclaimed and visibly reinstated.

Most hospitals are now private; or if public, run as the milch cow for tens of thousands of parasitical administration staff and private medicos, all whom absorb trumpeted increases in funding that politicians claim will go to address the public nurse and doctor shortage.

Few Australans are aware of a scientific debate that is ruthlessly repressed because it threatens a trillion dollar industry. This is known as Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory. Without going into details here, the debate centres on an event in 1934 in which germ theory became mandatory policy.

Essentially, the concept of illness being caused by bacteria and viruses was a hypothesis that was increasingly challenged by research and more recent discoveries about causes and treatments. New research showed that the basic causes of ill health were malnutriton, food and environmental toxicity, and other external factors. Pathogens entered the picture opportunistically later in the piece.

However, the competing theory that illness was caused by pathogens, became the threshold of untold wealth creation from anti-pathogen remedies and medicines, cleaning chemicals, pain killers and, most attractive and lucrative of all, vacccinations.

A multi-discipline consortium decided that it was imperative that all protagonists of Terrain Theory were eliminated (closed down, imprisoed, or killed), and that Germ Theory was promoted to global acceptance. Mass vaccinations commenced the same year, even though the previous widespread attempts with mandatory smallpox vaccinations had proved to be unsuccessful, unconstitutional, and dangerous.

Likewise, food toxicity and malnutrition were proved to be the causes of cancers, but these treatments were banned and replaced with chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

The ultimate in lucrative medicine was eventually launched as the illness-causing mRNA “vaccine”, in which disease could be instilled on a time-delay basis, which made it easy to hide the initial cause.

A vast new multi-faceted industry was created: medical doctors and hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical radiation and diagnosis, and conected media, including cinema propaganda in which a costant supply of radio, TV, and movies portrayed doctors and hospitals as the noblest of institutions.

However, the millions of premature deaths clearly caused by the mRNA jab, forced many leading medicos to form the World Council of Health. Prominent among these names are Michael Yeadon, former Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Medical Advisor to Pfizer, Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, Pierre Cory and Merik (FLCCC), Luc Montagnier, the first to ID the AIDS virus, Sukarit Bjakdi, the UN’s GAVI U Vanden Boshe, Judy Mikovits, and hundeds of other medical scientists who are experts on vaccination but who are now reconsidering their positions.


70% of taxpayer’s education funding now goes to private schools. Taxpayer-funded university facilities are clogged by foreign students who will graduate and take Aussie jobs. Whereas school teachers were once trained to identify and stimulate learning thresholds, and provided them with skills in how to promote interest in learning environments and events, from 1975, teachers were trained to sever the intergenerational transfer of values, damage the concept of FAMILY, and to engage in social engineering.

Little more can be said about the vast and cumulative consequences of privatisation of Australia’s resources, except to say this was an abrogation of democracy and a betrayal of all Australians. Cynical politicians believe they got away with the theft, but they are wrong.
It was once observed that there is immeasurably more intelligence and knowledge outside of government than within it. Those in power should dwell on this insight. Monumentally more astute minds than any politician possesses are now ranged against them; and the politicians are vastly outnumbered.

(8) The deregulation, privatisation and politicisation of government departments and public servants
Until 1982, the Australian Public Service was independent of party politics and was devoid of commercial manipulation. Its function was to implement legislation on an ongoing basis and administer to the maintenance of government and its services.
For the most part, research was independent and objective, and decisions were made purely on the basis of criteria that were long accepted and proven effective. Occasionally, research results were skewed to favour departmental interests, and the occasional intrusive Minister was cleverly snowed, but for the most part the public was effectively protected from corruption, cronyism and nepotism.
Personnel were employed primarily on the basis of essential literacy, numeracy and good character; with due recognition of special skills and qualifications.
There were disadvantages in maintaining the public service. There was a tendency towards favouring proposals that expanded the relevant division or department. There was a degree of conservatism that eyed innovation with suspicion. But in the balance of things, this was a small price to pay for zero corruption.
There was one practice that drove observers (and not a few public servants) into a frenzy of distraction and that was the quite inexplicable tradition of penalising sections, divisions or departments whose programmes had not entirely exhausted their annual budget allocation; or who had pragmatically trimmed excesses. Thus it was that in June of each year there was an orgy of office equipment purchases, plant and equipment, which ensured that budget allocations in the next financial year were not excised by the amount not spent in the preceding year.

This game engendered considerable hostility towards the public service, critics made all the more hostile by their own experiences of public service ‘run-around’; terminally evident in public service towns such as Darwin and Canberra. Why this practice was not ended by Treasury is not understood. Or perhaps as the real founders of the Australian Democrats, John Siddons (Sidchrome) and John Cumming (former top Australian advertising agency) put it, they formed their political party when they discovered that the Australian Treasury was run by foreign bankers (actually, along with the RBA, owned by the Rothschilds). Reforming Treasury Regulations was evidently not seen to be in their interests. (Contrary to popular belief, Don Chip joined the Democrats seven months after it was established and, according to Cumming, Chip was their biggest mistake. Siddons left politics disgusted and disillusioned, and Cumming started The Great Australians Party in Noosa. It’s membership eventually joined the Tariff Restoration Bloc, which was the genesis of this website).

What is certain is that such public ill-feeling, along with legendary visions of council workers leaning on shovels, contributed significantly to public support for privatisation. It should be noted here, as it has not been elsewhere, that citizens envisaged the end job (ie labour or pen-pushing) to be contracted to private enterprise, but administration was to remain under public ownership and control. What transpired bore no relationship to expectations.

Nevertheless, there was a popular but mistaken belief that private enterprise was more efficient and economical, invariably the product of ideological and subjective overviews. In point of fact, a regulatory public service kept private enterprise in line, contributing to the kind of efficiency otherwise approved by the public, and other critics of the public service.  

As every consumer and every employee of the private sector is aware, bungling and incompetence and inefficiency are equally common in private enterprise. However, corruption and dishonesty were extremely rare within the public service prior to 1982. This cannot be said today.

In 2022, there is every indication that the Public Service is now wholly unaccountable and is beholden to non-public interests. The entire integrity of the Public Service has been compromised. In other words, speaking as a former Commonwealth and NT Government public servant, who had occasion to test the system for the entirety of 2021, corruption has reached saturation level.

How did this happen?

In 1981-82, public servants who believed their positions to be secure, were suddenly ordered to apply for their own jobs. In one fell swoop everything changed.

Research papers and reports were now edited to remove inconvenient truths or politically sensitive outcomes. Invasive and increasingly powerful lobbies were suddenly a threat to every government worker’s capacity to feed his or her family and service the home mortgage. Insecurity abounded.

Public service officers who, only a couple of years before, were known for their stellar performance, found themselves counting beans. And officers for whom performance integrity was inextricably linked to their own self esteem, faded out of government employment altogether; unable to endure the grasping sycophancy and anti-ethical opportunism that employment for government had become (this author was one of these). Others were alienated by UN-imposed ideology that made a mockery of reality and dramatically exacerbated problems in agriculture, quarantine, industrial relations and safety, social welfare, education, health services and Aboriginal development.

Within a decade, frontline personnel in schools and hospitals were being reduced in favour of bloated administrations. Judges and magistrates of appalling incompetence and unsuitability were appointed to the bench by political parties in a spirit of quid pro quo. Famous legal minds, especially high court judges, were forced to retire. Decisions with staggering consequences were made in spite of contra-indicating evidence; expedience being the sole criteria. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the realm of Aboriginal affairs. Australians would be shocked to read the real findings of the Royal Commission of Enquiry into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, which stated:

In spite of media versions of the Commissioner’s report, he reported that…

  • “The conclusions reached in this report will not accord with the expectations of those who anticipated that the findings of foul play would be inevitable and frequent. That is not the conclusion which the Commissioners reached. As reported in the individual case reports which have been released, Commissioners did not find that deaths were the product of deliberate violence or brutality by the Police or Prison Officers”. (1.2.2)
  • “The work of the Commission has established that Aboriginal people in custody do not die at a greater rate than non-Aboriginal people in custody”.

The Rupert Murdoch-controlled media (which includes the ABC and SBS), supported by social science and ‘human rights’ bureaucrats, has behaved as though police and prison officers were in fact guilty; destroying many careers in the process.

Virtually all former public servants with an oversight of the original circumstances, including a Federal NT Senator, had questioned the legitimacy of the Royal Commission when it was first announced.

Another failure of objectivity was the continuing political and media pantomime over Aboriginal petrol sniffing, although this had been very effectively resolved in 1979 (Bamyili/Burunga), a project also delivering cessation of all juvenile crime and even a discontinuance of adult offences.

This programme, although outstandingly successful in the community in which it was implemented, threatened many lucrative careers and perks. Alienated were: urban part Aboriginal opportunists, missionaries, pseudo-community development personnel, social workers, school teachers and principals, and career pundits such as celebrity coroners, politicians, NGO CEOs, and cultural-pretender-Aboriginal leaders.

The list of political carrion feeding on the ‘black dollar’ appears endless; but most threatened of all was the immense profitability of travel allowance for magistrates on the farcical ‘community courts’ circuit.

Then came “The Intervention”; which was bogus, its causes entirely fabricated, and entirely unnecessary if programmes adapted from the original Bamyili-Burunga experience had been instituted in all genuinely traditional communities.

 And who can forget the “Stolen Generation”, yet another political exercise benchmarked by greed and UN lobbying and political opportunism. And again, the prime casualties have been thousands of Aboriginal children, abused and neglected, but now unrescued, because no white social worker will risk being vilified for ‘stealing a second generation’.

Yet in the NT the welfare files meticulously record the circumstances of neglect that resulted in part-Aboriginal children being placed in the care of the Director of Welfare; or being surrendered by broken-hearted tribal mothers whose promised husbands imposed the devastating ultimatum of abandoning their children or being exiled from their clans. It is hardly surprising that the parents of these babies in later decades claimed their children were stolen from them, especially when their distraught and angry now-adult children demanded to know how they could have done this.

Hundreds of former public servants could set the record straight on all interventions and surrenders, but in these times of dissenting voices being imprisoned, few will risk their families, mortgages and reputations to volunteer unwanted knowledge.

Is it coincidence that the human rights bureaucrats who hijacked and rewrote the original book by Barbara Cummings, and who promoted the Stolen Generation phenomenon in opposition to the recommendations that emerged from the 65,000 English children and the tens of thousands of other Australian children forced apart from their mothers; owe their power to the United Nations?

This is, of course, the same United Nations that spawned the World Trade Organisation (ex-GATT/GATS); the World Bank; the International Monetary Fund, which sets nations up for unrepayable debt, which is then ‘forgiven’ in exchange for free access to national resources and labour. (To better understand this,  peruse “Confessions of an Economic  Hitman”, by John Perkins). Then we have the World Health Organisation, which under the guise of vaccinations, has sterilised tens of thousands of black women in Brazil and other countries; and has classed a mild bout of H1N1 swine flu as a grade six pandemic, effectively authorising national health authorities to foist vaccines that will be useless for most of the recipients, but which will paralyse or kill an unknown number.

Contrary to the promulgated aura of goodness and altruism shining from the UN, it is a source of social destruction around the world. As researcher Engdahl pointed out when he traced the WHO’s genesis, its Family Planning Association was spawned by the same United States eugenics supporters who funded Nazi Eugenics (Ford, Carnegie, Gates (senior), Spencer, Rockefeller, etc).

Through GATT, GATTS, the Lima Declaration, and the WTO, it was the UN that imposed the very deregulation that caused so much misery and social disintegration; and imposed removal of tariffs that dissolved three to five million full time jobs in Australia, decimating family farms and the manufacturing sector and allied industries. It was the UN that foisted privatisation, which has delivered so many of our national resources, jobs and prosperity to overseas corporations. It was the UN that demanded we adopt economic rationalism, which has made us vulnerable to global financial meltdown, and the economic collapse to come.

It was the UN that forced governments to adopt the Policy of Multiculturalism, to dilute nationalist sentiment and culture, to promote division and conflict, and eventually to eliminate governments.

And, of course, the entities that created the UN in the first place are the same global bankers who are manipulating finance and investment today.

 Abandonment of accountability and social responsibility has been the product of deregulating the public service and, ultimately, the betrayal of the Australian people. Whether we are talking about local councils, urban development, trade standards, financial accountability, consumer protection, child protection, or even the immediate material welfare of Australian citizens rendered unemployed by the removal of tariffs; it is the bottom 70% of Aussies who are suffering.

Perhaps the most unconscionable act of all was John Howard’s 2007 presentation of 3.2% unemployment when the independently measured reality was 19% (published in Australian Independent). And then rubbing salt in the wound by declaring an Era of Prosperity; causing 4000 anguished breadwinners to commit suicide. Very aware voters punished Howard, severely.

Under the following Rudd Government unemployment was conceded to be 6%, while urban Australians were sullenly aware the real level was around 23%. Replaceement PM Julia Gillard was not expected to change anything of significance; an expectation that was fulfilled magnificantly.

There is willing collaboration by academics and social scientists with the unemployment lies formulated by Centrelink. One wonders how these people sleep at night. Even the once-chaste CSIRO has been reduced to the Government’s propaganda wing for Monsanto’s GM crops and the UN’s IPCC now disproved industrial CO2-led AGW theories.

These are the far-reaching impacts of deregulation of the public service, and its concomitant politicisation and corruption.

(9) The suborning and corporatisation of all social institutions

Australian political analyst Donald Horne, in his celebrated 1964 book The Lucky Country (yes, this is the genesis of this phrase, offered in sarcasm) observed the ‘moribund’ nature of the political parties and suggested that the people were protected instead by their social institutions: the Returned Services Association, church organisations, service clubs, judiciary, trade unions, the Commonwealth Bank and charitable organisations.
And he was right. In a climate of booming resource markets, the tariff protections of the 1950s and 1960s provided optimum productivity and wealth for Australia, and the trade unions ensured that workers and their families got a fair share of the national pie. This union-imposed egalitarianism was so successful that the difference between the very poorest and wealthiest was a factor of 13:1; compared to Russia of the same period in which a general earned 500 times more then a private.  Poverty in Australia was so rare as to virtually not exist.

What was then identified as poverty was in fact the seasonal worker sector, many of whose members voluntarily retired to their own homes and vegie gardens each year. These may be viewed as the pioneers of the Alternative Lifestyle Movement.
By 1976 the Unions had been taken over by academic and opportunistic elements, largely as a result of the Vietnam War. This assertion requires elaboration because it is recorded very differently by historians:
Although it does not accord with the romantic history of the era, the mystique and charisma attached to leading protesters overshadowed the real motivational driver of the protest era… sexual psychology of life in universities. Put bluntly, if a male student was not part of the anti-war movement he was uncool and remained celibate. This was a powerful incentive for legal and other humanities students to grow their hair and to march. To be a socialist was, of course, mandatory.

