THE TRUTH About Who Sold Queensland’s Assets

QLD … being dismantled by these crooks.

Who gets all the loot?

The truth about Labor’s lies, record debt, asset sales and tax rip offs

  • Last week in Parliament, I spoke about how this incompetent State Labor Government is mucking up our economy, flogging off our assets, putting up taxes and burdening us with record levels of debt. There is a long list of all the things that have been flogged off by Labor, but the unions are good at spreading Labor’s lies. This Labor Government has destroyed the opportunity to build on the economic prosperity of Queensland and as a result we have almost $83 billion in debt – something the Treasurer failed to mention in her budget speech. Click here to read more. In 2011 Queensland Motorways was sold for $3 billion. SOLD under Labor.
  • The Port of Abbot Point was sold for $1.8 billion. SOLD under Labor.
  • QR National was sold for $4 billion. SOLD under Labor.
  • The Port of Brisbane was sold for $2.2 billion. SOLD under Labor.
  • Forestry Plantations was sold for $600 million. SOLD under Labor.

Small businesses want a government that supports them and pays their bills on time, not one that rips them off with an extra $2.25 billion in taxes.

For a list of Labor’s asset sales record under the current Premier Palasczcuk and her predecessor Labor colleagues; read here

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