The Voice is the ‘greatest con job’ on the Australian community

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce says the Voice to Parliament is the “greatest con job” on the Australian community. “Your listeners, who are obviously not constitutional lawyers, but that word executive is so dangerous,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray. “It’s like saying I’m going to put a little clause into the title of your house; I know how you own your own house, but just a little clause – it won’t matter … but then you really go ‘hang on this means I kind of don’t own my house’.”

Comment by concerned Aussie and one which we all agree with p-‘The Voice’ will inevitably open the dam walls on a plethora of Native Title claims which will result in every property owner in Australia having to pay rent. It will be a rent tax. It means every Australian home owner and landlord will pay an extra tax (rent tax). They say we are on stolen land and therefore you are ‘renters’ a sign of goodwill to pay extra tax. It will depend on the value of your home. If you have say a 1.5 million house in Sydney you will probably pay .5 to 1% rent tax meaning >5 to 10k per year. Landlords will simply increase rent for tenants to cover the cost. Where will this money go? It will feed a bureaucracy. New developments will also pay extra fees to develop on ‘stolen land’. –

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