The hard edge of the anti-war movement was organised almost entirely by working class youth. Students were their cannon fodder.
Nevertheless, Australian and New Zealand university students were historically and essentially elitist and classist, and on the rare occasions in which they aspired to much-vaunted student/worker solidarity, interaction provoked revulsion at the reality of tasteless and crude workers, “… who were clearly devoid of the dialectical analysis and Marxist philosophy” that students so reasonably anticipated. Moreover, our union blokes did not look anything like the workers in the World Socialist Trotskyist hand book or revolutionary posters.
The truth was, few such students had much idea of what unions, workers, (or work) or the Vietnam War was about, and had even less idea about socialism as their European counterparts understood this. Disregarding these minor obstacles to entry into the proletariat club, the only social culture they were free to accommodate was popular left wing of the then fashionable kibbutzim clique. Thus disoriented, upon graduation ambient peer pressure drafted them towards the trade union and labour movements; which in Australia meant the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU).
As the ACTU was already in the grip of the CIA and MI6, vis a vis Bob Hawke and his union amalgamation programme, their drift towards elite leadership of the workers gained irresistible and heady momentum. (These careers also beat the hell out of working for a living). There were some stoic and loyal union leaders but these rapidly became exceptions to the rule.
By 1980, few Union Secretaries had worker origins and, henceforth, workers were effectively without real representation; and, led by Bob Hawke’s ACTU introduction of percentage wage increases, ALP Governments generated a sudden widening of the gap between rich and poor; the most significant demographic inversion in Australia’s history.
Incredibly, many Aussies continue to be guided by that hoary but obsolete old wisdom, “Labor is the working man’s party”.

Meanwhile, control of Aboriginal Australia has been achieved by guiding activists into forming corporations, which then repress indigenous consensus protocols and introduce hierarchies… easy to control and corrupt. For example, in Arnhem Land, the Rirrittjingu clan’s Rirritjingu Corporation is controlled by a CEO who lives in NSW and goes by the delightfully Albanian Mafia name of Kellie Dragos. 

Aborigines were never advised about alternative and more appropriate structures such as cooperatives.

(10) Destruction of Cultural Values

Following the 1934-46 Nelson Rockefeller creation of the United Nations proposal, a globalised programme was launched in which universities, national primary school teacher training colleges, and entire education systems, were dramatically modified to ensure severing of the intergenerational transfer of values. This occurred in conjunction with parallel and subtle public relations and media campaigns, that simultaneously disempowered parents; reinforced by legislation purportedly to protect homosexuals, children, blacks, cripples, migrants and women.
These actions served several purposes: The first was that the influence of parents was increasingly neutralised. Parents are notorious sources of sales resistance on behalf of their children… the lucrative youth market that the garment, fast food, music retail, and toy corporations, lusted after. Secondly, it enabled the schools and media to educate (indoctrinate) children to accept new values more convenient for industry and the state; and, thirdly, it facilitated the elimination of cultural rights and wrongs, these being replaced with wealth and success at one end of the scale and deprivation at the other.
For children, this translated as winners and losers; the replacement values.
Fourthly, it enabled a successful attack against the Family Unit itself, the source and apex of all social continuity, values and integrity.
By 1980, parents were learning to their horror that their children were being taught that parents cannot discipline their own children; that their values were ‘wrong’ and redundant, and that school teachers knew better. By stages, the role of parents was overtaken by the state: by teachers, police, social workers, counsellors, advertisers, rock singers and pop messiahs, doctors, pharmacists, and miscellaneous public servants.
School teachers smugly bewailed that they were required to be both teacher and social worker; although the community at no stage sanctioned this arrogant presumption; not that teachers were in any way qualified for either role, or even comprehended what these meant. The new teacher training had eliminated a century’s accumulated knowledge and skills surrounding childhood development, and replaced this with indoctrination and dumbing down.
What teachers were in fact doing was colonising the parental role while Rockefeller’s radical feminists forced ever-greater unemployment among male breadwinners; and through the illicit power of lobbying, forced wives and mothers to replace men.

Meanwhile, the campaigned destruction of the union movement, initially led by PM Bob Hawke, enabled employers to continually force wages downwards, terminate sick pay and paid holidays, and (by 2009) generally reduce total family incomes by 10% even for both full time working parents.
In a series of hate-driven slashes at traditional roles, women became the prime casualty of the rad fem’s ravages inasmuch as their natural pride in motherhood, parenting, and role as nurturer of the family fell victim to the daily media attacks by extremists and Rupert Murdoch’s immature journalists, who treated mums with scorn and derision. The toll this took on the average woman’s self-esteem was soon exposed in the apologetic and grovelling admission of once-proud mothers that “I’m only a mum”.
Society is now reaping the disaster of alienated youth, deprived of ‘only a mum’ in their formative years, as both parents were forced to join the workforce to cope with the steadily disproportionate cost of living.
As awareness of the depth of the tragedy permeates the community, a vast tide of anger is rising amongst both parents and grandparents that will one day visit angst on feminists, and which will give the word pariah a new and deadly meaning.
In case the message has escaped readers, pre-1970 feminists rightly fought for equal rights and equal opportunity. The Rockefeller and Murdoch supported takeover was ‘manned’ by elitists who were interested only in more power for man-hating women, even if this destroyed society.

(11) The Drug Lord’s War on Drugs

Weekly, without fail, we listened to the episodic and spun-till-it’s-giddy news how in the noble causes of Democracy and Freedom, the War Against Terror and the Rights for Women; the Coalition of the Willing was driving the evil Taliban into the bleakness of the Afghanistan mountain fastness.
Then President Bush’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, told us the Taliban were financing their Muslim War Against the West, with heroin profits, which is also being used to destroy the lives of our young.
This is jingoism at its most monumental, and if truth is indeed the first casualty of war, what we are now witnessing is media pragmatism elevated to the new art of political surrealism.
Perhaps the time has come to reload the palette and present a more realistic albeit equally colourful cameo of the drug trade. As we do so, we will provide more detail than is actually required in order to bridge the yawing abyss in Australian Asian/Pacific history, which prevents our citizens from understanding the full significance of contemporary military politics.
As far as is known, this story has never been told before in Australia.
To quote former Australian journalist, Dennis Ross BA: During the French war in Indochina (1948-54) French intelligence operations were funded by the opium trade, with sales operated by a secret society of river pirates, the Binh Xuyen. After the French defeat and withdrawal in 1954 America took up the torch in South Vietnam to fight communism.  The Americans also took over the French intelligence system and its method of funding, the opium trade; in collaboration with the Binh Xuyen.
With the US CIA organising the torture and death of some 20,000 Vietnamese civilian men, women and children, suspected of being nationalist sympathisers; (Operation Phoenix); funding from Congress would have been unobtainable so the drug trade financed what became ever-expanding Black Operations.
To facilitate control; and in breach of the 1953 Geneva Accord demanding free democratic elections in Vietnam; the US set up South Vietnam’s puppet government under President Ngo Dinh Diem, previously a 16 year resident of New York, America.
In l955, his brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu, now Interior Minister took over security and secret police, as well as the former French intelligence opium funding operation in conjunction with the French Union Corse, a secret gangster society; and the Chinese Green Gang.

With the two brother’s assassinations, Air Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky, who happened to control the transport aircraft that flew opium from its source in Laos into Vietnam, assumed control of South Vietnam.
The source of opium was the fields in Laos, Northern Burma, and Northern Thailand; the so-called Golden Triangle. Meanwhile, in an earlier event, the leader of the Green Gang, “Big Ears” Du, had adopted Chiang Kai Shek as a son. Their political entity, the Kuomintang, which ruled China until driven out by the Communists in 1949, established links with the then newly-formed CIA in Taiwan, and with the Golden Triangle operation.

From Taiwan, the CIA funded an airline, Air America, and simultaneously contracted work to a Chinese counterpart airline, Air Asia, owned by a group of Chinese most prominent of whom was Mrs Anna Chennault, the wife of US General Claire Chennault who led the famous “Flying Tigers” fighter pilots against the Japanese Air Force in China during World War II.  Anna Chennault was related to Chiang Kai Shek through his wife, and was a daughter of the tycoon T.V. Soong, whose other daughters had married Sun Yat Sen, former leader of the Republic of China.
The centre of the drug trade in South East Asia was the Green Gang whose contacts spread to Japan’s former military commanders, and through them to the Yamaguchi-Gumi (Japan’s underworld), and to the West coast of the USA with its large Chinese and Nisei Japanese populations.

The Green Gang had developed contacts with the Japanese military during World War II and these former Japanese commanders, many of whom were Class A war criminals released from death sentence and from prison by US General Willoughby, were encouraged to form an anti-communist political party—the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which held government in Japan until September 2009. (As a corollary, this was the main obstacle to victims of the Japanese Army in World War II getting compensation or even an apology for what they suffered. These are the same Japanese politicians who Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, signed a treaty with in March, 2007; a treaty which permits armed Japanese troops to march through Australian city streets).
Significantly, in l960 John F Kennedy was elected as President of the USA, helped to power by his dad’s Mafia friend, Sam Giacana. After l960, the opium grown in South East Asia was refined into morphine and further, into heroin, for distribution in the Western world. In Thailand, where the military and police controlled the drug trade, heroin was exported through the CIA-owned and operated Tiger Airlines, destined for Saigon, America, Europe and Australia.
Cocaine is another drug trade run by the CIA, a production and distribution franchise whose Colombia manager, Manual Noriega, unsuccessfully tried to take over and was until recently incarcerated in Florida, as punishment and a warning to the overly ambitious.
The third most important source of Black Ops funding has been Afghanistan, whose poppy fields funded the arming and training of the Afghan resistance against the Russian Invasion; the most significant product of which was al Qaida.
Disastrously for CIA funding, opium/heroin is forbidden by the Qoran, and the Taliban eliminated all the poppy fields in their geographical area of control. This happened at the same time as the Thais successfully repressed Golden Triangle production. Threatened with economic extinction, and by now the world’s largest and entirely autonomous criminal drug organisation, the CIA planned (two months before 9/11) and initiated the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and this region now supplies 93% of the global heroin market (or did until Biden’s catastrophic exodus).
Thus, CIA control of the global drug industry has sustained its own illicit funding requirements; which have enabled the CIA to undermine democratic or popular governments; to assassinate or vilify individuals or organisations who threaten its power base; or who otherwise promote democratic government. Control is not limited to US organisations, but is extended to all susceptible government departments in all countries. What is not known is the full extent of Zionist influence in the CIA, but it is thought to be significant or even dominent.
In Australia, in 1979, it was pointed out to the Commonwealth and NT Drug Squads that the practice of hounding users and local distributors of heroin was futile and that a more effective method would be to put together a team of expert small business people and accountants; whose knowledge-bases were appropriately broad, and to have them examine enterprises whose profits or expansion did not match market conditions. A cray-fisherman, who bought large blocks of Darwin units following one of the poorest catch seasons on record, was considered a typical example. The smugglers planned to dovetail their operation with northern Cypress harvesting, using airstrips on Gumatj land. (Gallarrwuy Yunupingu alerted me, who in turn advised police. NT Police did indeed follow up this lead and a significant new drug intrusion was stopped in its tracks. This is where the new profession of Forensic Accounting was born).
We congratulated ourselves prematurely because much larger operations were already being planned. As we later realised, only the naïve would believe the War on Drugs was anything but a culling exercise to protect the official marketers. In data leaked by dissenters within the CIA/DEA, it has become apparent that Australian heroin was being streamed through the military. Signature mineral contaminants in local heroin mark its source in Afghanistan. As with the CIA, military smugglers are now without income and are forced to trade with China).
Some researchers claim that the geopolitical driver of the drug trade is Zionists. Certainly, this fits with published Zionist ambitions for world dominance, and also with the boasted intentions of former Zionist leader, David Rockefeller. Heroin and cocaine are sold to destroy western society from within, and to finance the Secret Police (CIA and MI6) whose role it is to eliminate democracy, and also those who threaten to install government by the people. Murder is routine. (Several MI6 operatives resigned en masse in protest and still maintain an Internet site that condemns these crimes).
The CIA is responsible for dozens of signature small plane crashes around the world, particularly in Latin America and Africa, which killed national leaders, dangerous whistleblowers, and celebrities who supported people power.
Although the drug trade initially developed as a financial means to an end, it appears to have burgeoned out of control, and profits and power are now the prime objective. Concomitant with this development, it appears that an internal revolt is occurring and Zionist agents and informers are currently being arrested. This may have been sparked by recent exposure of the reason why Israel bombed a US high tech spy ship, the Liberty, in international waters off the coast of Egypt in 1967. Although Lyndon Johnston and then Secretary of State Robert McNamara ordered a complete cover-up of the five hour raid in which some thirty US sailors were killed, it was believed important that an intelligence report intercepted by the crew remain top secret. The substance of this report was that Israel engineered the so-called Arab attack of the 1967 Six Day War to justify a broad expansion of Israel’s borders; one in a long line of lethal false flag adventures.
It is now speculated by observers that personnel in the US Navy and CIA are outraged at this exposed betrayal and are now determined to rid the US of all Israeli influence. The sailor who made the heroic mayday call from the Liberty recently received America’s highest award, and the Commander who was ordered to organise the blanket cover-up offered open testimony to the world, saying his conscience was now clear and he “did not give a flying fuck what they do to me’… “they” being the White House and National Security.
Indications are that the Army and Air Force are as militaristically gung ho as ever and, already, deep division within the US military is widening.
International outrage over the Israeli military attacks on Gaza, including the murder of 400 children, and the attacks against the aid flotilla in which five of the nine people killed were shot in the back of the head, or in the back; has turned the tide of world opinion against Israel and, consequently the Zionist grip on world governments. These, including Australia’s government, face rising anger from the electorates, escalation of which will inevitably result in an Israel without income or allies except America and Germany; and even these allies are waning.

Meanwhile, the far more threatening drug, Ice, is being imported from China. Because there is no indication that the Government of China has any intention of containing this one-way trade, it is now absolutely certain that the only way Ice can be kept out of Australia is by terminating all trade with China. Local production can be contained but we will need to sack the police hierarchy first. It is evident from the drastic reduction in activities that protect the public, that senior police are only interested in post-crime intervention and in protecting foreign corporations and politicians.

Urban Australia now jokes that if a citizen is threatened by violent criminals, call for Dominoes Pizza. They will arrive long before the police, usually by a margin of days, or even weeks. If threat to life is imminent, a call to 000 will result in a lengthy questionnaire which is designed to minimise police call-outs and hence the logistical demand for increased police numbers. A genuine drive to identify local links to major drug importers is out of the question altogether.

The elephant in the room is Portugal, and its highly successful 20 year old legalisation of containing all but the most dangerous drugs. All western governments are aware of this but are looking the other way. Politicians are not in the business of solving problems, only lubricating the lines to corporate profits and increasing revenues from the poor.

​Finally, recent research on the anti-cancer and anti-seizure powers of cannibus oil suggest yet another reason why the other big (or bigger) drug trader, big pharma is repressive.

