Grovelling leftie Libs of Victoria can’t handle this young Christian MP

Mar 29

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Moira Deeming had the guts to stand up to Dan Andrews’ neo-Marxist LGBTIQ mob, but her party leader John Pesutto (below) sided with the the trannies and then tried to sack the Upper House MP.


VICTORIAN MP Moira Deeming has exposed the leftist capture of the Liberal Party which claims to be a “broad church” of beliefs, but is in fact split by rampant cultural Marxist ideology.

Deeming is a conservative Christian Upper House MP for the Western Metropolitan Region who is outspoken on issues such as abortion, transgender-homosexual ideology being pushed in schools, womens toilets and change rooms being made “unisex” and women’s sport being invaded by biological males posing as women.

On March 18th, Deeming attended a demonstration in Melbourne run by feminist groups hosting the UK woman Kellie Jay Keen-Minshull from the group Standing For Women UK (SFW), which advocates for the reinstatement of reasonable biological-sex based rights and against irreversible and harmful medical transitioning practices used on minors.

As we recently reported, the demonstration was hijacked by a group of neo-Nazis, who, whether they realise or not, act as a counter-gang designed to give moral credence to left wing ideology and to demonize, through guilt by association, any group or movement deemed by media and the political establishment to be “far right”.

The appearance of this group at Keen-Minshull’s protest was a gift to Dan Andrews, the fanatical defender of the transgender movement, primarily on behalf of the neo-Marxist Greens and Socialist Left faction of the Labor Party and the wider party. But more than half of the Victorian Liberals also swallow this cultural Marxist anti-gender craziness, as do government departments and the corporate big business sector.

Kellie Jay Keen’s Pridestapo meme calling out the increasingly totalitarian LGBTQ movement has ABC political commissar Sarah Ferguson fuming. Yet Ferguson calls Keen a neo-Nazi.

The New Left transgenderist ideology being pushed by Andrews is more than just recognising the right of someone to “be different”. Andrews is literally forcing this ideology down the throats of the public, even though he knows himself that people falling into this perversion are 15 times more likely to commit suicide than others. So messed up is this transgenderist crowd, that Andrews has just announced he’s spending more on “LGBTIQ+ mental health services”.

But this New Left ideology is so entrenched among so-called Liberal Party moderates, that the party leader John Pesutto MP, in an act of desperate virtue signalling, also felt the need to jump on the appearance of the “Nazis” and call for the sacking of Deeming because she helped organise and spoke at the rally. Eventually the party realised she had nothing to do with the shaven-legged men in tight black shorts and T-shirts, some of whom were reportedly seen holding hands.

Deeming, in a media statement made before more than half of the 31 Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Party MPs voted to suspend her membership of the group for nine months, said SFW’s goals are “mainstream and global, supported by high profile members and leaders of every mainstream political party in the world”. She also noted the “Let Women Speak” rally was attended by Muslims, Christians, Atheists and members of the Greens, Labor, LDP and Liberal Parties.

But that was all too complicated for the anti-Nazi, pro-trans hysteria that was whipped up into headlines and accompanied by the stupid bellowing of Andrews Laborites, trans activists and a Liberal Party desperate to display its ideological correctness.

“Let me clear – I have done nothing wrong. Those who organised the Let Women Speak event on the weekend have done nothing wrong. Despite this, a select few members of the Liberal leadership team have condemned me unjustly,” Deeming said.

“This is an inflection point for the Liberal Party in Victoria. There are two paths the party must choose from. Does it accept the utterly false premise that anyone who chooses to speak out reasonably, constructively, and legally is somehow an endorsement for anyone at all who happens to show up at a public event?

“Are we truly suggesting that we let Daniel Andrews decide the rules about who is attached to and responsible for who? This from a Premier whose own party was found to have rorted the taxpayer over the scandalous red shirts affair and yet apparently has nothing to do with it and bears no responsibility or accountability for it.

“Or will the Liberal Party choose this moment to draw a line in the sand and stand on our principles. I believe that Victorians want us as Liberals to stand up to the bullying from Daniel Andrews. They’ve had enough of the spin and the slander. And enough of women and girls being silenced about the extraordinary challenges we face.”

Amazingly, the SFW rally was organised by Angela Jones, a left-wing, pro-gay rights Jewish woman, who liaised with Victoria Police to arrange a buffer zone between her event and any counter protestors.

“This is why I and the other attendees were horrified to see masked men all clad in black inside the buffer zone. We thought that we were going to be attacked. However, the police did not seem worried and were talking with them over at the edge of the line,” said Deeming.

“Later I saw the police seemingly usher these men right through the centre of the buffer zone in between our event and the counter protestors, which is when I saw those men raise their hands in a Hitler salute. I, along with the few others who were facing them from the front were horrified, but relieved that the police were moving them on.”

Pesutto meanwhile went running to the ABC to reassure political Commissar Sarah Ferguson that his PC credentials were still intact and he would be keeping a close eye on Deeming and making sure that she condemned “anti-trans” statements made by the by the SFW group.

But Commissar Ferguson would have none of this namby pamby Liberal stuff. She was in for the kill. She smelt Christian blood. She then lied to Pesutto that Kellie Jay Keen, a former UK Labour Party member, had “for our audience, very clear, far right associations”. In fact these “associations” were merely implied because Keen happened to be interviewed on a YouTube channel hosted by French-Canadian neuroscientist Jean Francois Gariepy, who is smeared as a so-called “white nationalist” because he expounds controversial ideas about race and origins of mankind.

Ferguson then went on to ask Pesutto why he didn’t sack Deeming because she apparently backed down on an agreement to condemn statements by Keen, who she again accused of “having neo-Nazi and far right associations”.

Pesutto then tugged his forelock, desperately trying to reassure the ABC Commissar that Deeming’s actions would be closely monitored by the party and “if there was anything less than the faithful observance of the terms put to the party room meeting … then that would have serious consequences, absolutely.”

But Commissar Ferguson persisted with her interrogation, raising the “shock-horror” of a Twitter post by Keen aka “Posie Parker” of a gay pride flag overlaid with a Nazi symbol and dubbed “Pridestapo”. Ferguson was turning red by this stage. The little commie was really offended that Keen/Parker would insult the LBGTIQ crowd using a Nazi symbol. Now why, Sarah, would an alleged “neo-Nazi” would do that?

Too bad. The non-sequitir escaped Comrade Sarah. “Moira Deeming promoted, organised and attended that rally! Why would such a person retain Liberal Party membership,” she fumed. Poor pathetic Pesutto was feeling the heat at this stage and again assured the Commissar that “diversity and inclusion” would be a top priority for the Liberal Party under his leadership.

But even that was not enough for the Commissar, so Johnny boy upped the ante and assured the Commissar he was “simply not going to allow any material like you posted before (the Pridestapo tweet) … to ever be acceptable”.

And the fuming Fergie came back again. “Why does someone who has had these associations that you detailed in your dossier, why do they have nine months to come back and show a different face?” The grovelling Pesutto could only once again reassure the Commissar that he was all about diversity and inclusion and that was something “not to be wary of but celebrated”.

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