‘Let Women Speak’

Liberty. Freedom. Dignity.
Two weeks ago, a ‘Let Women Speak’ rally in Victoria, at which the founder of the feminist group Standing for Women, Kellie-Jay Keen (aka Posie Parker), was speaking at was gate crashed and hijacked by men in black who were filmed performing Nazi style salutes in front of Victoria’s parliament house. The rally was held for a just and reasonable cause and the message to the Victorian government was clear: stop letting men use women’s bathrooms and compete in women’s sports. Acquiescing presents an obvious danger to women’s safety and accomplishments. Infuriated by the notion of women having their own spaces, the “trans” brigade aggressively protested the protest. Moira Deeming MP, a member of Victoria’s state parliament, spoke at the event in support of protecting women’s spaces. Because apparent neo-Nazis clad in black showed up unannounced, Australian politics virtually condemned Moira for her association with “Nazis” and “the far right.” What a load of nonsense. Moira did nothing wrong as I said in the Senate chamber after the event. Anyone who pays any amount of attention to what Moira has said about women’s safety, not to mention her total rejection of those who gate-crashed the rally, will quickly understand that Moira is a woman of common sense and conservative values who, like many women on the conservative side of the aisle, is being vilified by the supposedly “tolerant” left. It’s the “selective sisterhood” in full effect. Apparently, if we attend an event gate-crashed by neo-Nazis, that makes us a Nazi too! This is just clearly nonsensical and there was a tremendous outpouring of support for Moira. As I said this week in the Senate, the message is clear, LET WOMEN SPEAK. We need to stand up for Australia’s forgotten people who have almost nobody representing them in parliament today. Women who are concerned about men using their spaces are being vilified and ignored. To quote the founder of the Liberal Party, Sir Robert Menzies, “The rarest form of courage, I think, in the world, is moral courage. The courage that a man has when he is prepared to form his view of the truth and to pursue it, when he is not running around the corner every five minutes to say, ‘Is this going to be popular?’” We need to let women speak. Your sincerely, Alex Antic
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