(12) The Creation of Terrorism

Only one nation has been tried by the UN and found guilty of state terrorism and that country is the US. Most Americans simply ignore the judgement, that is if they are aware of it at all. This communication gap is astounding considering that the UN HQ lives in New York and in a Zionist Rockefeller-owned building.This is just further evidence of collusion between the Zionist-owned media and the US Government.
America postures as the defender of freedom and democracy. The behavior of its government tells a very different story:
Since 1946, more than 58 sovereign countries have been invaded and occupied by the US Government and their citizens intimidated, and many tortured and killed; whilst 170 nations host US troops and social control agencies operating from at least 750 US military bases.
Any government that installs genuine democracy is soon the subject of a CIA funded and organised coupd’tat or otherwise. Honduras and Haiti are the most recent examples. These subjugated nations are the actual sources of terrorism. What politicians call terrorists, are simply victims fighting back.
Global terrorism as we know it is guided by the global investment bankers. Enabling funds are sourced from bank profits, taxes and drug sales, as outlined above.  Afghanistan was the classic theatre of terrorism, its victims its citizens.

Muslims around the world are aware of US economic colonisation of, or military intervention in, Muslim countries: Jordon, Wahabiist Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Qartar, or the proxy occupation of Palestine. How could the people of these countries conclude any other way than that the US is out to destroy Islam. Others conclude that the thirty western allies share this ambition. That some individuals fight back is hardly surprising. (Before I am accused of supporting Muslim terrorism, let it be understood that I oppose entry of Muslim immigrants into Australia and I wholeheartedly support their forced return to place of origin. But this identification is not restricted to Muslims. Any immigrants who refuse to speak Australian English or who do not adopt Australian cultural values and loyalties should, I believe, be expelled).

Considering that for every immigrant or so-called refugee who arrives by boat into Australia, another eight are permitted to arrive by air. Yet government and the media concentrate all focus on the ‘boat people’. The only conclusion possible is that government encourages this invasion to dilute values of nationalism and Australian culture. The resulting tension and conflict also enables government to play divide and rule games, and to reduce civil freedoms, thereby expediting the drive towards martial law. The entirely unjustified Intervention by Australia’s military into Aboriginal communities should be seen as part of the softening-up process.
The Murdoch media does not permit the truth to be published, that the fundamentalist and literal-minded Taliban closed down all drug manufacturing, including alcohol and opium/heroin, these being forbidden by the Qoran. The US invasion of Afghanistan was a means of restoring the lucrative heroin trade, and establishing control over Caspian oil and gas pipeline routes to the Indian Ocean, to Russia, and Europe. Talk of defeating the Taliban, as allies of al Qaeda, is mere pretext. In fact, a skeptical Taliban offered to hand over bin Laden providing he went to trial in the UN International Criminal Court. The White House refused.
Retired CIA officials have since admitted the bin Laden confessions were fakes, and 70% of Americans now believe the official 9/11 explanation is false, leading many to doubt that bin Laden was the culprit; there being no actual proof that he was, or even reasonable evidence. It is held by some that Saudi extremists were funded by Israel’s Mossad, to ensure a continued US presence in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan; and projected invasions of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. This is consistent with several other known Mossad strikes in which Arabs were set up as patsys.
What is known is that talk of bin Laden’s vast wealth was but the conjecture of a single individual in US intelligence. In reality, Bin Laden did not at the time of 9/11 have the financial, infrastructural or organisational wherewithal. He was, in fact, seriously ill with renal failure and died in 2001.
Nevertheless, such incidents have enabled governments to convince the more gullible elements of their populations that every nation is threatened by Muslim terrorists, and so critical civil and legal rights have been removed.
The invasion and occupation of Iraq and other Muslim nations, and Israel’s genocide of Palestinians, has certainly inspired resentment against the west, especially in those who lost family members to torture, shooting and bombings.
In spite of daily trumpeting the phrase Freedom and Democracy, America nurtures autocracies and dictatorships, and sponsors corruption, torture, death squads and repression. And because ever since the suspension of democracy in 1975 Australia has been a puppet state of the US, Australians can be abducted and renditioned to torture facilities indefinitely, with no hope of rescue by the Australian Government. Although Senator McClellend has attempted to silence one of the victims with a bribe and the parallel promise of serious reprisals if the truth leaks out, too many people know the truth and several whistleblowers have contacted Wikileaks.
The Chapelle Corby and Bali Nine incidents were without doubt precedent-creating exercises in permanent rendition and execution; at least until the Government is able to legally torture its own citizens. That this happens anyway is already known. A citizen abducted off a main city street by the Australian Federal Police was tortured in a transit van with dry suffocation techniques for six hours, until it was realised they had abducted the wrong man. As the victim described his experience, for six agonising hours he thought he was about to die from lack of breath. Since the media announced litigation had been launched there has been no word as to outcome. Having witnessed the ruthlessness and contempt for truth and justice exhibited by the Australian Federal Police during the Haneef debacle, we can presume the plaintiff was paid off with conditions of non-disclosure; a euphemism for contemporary official bribery with threats.
Has the regime of phoney terrorism secured its objectives? Up to a point, yes.
Few Aussies are now prepared to speak out, especially since the last to try, Pauline Hanson, was imprisoned; even though 94% agreed with her maiden speech to Parliament in which she condemned free trade and globalisation, Aboriginal welfare dependency, and the Policy of Multiculturalism for which no Aussies were consulted and even fewer wanted.
Ironically, the famous maiden speech was written not by Hanson, but by John Pasquerelli who was provided on loan by Australia First Party. Pasquerelli was the one competent strategist in the One Nation Party, and who Hanson later sacked. Hanson herself never grasped the essentials of politics, or even supported genuine democracy. The Liberals and ALP joint programme of ridicule and vilification was entirely unnecessary as her own rising megalomania would have caused her to fall on her own sword anyway. Regardless, democratic dissent was quelled in Australia five years before 9/11.
But what has happened in Australia as a product of the War Against Terrorism, is that widespread dissent has gone entirely underground.  Moreover, organisations that would normally be at each other’s philosophical throats have become united over the need to restore national sovereignty and prosperity through reconstruction of tariffs: the common cause championed by the Tariff Restoration Bloc (TRB) since 2007.
So, an unintended consequence of government control by manufactured terrorism has been the establishment of unprecedented unity amongst the increasingly rebellious population; a percentage that expands daily. Although these comprise some hundreds of small to medium organisations and small political parties, the umbrella organisation TRB was then believed to be Australia’s fourth largest political entity, if one includes affiliates’.
Nevertheless, in 2010, with the original publication of this paper, regarded by its supporters as a manifesto for restored democracy, the TRB was terminated. Why? Because it had become obvious that the political landscape was being cluttered with multitudinous political messiahs, none of whom considered evidence to be important, and all of whom had faith in their own supreme righteousness and omnipotence. Almost all of these exist entirely on the internet.
This situation continues today, manifested even in the registered political party of One Nation. It has yet to occur to these messiahs and their supporters that belief is no replacement for evidence. Ergo, we can define belief as the adoption of a position or attitude despite the evidence. This runs parallel to a lay person’s definition of insanity, as well it might.
However, when a small party finally emerges which does indeed embrace evidence and logic, instead of twisted ideology or religion, then the large parties will not survive the impact. The small parties, belief-ridden or not, are primarily opposed to the 2 party system and will close ranks to end it.

I am often asked why I do not attempt to start such a small party but the truth is I do not have the charisma to achieve this. It takes more than the truth, no matter how compelling, to attract people to a political party. Just what the missing ingredient is I have no idea but I will certainly join any movement that displays promise. This paper can play a part by enabling all participants to be fully informed on all of the issues.

Currently, the Liberty Party is the only one that seeks input from its members and readers and is, therefore, the only party to practice democracy.

(13) Control of food

Monsanto and other corporations such as Bayer, are manipulating plant and animal genetics with a view to eventually controlling all food on Earth; and more importantly, prices.
Varieties of domestic animals that have existed unchanged for thousands of years, are being patented; a legal manoeuvre designed to extort royalties from breeders and users. Monsanto has lost the first round of legal tests, but as legal experts are replaced with more compliant alternatives, and politicians are paid off, Monsanto is confident of winning.
In cropping, the genetics of plants are being rearranged or added to, to tolerate Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide to facilitate selective weed spraying. And crops are being genetically manipulated to better withstand negative conditions, such as drought and pests. Others are said to be resistant to fungi. Yields are claimed to be superior, which they are not!
At least one Canadian farmer was imprisoned for refusing to pay Monsanto royalties for GM corn that contaminated his normal corn crop through wind drift of pollen. In India, 165,000 small farmers have committed suicide because of crop non-performance, mostly in cotton-growing regions.
So far, tens of thousands of farmers have been driven bankrupt by poorly performing GM stock, and US independent food scientists have stated that there is now no doubt that GM foods are hazardous to human health, and have called for total abandonment of GM food crops.
Studies in UK, in which rats were fed GM potatoes, produced young with undersized organs, especially liver, brain and testicles; which later shut down. One highly respected UK scientist, Dr Arpad Ousztai, had his career destroyed and lost his pension, because his study results caused panic at Monsanto. Later it was discovered that Monsanto phoned Bill Clinton, who phoned Tony Blair, who demanded that Ousztai be silenced. Ousztai’s colleagues were easily coerced into deprecating his competence, until a few of them retired and were able to testify otherwise.
This is the pattern of governmental behaviour in respect of GM. Independent testing is rare, and when it does occur the inevitably frightening results are quashed. Known independent tests in Russia and at least one other country have supported Ousztai’s findings
It goes without saying that this is the ultimate in corruption of government. Commercial corporations whose products are damaging human health are being protected to preserve election campaign funding. This is the benchmark of western government today.
Insanely, in the US, retailers who advertised milk that was free of IGF1, the product of an artificial production enhancing hormone (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or rBGH), were informed by the courts that this was discrimination against Monsanto. It appears a similar law is being passed in Australia. A similar situation occurs with the adding of rBGH to feed lot cattle (rBST). It is strongly suspected that these hormones are influencing weight and physical development of children and adults, possibly contributing to the obesity pandemic. Antibiotics in animal food now constitutes 70% of all antibiotics use. There can be no doubt that this will one day be recognised for the crime against humanity that it is.
Indirectly, GM food production is already causing deaths due to farmer suicides; and to malnutrition caused by reduced incomes from failed crops in parts of India.
As promised, Europe refused to accept US GM corn exports, so then president George Bush had the returned corn converted to biofuel, which also became the destiny of all US corn. Because this market was subsidised due to the sensitive nature of corn grower politics (contrary to claims, bio-fuel is not economical), Mexican land owners now also sell their corn to this new subsidised food-for-fuel industry, which has driven up the price of Mexican corn for tortilla by 30%. Peasants simply cannot afford to eat at these prices. Food riots are cosmeticised as drug wars-related.
Those around the world who participate in the campaign to outlaw GM foods believe Monsanto, Bayer executives and other managers and personnel involved in this unscrupulous trade should face trial, as should the patents lawyers and politicians who enabled this outrageous trade. In Australia, politicians Tony Bourke and Nicola Roxon have already been advised by anti GM activists that they will be charged the moment a GM-derived human illness or fatality is experienced in Australia. Apparently, they consider this to be a hollow threat.

Fears over GM foods have been suspended in the media following the Covid-19 Scamdemic clampdown on all views opposing corruption.

Date of last revision: 9/03/2022.

(14) The promotion of elitism

Elitism was first openly promoted In Australia in relation to sport, with seemingly innocuous references to elite sports, and to elite sports men and women.

Over a period of a decade, the term was gradually extended to encompass that part of the community that has the most apparent talent or wealth.

Transparently, this is a stealth attack against Australian values of egalitarianism and equal opportunity and serves as a psychological introduction to the concept of rule by elite. Whether by oligarchy or plutocracy, this is exactly the situation that occurred in the US, and which allowed Wall Street to present itself as above the need for petty regulations and oversight by earthly mortals who, it is believed, could not possibly comprehend the complexity of banking and investment and should just leave this to the judgement of those who are intellectually equipped to do so.

 This reintroduction of feudal hierarchism, violently abandoned in Europe from the 1790s onwards, needs to be placed in historical perspective.

Thomas Paine’s inspirational book, the Rights of Man, which contributed to the spirit of the French and American Revolutions, triggered a pan-European rejection of aristocrats and born-to-rule hierarchies, which were subsequently forced underground.

But the aristocrats never abandoned their belief that the world is theirs to rule by right of birth, and by the 1850s the Rothschild banker family had forged alliances to restore aristocracies and form a global empire. This led to the reformation of Zionism, a move that was profoundly influenced by the Rothschilds. By 1913, the world’s second great Reserve Banks was established by this banker cabal (US) and the final links to American plutocrats secured. The campaign to re-establish elitism was launched.

The Rothschilds were skilled manipulators of wars and war loans, and excellent negotiators, and quickly accumulated great wealth, but in advancing their parallel objective of supreme political power, they floundered.

John D Rockefeller and his Standard Oil increasingly cooperated in joint market control. Meanwhile, Nelson Rockefeller had put together a remarkable and complex plan to take over the world. It was another decade before the Rockefellers were rewarded by the blueprint’s potential but by this time the running had fallen to brother John Rockefeller, who presented the plan to Churchill and FDR, as has been speculated, at the secret 1944 Alexandra Conference. Bretton Woods conference took place the same year.

The new organisation was modelled on the principle formulated entirely by Nelson, that of establishing high profile altruistic and philanthropical endeavours and foundations, with businesses operating in the shadows. As Nelson once put it, if your right hand performs glowing humanitarian works, the left can quietly rob and kill with impunity. This was the birth of Public Relations.

His global plan, then being implemented by John, was to set up a series of international bank shop-front operations, but draped liberally with agencies dedicated to lofty goals of love, compassion, good health, education and world peace. A headquarters was built on Rockefeller land in New York. And so it came to pass that the United Nations emerged into global household parlance, with the subtly promoted implication that this was somehow approved by God, and perhaps even related in some way.

A special agency to promote education amongst the world’s disadvantaged
children ensured that a new generation knew the UN as a vast and goodly palace, peopled with noble heroes, scholars and saints who bestowed happiness, prosperity and peace on the world. By 1965, the global education agency, UNESCO, had secured control of universities and by 1973 had commenced converting teacher training into UN indoctrination factories for the purpose of shaping the minds of student teachers, and thence children, in more desirable directions. The key function was to sever the intergenerational transfer of values.

Under WHO, the Family Planning Associations (often with only 0.1% contact with men) began their role of reducing population growth and eliminating fathers as role models in families. In some countries, (ie Brazil) black women were sterilised in their tens of thousands, believing they were being treated to prevent disease. In Indira Gandhi’s India, men were arbitrarily arrested and forcibly sterilised; apparently in their millions.

The Security Council ensured that the ruling nations, Israel, the US, UK, Germany and France, with ongoing military mandates to enforce economic hegemony, expanded investment and trade on terms favourable to themselves; and managed conflicts and drafted resources to these same nations. Oddly, it has yet to occur to the world community that under the peace-loving ministrations of the United Nations, wars and genocides have increased thousands percent.

