Clive Palmer donated 37m doses of HCQ and $1m for research and the Australian government destroyed both

By Jo Nova

The TGA in Australia* have handed Clive Palmer a dynamite story to use against them and Big Pharma

Palmer is in fine form below — shining a light on the pathological success of health regulation. Early use of HCQ could have saved thousands of people, but as readers here know, if there was a cheap useful treatment for Covid available, other expensive, barely tested, risky new drugs would not be given an Emergency Use Authorization, thus threatening to kill a $200 billion dollar cash cow.

Getting rid of safe competing drugs is just a part of the business plan for Big Pharma and they would be letting down their shareholders if they didn’t lobby like hell to make it happen.

HCQ Trials, Covid, Early treatment. RCT.


HCQ reduced death rates by 72% in 15 early treatment trials

The short video above could use one more slide so people know there are at least 466  studies of hydroxychloroquine with Covid-19 involving as many as a half a million people. Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine was adopted for early treatment in all or part of 41 countries.

Claims were made that the doses of HCQ required in lab studies were too high to be useful in vivo, but Ruiz et al found that the drug concentrated 38 fold higher in lung tissue than in blood plasma.

Click to enlarge. |   See all the papers listed at:

The C19 team add the caveats:

Late treatment and high dosages may be harmful, while early treatment consistently shows positive results. Negative evaluations typically ignore treatment delay. Some In Vitro evidence suggested therapeutic levels would not be reached, however that was incorrect [Ruiz]. Recent: Spivak Mathew Llanos-Cuentas Delgado Alshamrani Nasri Viglione.

If the short video doesn’t show above watch from 2.30 here, and also hear how he was treated with ivermectin.

*The TGA — Therapeautic Goods Association, is equivalent to the FDA in the US.

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The short killer summary: The Skeptics Handbook. The most deadly point: The Missing Hot Spot.
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