Doctrine of Discovery will rescind our Constitution allowing ‘First Nation’ to assume position of the Crown – to be activated by the Voice

Mar 29

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Letter to the Editor

It’s said that land Titles issued by the States and Territory’s in Australia are “indefeasible”; but that only pertains to a Government Record of the current “lessee” (Title by Registration) it does not designate “ownership” of the land (Registration of Title); “indefeasibility” only registers the entity who is the current Registered Proprietor licensed to “use” the land under a Statutory law or Act of that particular State or Territory; that is not an Estate of Inheritance at common law (Fee Simple) or any of the usual bundle of common law land rights that we all should be enjoying at common law; I have several family members that lie in war cemeteries around the world that died for my freedom and I do not have it.

I know someone who has written to the King and asked Him to act and restore our rights and he will not, for several reasons: 1) he (and his mother) has taken the money from the Australian Government to remain fictitious monarch; 2) even if he did, how would would he enforce it?; 3) the changing demographics of our population would not support it, true Australians are just about extinct.

Just to add a bit more to the debate, there is a movement underway by aboriginal political interests aided and abetted by the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) to lobby the British Crown to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery; they approached the old Queen and she ignored them, they have approached Charles and he has entered into dialog with them. In the Catholic realm this Pope has already rescinded the old Vatican edict.

The Canadian Indians are spearheading the movement but the Australian aboriginal activists are right there see here;

and here;

Currently Native Title is registered across about 88% of Australian land mass; when they achieve the removal of the Doctrine that will make all the Law illegitimate in Australia that has its foundation in British law (including the 1901 Constitution) and the so called law that was supposed to exist prior to 1788 will be in force and the “First Nation” will take over the position of the Crown.

We will be then a lawless country just like New Guinea and Africa.

I do agree about the fight that must eventually come, it will come but to bring it on we will have to have severe economic hardship and that is not far off; the whole of the western world in teetering on the edge; the question is, is there enough of us left to go to a Gettysburg?

From Gaucho Gill


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