On occasions, outsiders have discovered that the UN itself had precipitated wars, and it’s an open secret that the world’s prime munitions and weapons negotiators work closely with the UN to assess sales prospects. For at least thirty years, it has been common knowledge that the UN Bureaucracy is the most corrupt organisation on the planet, but such accusations rarely make the media, already dominated by the same investment bankers who spawned this spurious brotherhood of nations in the first place. The key person who uses media to control governments is, of course Rupert Murdoch. (Readers desirous of understanding the criminal ruthlessness of this man may read the novel “The Lost Track” by Kato Rivera, temporarily available free on request as an email attachment… or to the Liberty Party of Australia).

Behind all of this, the World Bank, the IMF (and in Basel, Switzerland, the separate Bank for International Settlements) represent the international investment capital of the Zionist global bankers. The World Trade Organisation is their propaganda wing. Today, few nations are not victims to borrowing in foreign currencies, wherein changing exchange rates multiply the value of principle and interest. The only nations to not fall foul of these institutional Shylocks, are Lebanon, Malaysia, Iran, Venezuela, and to some extent, possibly Bolivia. Under Vladimir Putin, Russia is now beyond reach of the Zionists, hence the media’s unrelenting neo-cold war and vilification of any leader who acknowledges Putin as the world’s most popular leader, and easily the most intelligent and well-informed.

We see this currently as Putin rescues the victims of genocide in Ukraine.

Today, a vast and coordinated globalisation resistance movement is moving to derail the globalist objective; a campaign made easier by the appalling incompetence of the elitists themselves, who do not comprehend that by destroying workers and consumers they eliminate the market which sustains corporate expansion.

Having said that, the British Raj proselytisation of “Non-Violent Peaceful Protest”, promoted by their agent Mohandas Gandhi, who in turn has been bestowed saint-like status by the banker elite, has successfully derailed the anti-NWO resistance movement. Victims of the Elite’s covid scare mRNA jab mandate, instead of sacking their openly corrupt and illegal governments, have foolishly and voluntarily restricted their self-defense to non-violent peaceful protest and rallies. The Zionists roll their eyes and smirk. Ghandi and Martin Luthor King were their unwitting weapons for the future.

Essentially, citizens are marching to their deaths while chanting “Freedom”.

(15) Institutionalised incompetence – the great miscalculation

It would be reasonable to expect professional business executives to be intelligent, broadly knowledgeable and to be psychologically, emotionally and socially well balanced; as well as being capable of recognising economic, marketing, human and other resource realities and liabilities.
Yet across the spectrum, from corporate CEOs to middle management, an objective appraisal of decision-making reflects mediocre intelligence and an abysmal paucity of vision; and so completely lacking in an appreciation of social responsibility that one would be excused for concluding that a prime qualification is sociopathy.
Former Telstra CEO Ziggy Wikowski, for example, lost $4 billion dollars cash in China, not knowing what happened to it; yet he continued as CEO until equally uncomprehending American Sol Trujillo took over. Sol attracted a 300% increase in customer complaints and lost $25 billion in Telstra share value. As a humourless control freak and almost fanatical free trader, he resented Australian’s resistance to exploitation, and could not handle quips about his “Three Amigo” American colleagues, lashing out, calling Aussies racists. When the then Prime Minister could not resist an “adios” as he departed in a fit of fury; Trujillo insulted the entire nation, describing Australia as backward.
But as a CEO, Trujillo was by no means the worst.
When we consider the extent of asset-stripping, workforce mass sacking for profit enhancement, off-shoring and out-sourcing, planned obsolescence, and bribing of politicians to enable exploitation and poisoning of consumers, the word sociopath could in many instances be replaced with psychopath; not that the words have a difference in meaning other than genesis. Indeed, one American psychologist dropped an all-time academic clanger by pointing out that many politicians and industry CEOs were found to suffer from Narcissist Personality Disorder, which is not nearly as mild a condition as it sounds.
Considering that these are people with business degrees, critics have been remarkably hesitant to question the value of these supposed qualifications.
The gradually crystallising truth is that, not just in Australia but in every country in the world, contemporary business degrees are entirely hollow. As Stephen Crittenden of the ABC’s Background Briefing programme reminded Australians: In 1986, when Russell Ackoff, a pioneer of management education retired as Professor at the Wharton Business School, he was asked what were the benefits of a business education?
With cutting irony he replied that there were three:

  • The first was to equip students with a vocabulary that enabled them to talk with authority about subjects they did not understand.
  • The second was to give students principles that would demonstrate their ability to withstand any amount of disconfirming evidence.
  • The third was to give students a ticket of admission to a job where they could learn something about management.

Although the vacuity of business degrees is rapidly becoming acknowledged, what must eventually be confronted is that almost all university degrees are similarly hollow, especially those known as ‘social sciences’. In fact, much economic, financial, administrative and professional management is in the hands of people whose benchmark high ‘intelligence’ is merely the allusionary product of an accident of history. It is no exaggeration to suggest that if the world does not identify and confront this event the resultant out-of-control locomotion provided by utterly incompetent leadership may see humanity wipe itself out.
Past incompetence and bungling has been conveniently and unanimously blamed on unpredictable markets, international competition, conflicting ideologies and various malign influences… and the favourite fallback target trade unions. The real driver has never, to this author’s knowledge, been dragged out into the full light of day…
Throughout the almost twelve hundred years of guided academic history that followed Rome’s repression of the Irish Monks, the Vatican favoured scholars whose prime talent was mindless compliance with dogma and doctrine; those who failed in this duty often coloured the air with their heretical shrieks as they writhed on the grill or burned at the stake.
With the arrival of the 20th century, and subsequent secularism invading cloistered insularity, a new theology emerged in the form of Social Sciences, whose ranks could be controlled and contained, not by the stake, but by the IQ test.
In an event of astounding serendipity it was discovered that the intellects of academics and scientists were to be found at the top of the intelligence quotient which they themselves had designed. The hated practical people and genuine producers and achievers were henceforth relegated to pre-ordained educational and intellectual obscurity.  This tends to explain why the world’s highest achievers tend to be academically unqualified. This is actually their highest qualification.
Incredulous? Please read on…
The inventor of the IQ test, Alfred Binet, warned repeatedly and loudly that this scale, or any other, could not validly measure intelligence (and only validly measured mental retardation; his reason for inventing the tests in the first place).

Intelligence, he said, is not linear; therefore it cannot be measured on a scale.

At least one thinker has since described…

intelligence as a global nucleus, which expands with the individual’s experience of life from conception onwards, and which is most applicable when this outwards growth is multi-directionally balanced and even (radially from the initial centre).

In contrast, all specialists have uneven growth, biased in a particular direction or directions; generally at the expense of all other directional needs for development. Thus, specialists or prodigies are effectively retarded in all other applications of intelligence.

How is this a good thing?

A generalist, at the other extreme, has developed his knowledge relatively evenly in all directions and is able to relate one task to all others. He is also able to communicate this knowledge to other people, whereas specialists notoriously cannot.

Put a bunch of specialists together, ie in a think tank or university, and the outcome is seldom cause for excitement. In stark contrast, the people who are the great achievers in life are almost always generalists. Grudging and disparaging domestic wisdom is that these people “possess commonsense”… apparently some kind of shadow of “true intelligence”.

The infinitely more logical conclusion is that they are simply more intelligent. This also explains why specialists have so much in common with single-skill prodigies and idiot-savants.

Nevertheless, American psychiartrists and educators saw in IQ scales a system that justified their elitist belief in eugenics (who were core members of the society of the same name, which was the actual genesis of American psychiatry).
Thus, a policy of genetically-defined elitism came into being, which was entirely devoid of scientific evidence to support it, and was adopted and used to draft children into a hierarchy of educational access… streaming and intellectual-profiling.
This spurious measure promoted a certain mental function pattern (with no demonstrated links to productivity), to qualify a more advantaged place in secondary and tertiary education, and hence the income distribution ladder. AKA social engineering.
As these were the same academics and scientists who controlled institutions of learning, and who were the only sector of society deemed (by themselves) qualified to measure intelligence, the transparent fraud has remained unchallenged. (At least until I came along. And, yes, I will one day hang these destoyers of childen’s futures).
Even today, schools, vocational training institutions and universities continue to be controlled by this self-appointed elite, but with increasingly disastrous consequences. The gap between qualifications and productivity continues to widen alarmingly and, even three decades ago, one educator noted that it takes twenty years for a professional’s incompetence to become so evident as to be impossible to camouflage, and another twenty-five to push him into a safe backwater and thence retirement.
Today, the entirety of humanity is witnessing the supreme incapacity of economists to coherently explain the global financial meltdown, let alone the severe trade and economic collapse that is about to follow. One celebrated media economist in Australia, Steve Keen, apportioned blame for economist’s clear complicity in the meltdown, on “Bad University Text Books”. Ironically, it is currently being noticed that the most incompetent political candidates are those who graduated in Political Science, none of whom of course can explain the political and social decay that is engulfing us.
Let there be no confusion about this… As Alfred Binet himself pointed out, intelligence is not linear. It cannot be measured, let alone on a hierarchical scale.

IQ tests are a crock; a fraud. An education system that operates on such a basis is doomed to failure; and is in fact failing. Ironically, and very explicably, only academics and scientists defend this system.

All of this rather explains the confusion and consternation of visitors to the MENSA Website, when they read in barely literate terms, the failure of MENSA to identify members who have particularly distinguished themselves in human advancement. Yet MENSA represents the elite of the intellectual elite. Those that did make names for themselves, were essentially technocrats who stumbled on answers. In fact, the vast majority of MENSA members are hopeless nonentities.
Concomitantly, in every western country, school teachers are being angrily exposed as both illiterate and innumerate, and severely handicapped in terms of real-world relevance, having never left school. Yet they are supposedly mandated by society to arm children with skills for the outside world.
Doctors, too, are regarded as intellectually superior, yet every medico is essentially a computer-controlled pusher for the drug corporations, and few could repeat contraindications for prescriptions if asked. Most appear to be unaware that all vaccinations contain either ethylmercury, formaldehyde, aluminium, or polyethylene glycol, for which no safe level has ever been identified by independent scientific evidence. And although the Polish Government proved conclusively that the H1N1 vaccine did not work, few if any doctors have informed their patients. Mostly because they do not know, and do not want to know.

Outrageously, many doctors have recently ceased to wash their hands prior to handling patients in clinics and surgeries; prompting an Australian doctor to write a book, pointing out that this takes medicine back to the 19th century. In one hospital, measured by CCTV, 75% of medicos failed to wash their hands. And most doctors not only support the illegality of cannabis oil and Cansema (black salve), they also oppose publicly funded independent research into these and other proved cures. Clearly intelligence has been replaced with unmitigated greed.
Almost all doctors are criminals

Just for the record, the world’s top 6000 medical scientists have agreed that the mRNA covid jabs contain polyethylene glycol, graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide, and hydrogel, the latter of which constitutes an envelope for instructions to alter RNA and DNA, resulting in the body producing spike proteins which damage all endothelial membranes which support/protect the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, other organs, and blood vessels.

These toxins, all of them, result in cardiomylitis and other heart damage, neurological degeneration, and 1200 other adverse effects already known to Pfizer before the jab’s illegal experimental release. The polyethylene glycol damages the immune system at a rate of 5% per month.

In a test case, 138 pregnant women were mRNA-jabbed and all experienced spontaneous abortions.

Only 3% of adverse effects are recorded by America’s CDC/VAERS reporting system yet Australia’s TGA accepts such flawed data unquestioningly.

One conclusion is unavoidable: that Australia’s doctors are almost all guilty of genocide, especially as they refuse to prescribe Ivermectin or HCQ, which have been proved efficacious in Uttar Pradesh, an Indian state of 241 million people, completely defeating covid. These are also used successfully in many states of Africa, and in Mexico, Goa, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Japan.

In the orgy of formalised training that has replaced the time-proven apprenticeship and working-ones-way-up approach to careers, industry is infested with qualified and parasitical incompetents known optimistically as trainers and professionals; but with the rising cost of living the unemployed cannot afford now-bloated education fees to re-establish exported careers.
With poetic justice, as the initiator of the IQ regime, America is reeling from its own educational crisis, discovering that the US is 39th on the global literacy scale. One study showed that 51% of final year high school students are functionally illiterate. Yet the US has become Australia’s model for education and training; catastrophically, even in midwifery.

Meanwhile, our obviously retarded educational academics call for better-qualified school teachers… which mirrors the belief that if a formula has failed continuously for several decades, it will magically work if the same formula is intensified. Confirming the un-deniability of this historical aberration is the reality that Australian education standards commenced their plunge when student school teachers ceased to be trained in dedicated training colleges and instead were educated in universities.
Teachers do not need to be more qualified; they simply need to be able to teach effectively, which is a talent that no university can impart. Actually, primary school teachers do not need a university degree at all. What they do need is literacy, numeracy, and a general knowledge of objective history and geography, and a healthy respect for family and the intergenerational transfer of values. Armed with these, success is a matter of talent and motivation. (Note: The author is also a teacher’s training college graduate teacher).
This crisis is becoming universal. Politicians routinely cannot comprehend even basic facets of politics, economics, industry, trade, defence, health and education, or science, unless previously primed by their advisors; who themselves are bereft of cultural direction or values and who are invariably conduits for the UN or investment banker lobbies (hey! like there’s a difference?).
We have finally arrived at a juncture in history in which we must recognise that our society’s managers are idiots.
We need to ignore artificial ranks and choose our generals on the basis of achievement. In other words, instead of employing managers on the basis of pieces of paper that say they can do their jobs, we need to hire people who can simply demonstrate they can do their job. Work record should demonstrate this. Not unexpectedly, no one with a high IQ has been able to work this out. And were they able to, they would fail the test.
Perhaps with genuine commerce and industry leaders who actually understand where they are and where they are going, we might yet restructure the global economy. Along with thousands of other thinkers around the world, the author of this paper has devised a plan that could launch such a restructuring in a single week. One does not have to be very bright to do this.
About 85% of Australians know where to go. The national community can provide the needed direction of up, having become as familiar as it ever wants to be with down.
The biting urgency is the long-feared announcement by the IMF that Australia has accumulated unrepayable debts (which is nonsense), and must be considered for debt forgiveness… yet another euphemism, the condition being that all Australia’s resources be turned over to the Chinese, as guarantors for our so-called stimulus payments. And even these were intended to hide the hollowing out of the retail sector by unemployment, and the absence of fractional reserves in the banks.
Recently retired former Treasure, Peter Costello, has even primed the country for eventual acceptance of the “unrepayable debt” concept, Costello blaming a former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for rising debt. But then, this is all but a game. Without an IMF script Costello would have no idea what an economy is. But his statement should serve as a warning that the IMF and BIS will soon be rattling sabres at our door.

