Chinese Communist Party supervision of a government that cannot manage even the basics of social order

Apr 2

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

By Lyndesy Symonds

Welcome to 650,000 migrants this financial year

Even though The Owners of Australia Inc are working assiduously to deliver Black Minority rule overseen by the Chinese Communist Party, let us not lose sight of the fact that : demographics is destiny for any population.

And how many of those migrants will be from populations which fought for a Communist takeover and are now streaming into the West from their failed Marxist state – read shithole? How many of those migrants will be from populations that can make a contribution to Australia in terms of our way of life, our social order and values? Or will the demographics be cherry picked for the least able to assimilate and contribute? This translates into more degrading customs that we have to respect, more asinine laws to conflict with ours, another religious food tax we have to pay, I would expect.

In England, ponies that are picketed on the green outside the pub are now without recourse if a sexual emergency arises and the offending gender also has a racial entitlement to crime. And this in a nation which pioneered laws against cruelty to animals.

How a population is racially composed in its nations (as in NT ethne), is always going to be a decider in terms of social order, in terms of jurisprudence that incorporates and delivers on human and civil rights (such as the 1901 Constitution), in terms of a Marxist State at Stage 6 load shedding and Chinese Communist Party supervision of a government that can not manage even the basics of social order.

On the occasion of a state of a union address in the SA parliament – now taken over by a Communist Party and Black Rule, the red suits and Zuma are the ones who think that genociding the Boer will somehow provide water and power to the major cities.

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