Lidia Thorpe’s unchecked ignorance, bitterness and bile masquerading as ‘progressive values’

Rita Panahi The Herald Sun March 24, 2023

You have to hand it to Senator Lidia Thorpe. In the space of a month she’s caused a ruckus at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and at a women’s rights event in Canberra. A queer quinella, indeed. Thorpe’s regular bouts of profound stupidity have become unintentionally hilarious; perhaps a future as a broken leftist feminist columnist awaits. There she can really indulge her passion for incoherent emoting and unchecked ignorance, bitterness and bile masquerading as “progressive values”.

On Thursday the former Greens senator turned independent tried to shut down the Let Women Speak rally in Canberra, launching herself towards women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen screaming “You are not welcome” before security and police intervened by tackling the MP to the ground.

Thorpe crawled away on wet grass dragging an Aboriginal flag behind her in a display that managed to be at once comical and pitiful. The sight of this powerful woman on her hands and knees was a poignant reminder that it’s overwhelmingly privileged leftist women who are promoting the trans agenda; like a pack of turkeys cheering for Christmas.

After getting to her feet Thorpe stomped away like a furious toddler who has just been told they can’t have Paddle Pops for dinner, and she again dragged the Aboriginal flag on the ground behind her, which upset a number of people on Twitter.

The incident outside Parliament House comes four weeks after police were forced to intervene at the Mardi Gras when Thorpe lay down in front of what she thought was a police float. After pulling Thorpe to her feet, police opted to back away from her as she aggressively wagged her finger in their faces. The 49-year-old was removed from the parade at the request of event organisers.

She then took to Twitter to make this outrageously false claim: “Black and brown trans women started the first pride march as a protest against police violence. Today, we still face violence from police. Proud to have joined the #PrideInProtest float in Sydney to say #NoPrideInGenocide, #NoPrideInPrisons, and #NoCopsInPride.”

That was too much for gay rights activist Fred Sargeant, one of the co-founders of the first Gay Pride march in 1970, who responded with this: “This is flatly untrue. This is yet another example of 21st century historical revisionism designed to erase gays and lesbians from their own history. Pride was founded and organised by lesbians and gays alone. Provide a citation for this claim and some names or delete this false tweet.”

The police in NSW, Victoria and now the ACT have treated the senator with kid gloves. It was only last year when Thorpe behaved aggressively towards Victoria Police officers during a protest against the deportation of violent criminals to Christmas Island. In a verbal tirade Thorpe called the officers “criminals” along other choice words.

But despite her uniformly idiotic antics Thorpe still enjoys support from many media mates. Last month she featured on the front page of the National Indigenous Times where she was celebrated for “standing firm on traditional values” in a splash where she modelled a number of outfits. Sadly none included bikie leathers.

1/ Lidia Thorpe at Thursday’s women’s rally in Canberra. Picture: AAP

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