Meanwhile, the IQ whore has birthed yet another mad child… CO2-derived AGW.
Academics, scientists, media moguls, and investment bankers have conjoined in an orgy of elitism, self-worship, fraud, and political oligarchy. In one instance, this curious relationship coalesced around the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Although CO2-generated AGW is a hotly contested theory, with many of the world’s top climate scientists describing this as politicised pseudo-science; the self-identified intelligentsia nevertheless decided that only their opinions matter.
The world was duly advised that scientific consensus is complete (which is an oxymoron); that CO2-derived AGW is self-evident fact, and that carbon taxes or the corporate equivalent must be imposed to save humanity from flooding, storms, fire, drought, famine and disease. The opinions of non-scientists (ie intellectual inferiors) are dismissed as irrelevant.
That this is collectively our planet, the home of all peoples, and therefore of legitimate concern to every human being, is not a consideration, they say. Moreover, there is a general feeling among CO2-generated AGW believers that AGW deniers are heretics who should be forced to recant. One senses there are barely constrained urges to have heretics burned at the stake; an event that might surely generate a first orgasim for Greta Thunberg.
The ETS or carbon trading, plays out in two parts:
The first is the belief that increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide is damaging to this planet, and that it is being produced by humans to such an extent that the oceans and atmosphere will warm and melt glaciers, snow, icefields and the poles, thereby flooding much of earth.
The second aspect is the belief that by trading carbon, the planet will be saved.
Returning to the first theory, this ignores several manifest realities:
The Earth warms and cools in cycles, at roughly 30,000 year intervals (or whatever). Each of the warm peaks are not one but several ups and downs, and the pattern suggests we are nearing the end of the current minor warm fluctuation (ie the final 30%, or 3,000 years). Or maybe not. There is a lot of interpretation, both of natural fluctuations and contemporary politicised meteorology.
Some sub-peaks were warmer than others. The Roman Warm period, which was warmer than now, lasted from around 300 BC to 1300 AD, then cooled during the middle to late ages (the little ice age of1400 to 1850). During the Roman Warm, north England produced wines, Greenland was green pastures occupied by migrant Danes; and the Chinese Imperial Navy of 1242 found no ice in the North Pole. (We might note that, contrary to propaganda, records show polar bears enjoyed this period). Yet there was no industrial production of CO2 in this era. Whatever caused this warming it was not mankind.
Similarly, man did not cause the cooling known as The Little Ice Age. Logically, a similar warming since the 19th century, conforming to past patterns, also was not man-made. It is simply a warming just like other warmings, driven fundamentally by solar cycles.
Secondly, increases in CO2 are clearly an effect of warming, not a cause. Moreover, not only is CO2 (a mere 0.38% of the atmosphere) not toxic, it is aerial plant food. With the corporate removal of 80% of forests, there is an urgent need to increase the plant and tree cover of this planet. Ergo, we need more CO2, not less.
Suggestions that excessive levels of CO2 are harmful to life are contradicted by the five times more atmospheric CO2 extant during the Jurassic Period, in which plant and animal life was at its most prolific in this planet’s history.
Carbon trading is that part of this farce where fraud and profiteering make their entry, stage right. As crime investigators say, follow the money trail. The Emissions Trading Scheme was designed by one Richard Sander, in close association with Maurice Strong, Leslie Rosenthal, Al Gore, and several other investment bankers and wheelers and dealers; names that are worthy of mentioning: Jane Thompson, Stuart Eizenstat, Rajenva Pachauri (AKA… the IPCC Chairman), Elizabeth Dowdeswell (a UN bureaucrat), Michael Jammit Cutajar (another UN bureaucrat), Thomas Lovejoy (Aha… the Mad Prince’s World Wildlife Fund), Neil Eckert, and GoldmanSachs.
Other notable supporters of carbon trading are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, George Soros, Frank Lowry, Ross Garnaut, and Rupert Murdoch; families noted for their concern for the environment and humanity? Pardon our mirth.
Corporations and other commercial entities proceed to reduce carbon in their operations, thus earning Carbon Credits from government. These credits can then be traded to businesses that exceed proscribed carbon limits. How this reduces carbon in the atmosphere defies all logic, but insiders calculate that the value of trading will exceed $3 trillion; to our mind, the sharp point of the scheme.
Finally, let us make the simple point that there is indeed evidence that atmospheric CO2 is increasing. If this is industrially-generated then there should be no change in actual atmospheric levels of oxygen. However, if the CO2 increase is due to deforestation then there should be a matching fall in the production of oxygen. As it happens, there is such a reduction of oxygen. No cause for immediate panic but experts point out that quite soon elderly people who live at very high altitudes will need to move downhill or access supplementary oxygen.
In conclusion, let it be said that AGW is a theory promulgated to divert attention from deforestation and oil industry poisoning of oceans with plastic debris and chemical toxicity. Oceanic poisoning is absolutely real and an urgent concern, yet the absurd and unproven theory of CO2-driven AGW is infinitely better recognised by scientists and the rest of the so-called intelligentsia. This fact, alone, is quite sufficient ipso facto evidence of the innate stupidity and ignorance of academia.

While we are in the mood for dispelling popular myths, let us also acknowledge that HUMANITY is not responsible for this double catastrophe, we ordinary folks never having been consulted in the first place. The sole perpetrators are the investment bankers… Rothschild and Rockefeller, and the thousands of ruthless corporations that they own in chemical, mineral and vegetable oil, pharmaceutical, plastics, timber, paper, nuclear, gas, electronics, and agribusiness.
If caped green crusaders truly want to save the planet, by all means, kill off these environmental psychopaths. We can then disassemble monopolies, dismantle free trade, and return to policies of protection of sustainable manufacturing and domestic food production, whilst protecting jobs and the environment. Surveys show 85% of all electorates have no problem with sensible protection policies and will willingly pay taxes to repair the damage.
As to the mantra that scientists per se can be equated with science, it should be noted that these self-appointed guardians of truth have not once corrected the media-generated AGW propaganda that the Kiribati Island people are being engulfed by rising sea levels. In fact, it has been known for 400 years that these islands are sinking, as are many other parts of the planet… very notably coastal Holland. That no scientist has ever graced the Australian media and corrected the AGW-flooding Kiribati myth, forever erases any right they have to claim integrity.
The truth is, ever since academia and scientific institutions were corporatised and privatised, scientists have been employed only if they say what they are paid to say. Conversely, scientists of integrity are unemployed. Employed scientiists are simply industrial whores.
With mortgages to pay and families to feed, most feel they have little choice. We sympathise with them, but not empathise. Scientists and academics have uniformly adopted the high moral ground and have had no hesitation in ridiculing, vilifying, and persecuting their honest colleagues who refused to play AGW ball.
Thus it will be, when the truth finally emerges, all who played ball will become blackballed. All will be stripped of their degrees and will appear on permanent rolls of shame… a lesson to those in the future who are tempted to betray science and humanity.

(16) Aggressive trading partners and the impact of high unemployment on internal economies

Because wage and salary earners cannot avoid income tax, they make a disproportionate contribution to Government revenues, about three times what the average small business owner pays in income tax. By comparison, foreign corporations and the very wealthy pay virtually no tax at all. It has been estimated that foreign corporations collectively contribute only 2% of total Australian government tax revenue.
Thus, if real unemployment* is 60%, which is the probable level in Australia today, this represents a loss of around 70% to 90% of Government income tax revenue, this percentage representing the sector less able to legally avoid or minimise tax; which also means Government has a 50% higher welfare bill than in prosperous times, but has lost a matching capacity to pay for public services.

*UNEMPLOYMENT: Defined as not having a job that pays a living wage; which is the definition chosen by 90% of survey participants, and the universal definition as of 1893. In comparison, contemporary Government claims a person who trains, studies or works for one hour per week is employed; as are Aborigines on the CDP (CDEP) scheme, and refugees and migrants registered for language courses. ABCTV was informed by a whistleblower demographer that 1 in 4 workers has no job at all, and another 1 in 4 has only part time work and is failing to survive.
As forecast earlier in this paper, a spiral of collapse in the retail industry is occurring progressively, enhancing unemployment numbers and further starving Government of revenue. Meanwhile, when interest rates inevitably rise, the Australian housing bubble (quoted at 42%) will burst, soon to be followed by that of the commercial real estate sector.
The impacts will be cumulative, which is when Australia’s more visible depression will really hit; massively exacerbated by the US-driven proxy war in Ukraine, which has caused energy shortfalls globally.
It is only a matter of time before the Australian Government can no longer pay for staff at public hospitals, teachers in schools, and staff to run essential services. With expanding unemployment, young unemployed will be told to return to their parents. Age and invalid pensioners will be given IOUs to take to food stores, who may or may not honour these.

Actually, the abandonment of age pensioners has already been slated. Acomo: “As of September 2022, all age pensioners who have refused to submit to the mRNA jab, will have their pensions cancelled”. Evidentally, Albo has been unwilling to play this bad card.
Many very alarmed Australians point out that the above services are being paid for out of the more than $1 billion borrowed by Government every day, and that we are, in fact, bankrupt. Rubbing salt in the wound, the more than $800 million given in foreign aid comes from these borrowings.
Those with good instincts, and who do still have incomes, are paying off credit card debt as quickly as possible or, that achieved, making mortgage payments well in advance; which is money that does not go into economic circulation but to the big four banks. That is exactly what happened to Rudd’s stimulus payments, which enabled the banks to resume trading. The GFC had broken them, contrary to Rudd’s claims.
The sudden drop in spending precipitates yet another round of retail closures and resultant shedding of jobs; and so the spiral deepens and widens. Moreover, fear for the future is stoking up hard-edged nationalism and citizens are casting their eyes around silently, ready to identify new and different leaders who can produce evidence that a return to prosperity is actually possible. Very clearly the new mood will be nationalistic and violently anti-imperialism.

Several small parties have been formed recently. The convenor of one of these, Austraia One Party, Riccardo Bosi, has stated unequivically that all politicians, bureaucrats, police, military, and doctors who are convicted of complicity in the mRNA jab-caused genocide, or who refused to prescribe Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine, will be executed. Most Australians apparently either agree or will not object.

(It should be noted that many Aussies regard Riccardo Bosi as a controlled agent; a pressure relief valve and a signpost in the wrong direction).
Politicians in both the US and Oz appear oblivious to the dark mountain of hatred looming from beyond their peripheral vision, and soon to engulf them. Many similar countries will most certainly know civil war and it is our fervent hope that this will not happen here. Interestingly, in the US, it is Texas Christians who are the most prescient and uncompromising resisters: Stew Peters, Mike Adams, Del Bigtree, and the others, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson. In Australia, it is an awkward marriage between atheists and Christians.
Non-collaborating analysts have already outlined the shape of things to come: As funds become no longer available to pay unemployment benefit, riots will occur and Government will declare martial law. In UK, squads are already being selected and trained to shoot civilians. In the US and Australia, foreign mercenary armies will perform this function.

In Australia, then Senator McClelland drafted amendments to the Terrorist Act that defined angry citizens as criminals who can be held without rights, as are those deemed to be terrorists.
With the footsteps of the IMF approaching down the dark corridors of power, and China in no mood to maintain its role as the chuckling neighbour, repression will be instant and brutal. As China sees it, a vast stockpile of Australian minerals is integral to its long term economic plan, and it wants these in the near future, that is, as soon as its own internal crisies have been resolved.
Thankfully, Trump’s dumping of free trade (Asia-Pacific trading partnership) will cause China to revise its mineral needs, dramatically downwards. Actually, the succession of Xi heralded this realisation.
More unintended consequences: China of 2007 anticipated incrementally-achieved control of Australian minerals; which is why former Imperial Mandarin Kevin Rudd was chosen for his role in the first place. However, China’s disintegrating export markets has made Australian resources something of a booby prize; and in fact possibly even a stockpile millstone around China’s neck. Not only was the Chinese Government deprived of more than half of its export income due to target market impoverishment, a condition China itself created, it will be circumstantially required to subsidise the Australian recovery. Obviously, it will renege on this moral obligation. China is no more likely to recognise a moral obligation or inconvenient trade agreement clause, than would America.
Although some Americans claim US unemployment is 11%, our reliable contacts suggest this is closer to one half of the work force, as in Australia, except in Ohio and North Dakota. Not only are the American unemployed and homeless no longer able to afford to purchase Chinese imports, they are increasingly demanding that government bring back tariffs.

(17) Global investment banks

Those who wish to learn the histories of the world’s macabre banking families will have no trouble finding this on the Internet, and especially recommended is Andrew Gavin Marshall’s Origins of the American Empire, so time and space will not be squandered here. (In fact, we recommend Ontario’s contributory researchers, authors, and journalists as primary sources of information with which to test this website’s conclusions). Suffice to say that the Rothschilds commenced their fortune by precipitating a crisis of the English consul (which preceded the English Pound currency) immediately prior to the end of the Battle of Waterloo, by creating a rumour of British defeat then buying up all available consuls before announcement of the British triumph, caused the value to soar.
The Rothschilds multiplied their holding by 2000%, and in fact had gambled with money owned by an Austrian King (which was held in trust), without his consent or knowledge. Since those times, the Rothschilds family has engineered wars, lending capital to both sides and accumulated $100 trillion from exorbitant interest rates. Males of the family marry only other Rothschilds, a circumstance which has not noticeably enhanced family intellect or ethics.
Around 1850, the Rothschilds finally negotiated a working relationship with American plutocrats (ie the founding fathers), who were equally ruthless. The families and their allies combined forces and eventually offered to lend Abe Lincoln money to pay for the burgeoning civil war. Lincoln refused, creating war bonds instead, thus saving the US $billions in interest debt.
Mustering all resources of influence, the bankers attempted to force Lincoln to support a standing proposal for private banks to manage American currency, and yet again he refused. His assassination followed soon after.
It was not until 1913 that the bankers successfully persuaded their own cultivated candidate not-so-bright Woodrow Wilson that this was in America’s interests, and the US Federal Reserve was created; a private bank to make all Americans the subject to what one might accurately describe as inflation tax. Wilson eventually realised the enormity of what he had done, bitterly regretting what he now knew would lead to the destruction of America.
By the mid 1930s, Nelson Rockefeller had no difficulty convincing the Rothschilds and other bankers to support his creation of the United Nations Project.
However, it was not until 1944 that another dynastic Rockefeller, Nelson’s brother John, grasped the opportunity to convince FDR that his own vision for an American Global Empire, but dressed up as the aristocrat-investment banker-corporate resurrection of feudal rule, could ride to power on the Rockefeller vehicle. Thus it was that dear old Winnie (“Let’s gas all the Arabs”) Churchill was manipulated into agreement; no doubt nudged by the Nathanial of the British Rothschild’s Bank of England.
As though a gift from God to man, the United Nations became gloriously manifest on hallowed albeit Rockefeller land in New York. Within a decade, every schoolchild in the western world was in possession of the United Nations catechism, a folder extolling this lofty hope for peace and man, and by 1960 in most people’s minds the UN had replaced God as the hope for mankind.
If we disregard its phoney aura of goodness, nobility, human rights, and dedicated strivings to broker peace, the United Nations is essentially a line of global bank shopfronts (WB, IMF), supported by the Rothschild-owned Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and by its sales and promotion facility the World Trade Organisation (WTO); and with parallel programme development and implementation managed by a variety of manipulating agencies, UNESCO and WHO dominating.
In its first resurgence since the Lassaiz Faire of 1830/1880s, The Free Market was promoted as the solution to eliminating world poverty and most efficiently expanding productivity and prosperity. With equal ideological myopia, many UNOphiles believed international crime would be eliminated as the world operated through the new International Criminal Court. (Which, incidentally, has enjoyed unanimous support from law societies and the judiciary).

And whilst forcing national adaptations to global market cash crops, and causing starvation through abandonment of local staple crops, the UN’s WHO cut a swathe through the world, blaming internecine fighting for polluted water supplies, and other outcomes of globalist interference and exploitation.
The asinine perception that an overpopulated world could only be saved by family planning, led to the formation of Family Planning Associations in every country, although audit records show that men do not feature within the family equation (0.1% of contacts). Thanks to these ministrations millions of people have now been sterilised, many without their knowledge or consent. Following the mRNA jabs, billions more will be sterilised.
Meanwhile, but for a visionary handful commencing with architect Buckminster Fuller; a startling reality remained hidden from view. It has never been publicly admitted that all nations with age pension schemes develop zero population growth within twenty years. (This is because the incentive to have many children is to ensure there are at least three surviving sons to feed their parents when they are too old to work; a formula which requires a dozen pregnancies to bear fruit). This impact was reinforced globally by improved nutrition, cleaner drinking water, sewerage schemes, antibiotics, personal hygiene, housing programmes, education, and other public health achievements.
Although the globalists continue to beat the over-population drum, in point of fact, 2.5% is now the standard birth rate around the world. Ergo… there is no population explosion. Yet academics and scientists continue to shriek about global overpopulation. Are these people blind and deaf?
It has been noted that corporate and UN propagandists have claimed that vaccination regimes were responsible for the fall in morbidity and mortality, but the graphs suggest no such thing. In fact, all public health records since the 1880s have demonstrated that the public health initiatives (listed above) were responsible. Not one condition or disease was ever reduced by vaccinations. Polio, for example, was all but eliminated by a massive public health campaign to wash hands after going to the toilet, reflecting the biological reality that the only source of the polio virus or bacteria is human excrement.

However, forensic research has pointed to DDT and other toxins (lead and arsenic) were the cause of polio.
Medical horror stories about the polio epidemic of the early 1950s do not tell the truth, which is that the thousands of children with shrivelled limbs were actually victims of doctor’s profoundly stupid practice of placing limbs in plaster of paris. A Queensland registered nurse, Sister Elizabeth Kenny, proved conclusively that her method of treatment, which was massage therapy of the effected limbs, had a 100% success rate. The doctor’s method was 100% failure.
When doctors realised that they faced massive litigation for medical incompetence they instead had Sister Kenny imprisoned for five years for ‘practicing medicine without a licence’. When released, she was rescued by American medical practitioners who, it was reported, venerated her almost as a saint.

Examination of UN activities continues to expose more sinister functions. Governments are manipulated to ignore threats to corporate profits, such as remedying food toxicities, dangerous vaccinations and other drugs, GE food crops, and so on.
Conversely, researchers, doctors, and natural remedy practitioners who revealed that cancers can be cheaply and quickly cured with Cansema (black salve), certain fruits and vegetables, and Cannibus Oil, have been imprisoned. (I have personally witnessed the total curative capacity of Cansema, a cure which was complete within twelve days and at a cost of $75, including future or repeat applications). I have successfully treated and cured some forty of my own skin cancers, including biopsy-diagnosed sqamous cell carcinoma.
The United Nations World Health Organisation serves as the PR front for these repressive and suppressive activities.
Invasion by debt forgiveness
The WTO/ WB/ IMF formula for helping ‘poor’ third world nations commenced with discreet corporate assistance to corrupt individuals and groups to win elections or otherwise achieve government, who then could be persuaded to accept lavish loans on behalf of their peoples. As these monies found their way to Swiss banks and enabled the dissolute lifestyles of the leaders, the World Bank officials assisted their clients to the conclusion that their debts were unrepayable.

The IMF officials, only just resisting the temptation to don saintly robes, would offer to rescue the nation in a beatific act of debt forgiveness, but would mumble the qualifier that all resources (natural, infrastructural, and human) would need to be surrendered to the provider of finance thereof.
In this way, nations have been required to hand over their natural resources, including their own labour. Certain corporations, notably Halliburton/KBR, would be collaborating on the fringes throughout the entire operation. John Perkins, in his astonishing NY publication expose ‘I Was An Economic Hitman’, describes the entire confidence trick, including the fate of politicians who refused to play the game (all died in identical small plane crashes).
In reading this, one can appreciate the fiery contempt of Bianca Jagger, a woman who knew real South American poverty, for gullible and egotistical pop stars such as U2’s Bono, who performed to the world to encourage further debt forgiveness for dear little African nations. Later it was discovered that Bono is one of Klaus Schwarb’s NWO disciples.
Elsewhere, promotion of the Free Market all but eliminated family farmers, whose land was then subsumed by giant foreign agri-business corporations; and each nation’s manufacturers were also driven bankrupt by cheap subsidised foreign goods; produced not by third world family businesses, but by evicted farmers and disenfranchised peasants who had by now been reduced to the status of exploited wage slaves.
Circumstantial evidence (ie published by Bluescope Steel), even in China, suggests that the export subsidies were provided by the global bankers to expedite the destruction of local industries and thence resistance against centralisation of global trade.
Although the UN is used to spearhead globalisation and entry to the New World Order, this is only one of the banker’s weapons. Other strategies were spawned by the largest military/industrial/intelligence complex in history… the US Trilateral Commission. The architect of this complex was Zbigniew Brzezinski, commissioned entirely by dynastic successor David Rockefeller. We will never know for sure the full role in takeovers of governments, setting up of false flag operations, strategic withdrawal of funds (ie $550 billion on the very minute of the 7th anniversary of 9/11; and a reported $17 billion in Australia in 1975 to destabilise the Whitlam Government).
But from the moment David took leadership of the dynasty, he launched his brilliant manipulations of power and established an association with fellow Zionist Rupert Murdoch, who we can now regard as the propaganda chief for the bankers in the west. (Murdoch is also the pre-eminent world expert on tax minimisation).
David Rockefeller, inheriting the creativity and vision of Nelson Rockefeller, and recognizing the danger created by the emergence of genuine democratic feminism in the late 1960s, directed the media to repress the equal rights and equal opportunity agenda and instead embrace more power to women, promoting affirmative action; and also the facilitation of easy divorce. Not only has Rockefeller not denied this, he has proudly admitted it, along with his intention to rule the world, and to “achieve this with either stealth or force” (ref Seymor Hersh interview).
His most important objective here was to diminish the family unit as a social force, which is at the heart of all cultures and thence, the driver of nationalism and natural demand for national sovereignty. National sovereignty is the most significant impediment to global government and the new world order of his dreams. Homosexual “marriage equality” is just such an anti-family campaign, funded by Geeorge Soros.
There is an aspect of the United Nations and international banker machine that rarely is broached, and that is the role of the judiciary.
Although the evidence is somewhat circumstantial, it is convincingly manifest that judges and magistrates were easily won over to the elitist agenda. To a man, they have adopted a reversal of sentencing priorities; which once were, in order of applied priority:

  1. Protection of the public,
  2. Justice,
  3. Deterrence,
  4. Restitution, and
  5. Criminal rehabilitation.

Since 1976, the first four objectives have as good as been dropped, with only the futile rehabilitation of criminals retained. Uncomprehending journalists have described this as judicial activism, especially where this has been evident at High Court level wherein the laws of centuries have been overturned.
Nowhere has this been more evident than in Aboriginal land rights; which were supported by the nation on the basis that these pertained only to traditional people for whom personal identification with the site of their spirit origin was an integral part of essential clan consensus protocols; and that these claims could only be lodged on unalienated crown land.
By 1980, all genuine claims had been accepted, and as far as the wider Australian community was concerned, the matter was ended. But, flowing from the UN came a steady stream of activist demands and radical new rights; all of which the judiciary had no trouble comprehending and accepting; an absolute departure for judges, and remarkable in magistrates.
In retrospect, we can now see how Aborigines were used to hamstring rural productivity, alienate land ownership, destabilise investment, and divide society. More especially, we can see how the outrageously alien concept of Traditional Aboriginal Land Owners was used to corrupt individual Aborigines and manipulate land use (ie the campaign to impose toxic waste on Muckatty Station); and why Aboriginal Land Councils were established to overcome traditional opposition to mining and, finally, to eliminate the traditional consensus protocols from which all Aboriginal decision-making evolved. In more recent years the land councils’ real agenda has become more apparent, especially the NT’s Northern Land Council which no longer bothers to pretend to represent local people. Its current executives cannot even speak an Aboriginal language, let alone understand Aboriginal culture.

Currently, the NLC has sacked workers and interpreters who refused to be jabbed, and is the prime driver behind forced vaccinations of Indigenous people. Genocide is clearly the final role.
‘Traditional owners’ have yet to realise that this purely European-conceived status was used to defeat them. Revised Aboriginal Land Rights, having been used to undermine Aboriginal authority structures, was then used to dissolve British-inherited common law concepts of property rights (ie a man’s home is his castle).
All of this has been facilitated by judges, more especially High Court judges. And it is no coincidence that the first Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, ‘Nugget’ Combs, an employee of the Rothschild’s Bank for International Settlements, played a leading albeit secret role in the revision.
The behavior of the judiciary and its finance world allies, has borne the hallmark of Rockefeller triple-edged strategies, and parallels all other NWO developments. First, Aboriginal decision-making mechanisms were bypassed, land was alienated from productivity, and deep division in the Australian community was created. The extent of collaboration has been total, including all universities, science institutes, think tanks, and the ABC.

Finally, let it be recognised that what has been said here briefly outlines the seventeen major aspects of the globalisation programme, as designed by Nelson Rockefeller; but as we have seen, not all activities were planned. Those aspects that have gone awry may be regarded as the long-predicted seeds of destruction now germinating within the nerve centre of Global Capitalism (which is a very different animal to private enterprise cultural capitalism; or what some of us refer to as community-formulated policies creating an economy generated by democratic meritocracy (which, by the way, I support).
To survive impending global economic collapse, most nations will need to renegotiate trade, but this time also using barter, as suggested by Malaysia’s one time formidable Mahommad Mahathir; and conjoined in principle by South America’s Bolivarian Revolution. Adoption of barter, or simple balance-of-trade estimates, will eliminate the Rothschild/Rockefeller Zionist bankers, an action which is essential for both national and global recovery.
In Australia, it needs to be recognised that trade essentially provides only wealth for our own plutocracy.
The sole legitimate function of export is to balance the value of necessary imports. Potentially, Australia is self-sufficient and hence there is no compelling economic reason why we should trade at all. But as a means of undermining our neighbour’s possible motivation to engage in hegemony, trade can also be useful tool for peace. But with hierarchical governments such as that of China’s, the attraction of peace cannot be felt by leaders driven by personal ambition, lust for power, and intense desire for the Chinese to rule the world.
Trade of itself is often inherently inflationary. For example, if beef is only produced for the domestic market, prices find their natural level, providing the market is not manipulated. Protection in this regard is the legitimate function of government. (Unfortunately, as US professor John Cozy points out, under global capitalism supply and demand is never allowed to impinge on profiteering).
The inflation of trade: However, if some beef is exported, naturally fetching a higher price, this drives up domestic prices accordingly, creating a higher cost of living and forcing workers to obtain wage increases to maintain parity, and so the price-wage spiral is initiated.
But the plutocrats, supported by their media-mogul allies, re-present this progression as a wage-price spiral, which is absolutely never the case. The so-called wage-price spiral is all about the attitude of those who regard themselves as the ruling class, and their sociopathic supporters among corporate boards of directors. We need, once again, to call a spade a spade:

  • This is indirect union-bashing;
  • which is worker-bashing;
  • which is family bashing;
  • which is, at the end of the day, children bashing.

In this age of the propaganda euphemism we must learn to see it as it is.
But food production is subject to vagaries of climate and seasonal variations, and productivity targets must recognise this, with surpluses in five years out of seven. Surplus can be earmarked for export and the extra profit held to cover bad years. This is simply sound business practice and serves producers and consumers alike.
In Australia, we can provide all of our own food, with the strategic exception of rice, which demands more use of water than is prudent for Australian agricultural resources. So a case can therefore be made to trade with a local rice producing nation in exchange for one of our resources. The same applies to natural rubber, for which we can trade with Malaysia. Likewise, either Indonesia or Venezuela will be happy to trade with us for lubricating greases and oils, should our own supplies diminish.
Contrary to propaganda, Australia has its own light sweet crude and diesel oil, and at least one thousand years supply of petroleum and natural gas. We have coal in abundance, and once again the AGW panic over supposed industrial CO2 is pure propaganda. CO2 is plant food. The planet would actually benefit from more atmospheric CO2 now, as any 19th century glass house market gardener could have told us.
Actually, the only inhibition on use of coal is the by-product mercury. A way must be identified to eliminate this pollution.
Once tariffs are restored, which would need to be installed incrementally, keeping pace with redevelopment of our manufacturing sector; within five years national sovereignty and independence would be complete. Contrary to popular expectation, this would be a two years process in respect of farming, and five years for manufacturing.

Economists scoff at this, declaring this proposal to be pure theorism. The reality is that in four years, Adolf Hitler turned Germany from an inflation-riden financial ghetto, into Europe’s industrial powerhouse by excluding the international banks, and using the German people’s industriousness as collatoral. In Australia, we have many more advantages than Hitler enjoyed.

And, please, stupid academics, do not accuse me of being a Nazi because I analysed a former enemy’s strengths. I was not alone. Convenor of America’s Public Banking Institute, Ellen Brown, drew precisely the same conclusion, reinforced by the success of North Dakota’s state bank.
However, electronic industry development will require the repatriation of our thousands of computer hardware and software technicians who fled Australia when tariffs were removed.
None of this will happen if politicians are permitted to think for us. Change must be community-driven.
At the mere mention of informed community consensus many otherwise astute political thinkers freeze, indoctrinated since childhood to believe consensus is impossible; that anyone who seriously pursues such a notion lives in la-la land.

This is rethink time

A fact of life under the globalist influence is that, for more than a century, we have been bombarded by elitist and anti-democracy propaganda. Phrases such as ‘people can never agree’ and ‘half will always say yes and half will say no’, are repeated ad nauseum whenever real democracy is discussed.
Yet, consensus is more natural than disagreement. Observably, people are hardwired to agree. Just watch any two people agree on anything and they will spontaneously smile. It is a natural reaction.
To overcome this, the global elite have evolved a system that spawned an artificial so-called western culture, that makes consensus impossible. This includes:

  • The formation of committees; think tanks; advisory bodies; representative organisations; lobbies; and new pseudo-sciences of social work, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and economics.
  • Promoting the spurious belief that voting is a democratic process,
  • That representationalism is democracy.
  • That simple majorities constitute majorities, as opposed to the empirical evidence of total division in the community that a 49%/51% actually denotes.

Few of our increasingly poorly educated citizens question these intensely proselytised beliefs today, ‘truths’ now regarded as self-evident; which well-demonstrates the success of the globalist PR machine.

The only consensus permitted today is that of the elite.
The key to genuine community consensus is commonality of relevant ACCESSABLE information.


Scenario one: If a group of people are confronted by a contentious issue and have little access to relevant information; or there is no opportunity to study what information is available, then indeed, there will be absolute division. Half will adopt one view and the other half another, often with splinter breakaways forming.
Scenario two: But if appropriate research is undertaken, and the group has the opportunity to study this, almost total consensus is an inevitable outcome. Our experimental experience suggests that 97% consensus is invariably achievable if everyone has had access to the same information.
A process of informed electoral consensus was instituted experimentally and successfully in Darwin in 1985. What was established is that community consensus can be delivered as a simple and economical means of citizens presenting to government the direction and thrust of their desired policy development.
Contrary to very determined and proselytised belief that unregulated people cannot agree on anything, citizens have no difficulty making wise decisions, as the famous 1967 Aboriginal inclusion referendum demonstrated, with citizens achieving 91% consensus, whilst politicians remained hopelessly divided. As there are rarely more than half a dozen genuine policy decisions made by government each year, no citizen should feel weighed down by this responsibility, and if they do, it doesn’t matter. Some citizens will go for yes/no responses to consensus-seeking exercises while others will want to busy themselves with the ‘nuts and bolts of government’; which is their right. As we have previously noted, there is more knowledge and wisdom outside of government than within it.
A real handicap to consensus is the media.
The current media monopoly will need to be completely broken up and foreigner Rupert Murdoch’s 70% Australian media ownership severed. Legislation will need to be enacted to ensure lobbies and advertisers are not able to influence consensus. There is nothing administratively difficult about this. If the penalties are sufficiently severe there will be no breaches.
(In terms of detail, the subject of consensus democracy is complex and further information is available on a separate paper; accessible on this site or available on request).
Yet another chicane on the road to national prosperity is usury; or interest rates. Banks that create wealth out of debt have siphoned the lifeblood out of nations and the predation of these bankers must be ended. Alternatives to the loan interest system are not only possible, these have long existed.
Six Australian economists have already made interesting suggestions about resurrection of a people’s bank, however as they have refused to elaborate to our representatives, there is reason to suspect this may be yet another fallback chicane set up by the Rockefellers. On the other hand, there are hundreds of economists with brilliant ideas (ie Richard Cook and Ellen Brown, both of the US) who are aware of the tariff restoration movement in Australia and who would probably be willing to air their ideas here.
Surprising many of our younger generation, these US visionaries will turn our attention to the achievements of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank in the days when it helped finance the Snowy River Scheme and other rural developments without incurring debt from interest. Ellen Brown will show us the Bank of North Dakota, which creates its own credit; in a state that is one of only two in America still solvent. They will glance at post-depression European history, noting how the German Government went from runaway inflation and depression to becoming the powerhouse of Europe in only four years.
With our unmatched national resources, there can be no doubt that Australia could, in just a few years, lead the world in economic and social development.
Naturally, when we do this the banker cabal will be livid and will be demanding that the EU and US impose trade embargoes and other sanctions to punish Australia and force it back into the banker globalist free market fold. But many other nations will pay only lip service to these aggressions, especially if we provide minerals at low prices thereby enabling them to ride out the New Depression to come.
Business is business. In any event, we need so little trade that international embargoes would be ineffective anyway. The EU itself is unlikely to survive the disintegration precipitated by Brexit and, more recently, the German abandonment of Nord Stream Two.
Finally, there is the matter of US tradition, insomuch as America invariably applies military force to recalcitrant trade colonies; which is, by the way, what Australia has been since 1975 with the sacking of the Whitlam Government.
To those who view America as a friend and ally, real history paints a different picture. It is a sobering fact that in 1983-84 a joint-venture of Armed Forces under-sea exploration took place between the US, Indonesia and Australia in the Arafura/Timor Sea region. To the disgust of Australian military intelligence personnel, the data was shared between Indonesia and the US. Australia was left out in the cold. Some ally!
Moreover, additional intelligence established that should war break out between Indonesia and Australia, the US had already decided that Indonesia is more pivotal to its interests.
However, what will shock the All the way with USA delusionists is former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser’s expose…

Fraser describes how on the three occasions when US military aid was needed, it was refused.

He points out that ANZUS carries no guarantees; which prompts the question, what use is such a treaty?
In a second attack, Fraser called for actual military disengagement with the US.  I invite readers to explore duckduckgo or similar engine to read more of Fraser’s speeches, which are enlightening, coming from a man who had access to all the secrets.
So, would the US attack Australia if we pulled out from the American Empire? They would like to but, no.

There are at least seven US bases on Australian soil, in the Northern territory, at least two of which are spy and navigation satellite relay stations (including Echelon). And then there is Five Eyes. Theoretically, we would never dream of calling the US bluff, but should the geopolitical/military climate change, the Australian Defence Force could effortlessly turn US missiles into boomerangs, run its aircraft carriers aground, and cause their planes to get lost. And both China and Russia would love to know that there was a measurable period in which the US was without satellite spy coverage over the Australia-epicentred hemisphere.
This is an academic consideration and the Pentagon has no desire to be humiliated; and in respect of the Zionist bankers, the US Navy has no love of Zionists, ever since the proof became available that the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty in 1967 was deliberate, with the loss of more than 30 American lives.
That this mass murder of allies was covered up by President Lyndon Johnston and Secretary of State McNamara, has made Israel the undeclared enemy of many American navy personnel. By now, the connection between Israel and the Zionist bankers, and White House advisers, has become well known among patriotic Americans.
Australia’s potential economic independence was well understood long ago, which is why Australia was singled out for intense globalisation and tariff removal. We are regarded by globalists as the loose cannon; the only nation that can walk away from the New World Order unscathed. But the real fear is that Australian charisma will inspire other nations to follow suit.
For this reason, Australia has been falsely portrayed internationally as violent and aggressive, racist and oppressive, and a denier of human rights. Thus, it is reasoned, punishment in the form of embargoes or military strikes will be greeted by the world with righteous satisfaction. This was probably a reasonable presumption at one time but in recent months there has been an international turning of the tide against the US.
Few Aussies are aware just how we have been betrayed by southern Aboriginal activists. Readers who don’t mind being deeply shocked by the extent of misrepresentation and distortion of Australian history, should read the truth about the Deaths in Custody and Stolen Generation. Tax payer funds have financed lies and distortions on a monumental scale.
In the meantime, every Australian should be aware that phony 1988 video footage of Aborigines in the NT being loaded into cattle trucks for transport to slave camps and eventual extermination, has been seen by many Europeans, primarily Germans. Australian diplomats are either hopelessly out of touch or the embassy reports were stifled.
Embellishments aside, the two young Germans who filmed the cattle-truck episode were actually observing Tiwi people boarding their roll-bar-equipped truck-bus; which was a compromise reached following the NT Government’s ban on riding on utes and trucks following the deaths of thirteen passengers when a truck overturned. (The use of a coach being too expensive, and inappropriate for bush tracks anyway, Government agreed to allow Aboriginal communities build roll cages on their community trucks).
The backpacker German video takers were told the reality of the situation, but evidently could not resist dramatising for their home audiences; no doubt profitably.
Australia needs to present the real situation to the world, a task which is becoming increasingly embarrassing thanks to withdrawal of funding to Aboriginal homelands and concomitant refusal to support practical health-improvement measures. The outcome of the federal and NT Government freezes is actual genocide, with funerals of adults and children being back-to-back or concomitant events in all NT Aboriginal communities.

Add to this the chaos caused by the jab mandate, and it is easily apparent to any observer that Aboriginal communities are in crisis. This is becoming known in other countries and the oppression is about to backfire on politicians and globalists.
Bad PR aside, even though some international support has been removed in advance, it all comes down to bluff. The globalists do not have the capacity to militarily punish Australia.

Is Australia really at risk of foreign military invasion?

Invasion by stealth? Yes. Such as has taken place by the US military, and by five million illegal immigrants.

But by sudden attack? No.

Quite apart from the vulnerable US military spy and navigation satellite relay installations, this continent would be a logistical nightmare for any prospective invasion force… hence the historical ‘Brisbane Line’. As was acknowledged in 1942, the desert interior of Australia would defeat any national economy that attempted a sustainable invasion. And even an invasion limited to the rugged East Coast, would expose occupation forces and infrastructure to almost uncontainable local espionage.

The simple reality is that no economy on this planet could sustain a sudden hostile military invasion of Australia. The only nation to actually consider this seriously was Indonesia in 1975. Most Australians are unaware of this, and only a handful know that this invasion would have been undertaken with American support. 
It was the globally unpopular invasion of East Timor, which caused Indonesia to put its jingoism and expansionism on hold. But the real reason the planned invasion was cancelled was the advice provided by Russia and China, that the logistics of invasion would defeat the Indonesian economy.

However, China learned a lesson from that research and decided that the best way to defeat Australia was to do so with immigrants, and then fund them to buy up Australia. The CIA agent Bob Hawke cooperated with China and when the entirely fabricated Tianinmin Massacre occcured, posing as democracy protestors, quarter of a million Chinese were enabled to migrate to Austraia and become legal citizens.

China then provided them with the funds to purchase arable and residential land, which compromised Australia’s food security and forced home prices beyond reach of the vast majority of Australians.

Inexplicably, the betrayal by Indonesia did not discourage Australian military commanders from training Indonesia’s terrorist shock troops, Kopussus, on Australian soil. If we should entertain military fears, these should focus on the outrageous incompetence or treason of our feeble-minded military leaders.
Right now, our best defense move would be to eject the 4500 US marines and CIA etc personnel stationed in Darwin, Tindal, Gulkula, and Pine Gap, and close down the military satellite relay stations and the Five Eyes Surveilance.

The 1.2 million Chinese should then be expelled, unless they can demonstrate loyalty to Australia and reasonable proficiency in Australian laguage and culture.

Such action should reflect fully informed community consensus as demonstrated by national referendum.


Instead of a Chapter 18 predicated on China’s growing control of Australia’s politics and economy, I have provided instead a highly speculative set of observations about where China is headed; its leader’s motivations, and what I regard as China’s anticipated Dynastic Empire’s inevitable implosion. Although this article was written in 2010, later events have validated my projections. As I then wrote it: “Today, 15 August 2010, the probability of a mad Emporer of China dominating the Asia/Pacific is diminished only by an equally mad Emporer of America doing the same”. However, according to the 2015 Rand Report, the US will attack China in the near future and at least seven Chinese  nuclear missiles will have struck Australia in the opening salvoes, so the global outcome will be somewhat academic for we Territorians who host all seven targets.

It can be seen, therefore, that living only 40 Ks away from one of those nuclear targets, I am quite well motivated to get this analysis right.


The projected implosion of China’s economy

Unlike preceding chapters, this final chapter does not address a programmed component of globalisation, yet China has already become an important tool of the Globalists, used to destroy national industries and economies and render these vulnerable to IMF and coup de graz BIS interventions.
More especially, free trade with China has been used to pauperise one half of Americans and Australians; and to militate against Australia’s capacity to once again become self-sufficient; the only nation so endowed and therefore the most significant threat to the globalisation programme.
Secondly, and irritatingly, the pseudo-intelligentsia continue to point to China as a robust bulwark against global economic collapse. Consequently, this anti-free trade document would be incomplete if there were to be no brief reference to China’s real prospects for regional or global domination.
Although I stand resolutely by the content of the previous chapters, this final section is more an exercise in joining what is still an incomplete pattern of dots, and with more yet to appear. This is not an attempt at crystal ball gazing, but neither is it an extrapolation based on hard evidence; but more something in between… an exercise in logical extension and applied common sense.
It is hoped that readers will rise to the challenge and make more accurate projections as evidence comes to hand. We will all benefit from such a debate, especially in the US, Canada and Australia.
For Australians, this chapter is added to highlight the urgency of restoring tariffs and once again becoming economically self-sufficient. To not do so will cause this nation to collapse back into the equivalent of 1937.
Scholars who have deigned to plunge into this defiantly unscholarly paper will demand to know how I obtained my information about China’s dynastic ambitions. Some have berated me already. Where are the documents? Who said what? And when?
The truth is, there are no secret documents; and my original sources were ordinary Chinese immigrants in Australia. My methodology for probing their inscrutable Sino-esoterica was somewhat less than sophisticated, yet was nevertheless a historically respected and still contemporary intelligence gathering technique. I got them very pissed… and they talked and they talked.
I commenced writing this chapter in February 2010 and, today, 12 years later, I am changing almost nothing. Why? Because this is really an exercise in demonstrating how easy it is to read history in advance. You don’t have to be smart, or a soothsayer; just a deep-digging realist.
And by all means, also regard the following as entertainment.
The superpower of the future: China… or so the pundits would have us believe.
As they floundered to remain occupationally buoyant in the wake of financial meltdown, classical economists clung grimly to the only debris still floating, a shard of propaganda that read China will save the world.
While it is true that the Chinese economy remains strong, relative to other older economies, real economic growth is slowing, and it still has to deal with massive unrepayable American debt. No doubt China can ride that sea out, but wave upon wave of American bankruptcies and unemployment, eventually to be exacerbated by commercial real estate collapse, is creating a new problem for China.
Actually, some observors claim China has already withdrawn financial links from the US economy but this is not true. This is currently an urgent task preparatory to defending itself against US oceanic hegemony.

For the subtle nuance of these events to be truly appreciated, motivational developments need to be presented in historical perspective:

To be Chinese in a secret Chinese world…

Sometime around four decades ago, the Communist Chinese leadership discreetly contacted the Sino-Diaspora in Singapore, Hong Cong, Macau, Vancouver and elsewhere and launched the secret drive to create the 15th Dynasty; exactly four thousand years after the commencement of the first.
This was also intended as the first resurgence of Chinese imperialism since the Manchu Dynasty ended in 1912. “Moreover” they declared, “this time it will be global”. To fulfill this dream, it was agreed that the five prerequisite elements of a successful global dynasty were: commonality of language, ethnic unity, acknowledgement of ethnic superiority; secrecy, and economic expansion.
Mandarin was selected as the global Chinese language and it was correctly surmised that the emergence of democracy in China, should this be permitted, would precipitate regional and sub-ethnic pride and identity and, therefore, must be repressed at all costs. Mainly, however, it was realised that “democracy” was a verbal shield for nefarious business practices that would cheat the state of wealth. This reflects the cynical reality of the “Hong Kong Democracy Protests”.
To ensure that CCP economic imperialism developed rapidly, key exports to targeted nations were heavily subsidised. The CEO of Australian corporation BluesScope Steel noted that he saw rolls of sheet steel selling in Australia for less than it would cost to produce in their nation of origin, China. Accordingly, America and Australia were flooded by cheap subsidised produce, consumer items, tools; construction materials and electronic products, both hardware and software. Other OECD countries were similarly targeted. GATT, GATS and the Lima Declaration provided momentum, and hamstrung resistance in Australia.
The role of the WTO, WB, and IMF was significant, guided by the very canny Rothschild-Rockefeller alliance (who, it is suspected, contributed to much of the value of subsidies. Certainly, it is known that by 2006 their banks dominated one third of China’s finance and investment industry, and the subsidies certainly expedited free trade development).
These imports forced national production entities to out-source, off-shore… or go bankrupt. In Australia, two thirds of family domestic food farmers were forced off the land and regional economies were obliterated. In the towns and cities, more than 90% of the manufacturing sector perished. By 2006, independent surveys (AIA, Australian Independent, and The Bulletin, 1999) revealed that 19% or more of Australians were unemployed; that 54% struggled to survive on below $15,000 per year and that almost 70% (inclusive of the 54%) had incomes under $29,000. The Keating, Howard and Rudd Governments collaborated in their demise with visible enthusiasm. Fortunately for their necks, these leaders removed treason from the statute books; or so it is said.
To China, the winding up of tariffs was the coup de grace to open-import opposition. As they saw it, the entire global market was as good as theirs by 2005… 4000 years to the day since the commencement of Dynastic China.
It was here that the fatal preoccupation with aspect, portends, fortune, symbolic symmetry, and numbers were accidentally forged into a sword upon which the new dynasty would one day fall.
In the blind drive to achieve the Glorious Destiny of a Thousand Summers, no one checked the till. Had they engaged in abacus-based projections, it would have become apparent that in capturing foreign markets they destroyed local jobs in those countries, and hence incomes and discretionary purchasing power. For approximately one third of Australians and Americans, by 2010, disposable income no longer existed.
In both these countries today, one half of the population cannot now afford to purchase China’s high or medium cost consumer goods, and the 20% higher demographic have tightened their purse strings in alarm, directing windfalls, stimulus payments (ie Rudd’s sneaky ploy to refinance the insolvent big four banks), and post-budget excess to eliminating credit card debt and making advance mortgage payments.
Meanwhile, with some forty ethnic minorities murmuring restlessly in the North West, and al Qaeda attacking China’s colonial interests abroad, and its own fuming unemployed threatening to rampage, the plan of an imported mountain of mineral resources with which to dominate the global consumer market has become the stuff of nightmares.
One can only guess how China will deal with this: save its economy or abandon the Imperial Dream. But those with power, in this instance the Communist leaders, one especially, will never let go. China will be the proverbial monkey with its hand trapped inside the jar, unwilling to let go of the toxic banana.
Sino-admiring critics will suggest I do not credit the Chinese with the same intelligence that they accord themselves, which is true. We need only reflect that this is the same Chinese people:

  • Who guide their future with numerology and other superstitions;
  • Who are driving hundreds of rare animal and bird species into extinction with the belief that their body parts, especially genitals and horns, contain special powers;
  • Who are driving elephants into extinction, to satisfy the lucrative ivory trade;
  • Who are insanely preoccupied with geographical aspects of their homes;
  • Who are fanatical about money and status, but build homes in their colonial countries with grandiose entrances but tiny rooms, which are then forever unsaleable;
  • Who, as residents of Australia, loudly refer to Australians as laowai or wai guoren (foreigners), or worse, yang guizi (foreign devils);
  • Who believe they can repress, torture, imprison, enslave and kill their own citizens for the crime of not liking an uncivilised and anti-democracy government;
  • Who sell the body parts of those politically imprisoned or executed;
  • Who continue to allow domesticated fur animals to be skinned alive;
  • Who impose their paranoid secrecy even on the citizens of other nations;
  • Who are too stupid to realise that if they pauperise the workers of other nations this will precipitate a global rejection of free trade, which in turn will obliterate China’s export base.

Demonstrably, the Chinese are as capable of monumental stupidity as any other humans on this planet. On current evidence the hand that is not clutching the banana, is now reaching for yet another Australian mine; this time coal. Another has annexed part of WA to steal its iron ore.

Expatriot Chinese citizens are alienating Australians by stripping supermarket shelves of formula milk powder and other items difficult to obtain in China; and are forcing Australians out of home ownership by buying residential properties. At present, it appears that this is funded by the Chinese elite, who also control the CCP.
It rather looks like megalomaniacal lust for power, greed, and blind superstition will end the Glorious Fifteenth Dynasty after only two decades… perhaps to become known as The Littlest Dynasty.
Alternatively, China will have climbed onto the Imperial Throne, only to survey a global wasteland.
Meanwhile, 30 million rural Chinese children have been abandoned by parents seeking the Sino-grail. The cost of containing or healing this vast army of hate and resentment will be added to the cost of a million empty investment homes, and dozens of industrial cities whose pollution has only just begun to kill en masse.
And with the impending collapse of global free trade, the other half of national exports will form mountains in the warehouses and wharves, unsold and unsaleable.
Perhaps the Chinese could use these exports as fill on their new South China Sea islands.
Note: As of this moment, 4/03/2023, China has behaved pretty much as predicted, with power increasingly concentrated at the top of the pyramid and millions of children, pauperised workers, and disaffected or imprisoned citizens forming the base for a future violent revolution.

As somebody once noted: if you want to predict the future, just look at the past.

Touching up the picture…

Having reviewed these pages frequently, it is acknowledged that I have created the impression of dislike of the Chinese people, so please let me temper this with additional perspective. I am reliably advised that there are many social protests occuring daily in China and that the CCP regularly calls out the Peoples Liberation Army to repress these.

The Army refuses to attack, instead, standing by as their fellow Chinese citizens push for relief from various oppressions. Why?

Because, unlike the officers, ordinary soldiers are supported by their famiies, who also pay for equipment and training, behaviour reminiscent of the defeated KMT of Chiag Kai Shek’s era. It was hatred of this “screw the worker below you” mode of KMT remuneration that enabled Mau to defeat them in the first place.

Why would the CCP repeat this fatal error?

Well might we ask.

I believe that we Australian Patriots should be establishing web sites with which to communicate with the Chinese army and ordinary workers, declaring solidarity. Children of Chinese immigrants to Australia should be grabbing this opportunity to capture the only effective line of communication with China and, in so doing, prevent a US-driven war between China and Australia.

If you are tech-savvy and Chinese, please contact me and I will assist in any way possible. This single act could shift the entire balance of power in the Asia-Pacific, incorporating People Power in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Makau, Hong Kong, China, and Vancouver.

Tony Ryan


The Australian NWO resistance movement’s strategy has always been an assault against free trade and the concomitant call for tariff restoration. The following list of reform items has been interpreted from responses to 112 questions posed by full demographic surveys of 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2010. Subsequent time lapse my vary these outcomes.

  • Abandon the 1954 Oil Price Parity Agreement and fuel tax;
  • Nationalise all oil and gas in the Australian region;
  • Recommission the ten oil refineries, thereby reducing retail petrol and diesel costs to 12 cents per litre which, cumulatively, will provide the impetus to redevelop manufacturing;
  • Dump chemical fertiliser-based monoculture agribusiness in favour of permaculture;
  • Establish a Peoples Bank, modeled on the original Commonwealth Bank;
  • End mandatory casual work and reintroduce full time jobs in which sick pay, paid annual leave, and overtime pay are compulsary requirements for all employers.
  • Nationalise all education, with teachers promoted on demonstrated ability and productivity, and not seniority or qualifications;
  • Enable parents to establish curriculum in schools;
  • Apart from basic entry qualifications, introduce basic national pays indexed to consumer survival demand, and promotion based solely on productivity.
  • Reinstate the Welfare Fund, as the worker-owned retirement benefit as this was designed by Prime Minister Ben Chifley in 1946 and stolen by chronic criminal Robert Menzies. Concomitantly, tax all corporations (Snowy River Scheme) who financed development using Welfare Fund finance but who never repaid the loan.
  • Introduce a 2% electronic debit tax to replace all other taxes, to be collected by banks on all debit transactions. This will prevent the rich and corporate from avoiding tax. Actuaries and other experts calculated that 2% tax would cover all community-approved government expeenditure.
  • Incrementally eliminate all but a handful of strategic imports, easily sourced from friendly countries that will refuse to cooperate with the inevitable embargoes and sanctions. Venezuela, Iran, Turkey, India, and Russia come to mind.
  • Expel all NewsCorp interests and personnel and eliminate any media monopolies;
  • Close down the ABC and replace it with the Commonwealth Department of Public Media;
  • Introduce national referenda and issue information disemination facilities to enable fully informed policy formulation by the Australian community, at local, regional and national levels. These policies will include crime sentencing, defence and alliances, finance policy and currency regulation;
  • Closure of the Reserve Bank of Australia and Treasury (currently owned by the Rothschild’s Bank for International Settlements), to be replaced by the Commonwealth Department of Finance;
  • Expulsion of all foreign military personnel and facilities from Australia;
  • Establishment of a Commonwealth independent and transparent research facility to test for safety, all substances ingested by humans. This will include vaccines, medicines and therapies, food preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers, toiletries and cosmetics, and environmental chemicals and gases;
  • Total banning of Genetically Engineered food items or crops;
  • Total banning of glyphosate and other dangerous herbicides and pesticides;
  • Introduction of bans on cotton and rice and other crops that compromise Australia’s water and food security;
  • Criminalisation of any attempts to repress free speech in Australia;
  • Restructuring of Australia’s Quarantine facilities to weed out espionage;
  • If supported by national referendum, reintroduction of the death penalty for the crimes of violent rape, paedophilia, treason, and manslaughter or murder for profit.
  • Investigation of all personnel who inflicted covid/mRNA mandates and Ivermectin/HCL banning activities, and subsequent prosecution and sentencing. The charge of murder for any doctor who prescribed or applied Remdesivir.


All the above policies wil be subject to national referendum. In other words, we, the people of Australia will determine our own future. If we make poor

decisions we will have nobody but ourselves to blame.

Havng said that, experiments with consensus in 1985 demonstrated that when people all have access to the same information, consensus of 97% is quite normal. This is because essentially, we all have the same basic values. We just want out families to be prosperous, healthy, and happy. Also, a spirit of quid pro quo presides over consensus, as participants realises that if they accommodate the different needs of others, they too will in turn be accommodated by their neighbours.

Curently, the 1954 OPPA forces Australia to pay international prices for Australian oil. The above reforms would reduce fuel price and quality dramatically, which would result in low energy costs. This will make Australian manufacturing the most competitive in the western world, not that we intend to export much.
Agribusiness, monocultures, and regimes of chemical fertilisers will be abandoned, thereby rescuing our precious 4% arable soils from imminent destruction. Permaculture will be the way of the future.

High use water crops such as cotton and rice will be abandoned, our water resources being too precious to squander on exports. In the balance of interests, we will import rice, which will assist the economies of neighbours.
Live export will be terminated, which should restore the 150 abattoirs and the 240,000 jobs (direct and of feeder industries) previously lost to regional Australia. The Top End of the NT will switch to buffalo harvesting and domestication. Because buffalo thrive where cattle starve, and because a wealth of information is available from previous research and practice, success is guaranteed and all Top End Aboriginal communities wil finally have an economic base.
An objective and transparent research facility will be established by the Commonwealth Government, which will test for safety all commercial products ingested by humans, especially children. This will end forever the current debates surrounding food additives and preservatives, vaccinations, GE crops, and fluoridation… to mention but a few.
We had earlier hoped to launch our own political entity but have been spectacularly unsuccessful. You, the reader, may be the person with the charisma to carry the cause, and if you find the information in this website helpful by all means contact us. There are hundreds of times more information available than this brief condensation website presents.

However, we did discover a new political party that actually listens to members and the curious alike… the Liberty Party of Australia. Contact me for more information

Finally, a moment to celebrate… contemporary globalist mastermind, David Rockefeller, died aged 101. David passed the baton to Rupert Mutdoch in 1973, so that is who rules the world today. Rupert who, along with Frank Lowy, controls Australia’s media and academia. This will be a great opportunity to eliminate the current media monopoly and finally permit the free flow of political, scientific, and economic information around Australia. In a word, democracy.

All of this depends, of course, on our capacity to eliminate the World Economic Forum that fronts for the Globalist Elite and the psychopathic technocrats.

Tony Ryan

© Copyright Tony Ryan 2010, 2018
, 2023.

“THE LOST TRACK”… a unique novel featuring: adventure,  corruption, genocide, disaster, betrayal; a history revealing deep Aboriginal cultural insights, and taking you on a journey of pioneer exploration in Australia’s last frontier… the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Readers who are confused by references to ‘democracy’ are welcome to request the PDF of the novel “The Lost Track”, which explains incrementally, genuine democracy as it has been for at least 24,000 years, as revealed to the author by Aboriginal Law Men and Women over a period of fifty years.

Confusion is only natural when it is realised that the Rotheschilds and Rockefellers have invested billions of dollars in smothering the world with their re-definition of democracy as representationalism, purely to further their unipolar power agenda.

The novel is purportedly an easy read and was described by one global author as “fascinating”. Until the publisher has signed the contract, the novel is free and can be delivered as an email attachment from

The novel also gives a nod in the direction of Rupert Murdoch’s imminent prosecution and incaceration for criminal activitie
s. When Murdoch goes down, the Great Reset and mRNA jabs go down.

Finally, readers wishing to keep abreast of contemporary issues, may find the substack site oziz4oziz interesting.

Influences on this website (thinkers, books, papers and articles):
 Kenneth E Galbraith (who got it all so wrong)
Thucydides (of ancient Greece, who was one of the 19% elite who enjoyed the vote)
Thomas Paine (Presenter of the first democratic manifesto)
Lord Johannes Acton (Who, if noithing else, realised that if you pass on your right to self-determination by electing a representative, you have created a process of corruption that will eventually become absolute).
​The Irish Monks (One third of whom were women, all had families, and the most famous of all was a woman).Michel Chossudovsky ( HudsunEric MargolisPeter MeyersPaul Craig RobertsEllen BrownGore VidalJohn PilgerRobert KennedyStephen LendmanDonald HorneSeymour HershBuckminster FullerEric WalbergF. William EngdahlJohn KozyMatt TaibbiPatrick WhiteRobert FiskMike WhitneyIsrael ShamirNoam Chomsky (The sneaky promotor of pseudo-democracy for the Zionists)Ken FreelandAndrew Gavin MarshallRick RozoffMichael Dorsey
Patrick LawencePlus… 5000 interviews with international travelers; and 400 Australian participants, randomly selected within pre-identified demographic corridors, door-to-door survey interviews, between 2001 and 2010. 4000 discussions online since 1998.

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