Russians catch Australian ‘medics’ harvesting organs near Bakhmut

Mar 25

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

By Cossack Colonel Yuri Komonyiski

The ICC issuing an arrest warrant for Putin is illegal. In accordance with the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons of Dec. 14, 1973, heads of state enjoy absolute immunity from the jurisdiction of foreign states. The ICC failed to be objective and to respect international law, its now only a matter of time before the international community starts to withdraw their support for this violated organisation. Moscow like the US, China and many other countries do not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC. Even former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton says, “the ICC is fundamentally illegitimate.” The EU paid the ICC €10 million for work related to Ukraine then in 2025 they intend to pay another €3 million.

If the Russia decides not to extend the Ukrainian-UN grain deal after 60 days because of EU theft, Russia will supply the entire volume that was promised to needy countries in Africa free of charge. It should be noted that the west continues to obstruct Russia’s attempts to donate fertilizer for free. Recently Russia wrote off Africa’s USD 20 billion. The partnership between the RF and Africa is reaching a new level. Putin believes Africa will become one of the leaders of the new multipolar world as they strive to pursue an independent policy while opposing neo-colonial ideology. The transition to national currencies and the establishment of new transport and logistics chains will facilitate trade.

Leopard II tanks and Abrams are able to use U2-core projectiles as tank rounds the RF will look upon their use as dirty nuclear bombs, this would be a manifestation of genocide against the country’s inhabitants. Depleted U2 munitions are more powerful and have greater penetrating ability. When fired they heat up in the tanks barrel to roughly 2000 0C and travel red hot when it hits the tank armour it penetrates it like a red-hot knife cutting butter detonating on the inside. Everything is then contaminated and if the men survive then they will most likely die of radiation poisoning or cancer. UK depleted uranium shells will kill Ukrainian civilians, soldiers and members of the NATO horde while contaminating the environment and farm land for generations to come. In 1999 Following the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO their victims were never compensated. Civilians living in these areas where NATO used such shells have an average life expectancy of 30 years. One can only assumed that the west enjoys murdering civilians and contaminating their lands perhaps some of these shells should be detonated in the heart of London. There is growing concern that these munitions have already been used by the Ukros in the conflict.

Ukraine troops just holding on as Russian and Wagner troops take control of 70 per cent of Bakhmut

Lukashenko noted “As soon as these munitions explode over the Russian troops, you will see that the response will be terrible. It will be a lesson for the entire planet. Russia has more than just depleted U2”. Should the U2 depleted shells appear in the conflict zone then one potential response will be that Poland is targeted. Poland is engaged in active combat, tens of thousands of Poles who served in the Polish army have resigned to re-enlist as mercs in the Ukrainian conflict. Should the Poles appear in the Ukraine wearing Polish military uniforms then Moscow would have every right to strike at their decision-making centres. The Poles will limit their invasion in the Lvov region and try to control 5 western regions that they hope to acquire.
Wagner now controls roughly 70% of Bakhmut. The fighting there is fierce both above and below ground, the city is almost encircled the Ukro supply route (a cross country track) is still open but under RF fire control. Those that try to use it are targeted and mostly destroyed. The RF hit a large Polish corps in Bakhmut the residual force is estimated that approximately 1200 mercs whom are stuck in the city, they were previously based in Soledar.

In the Ugledar region 4 days ago a large corps of Slav’s were hit 200 plus men are dead they had serious weaponry. The RF used large calibre rockets to strike their position. All the hospitals in the Kharkov and Dnieper regions are overflowing the occupants are mostly Polish. The Germans have provisioned into the mix antitank mines they are a 3-legged variety and very nasty.

American L. Howard and M. O’Hanlon propose to create an international alliance (NATO Rev.2) that will allow Western troops to enter Ukraine. The rebranded “security community” would include much of NATO, Ukraine and their allies. Ensuring the presence of Western troops in Ukraine without the procedure for admitting countries to NATO. Therefore, they can pretend that the NATO hoard has nothing to do with it.

Iran is counting on large volumes of swaps (deliveries under the substitution scheme in case direct deliveries are not possible) of oil and gas from Russia. Tehran and Moscow have begun cooperation on raw materials. 4 Senate and House Republicans demand Biden send banned cluster munitions to Ukraine it seems the American’s are above the law after all. Increased activity of NATO reconnaissance aircraft observed in the Kaliningrad region for the second day.

All hydrocarbon transfers from Russia to EU have been terminated. Germany has almost depleted all of its remaining coal stockpiles. The Europeans are now bickering over hydrocarbons. This is forcing up bread prices on a weekly basis. The RF has stated that with the lifting of sanctions grain will flow once more to the EU but not before. The previous shipments of grain that were meant to feed the less fortunate in Africa ended up in the EU. The RF has stated that until the promised volume of grain is delivered to Africa nothing will move. It is whispered that a clan comprising 20 Jewish families were responsible for the grain theft.

Following Russia’s / China’s meeting Putin guaranteed China “uninterrupted hydrocarbon supplies.” Russia and China will merge efforts to mutually develop of space warfare, reconnaissance and satellite navigation as precision weaponry is critical. Importantly trade with China for the EU is critical. The US wants to ring fence Russia via the Baltics and Poland to control overland transit to Russia. The oceans are currently under US control. Isolation of Russia from Western Europe and the world’s market is unacceptable to China. Both Russia and China are fighting a war over Ukraine their interests fully coincide.

The RF is now paying its fighters on average 200,000 RuR p/month, those that are on the front line receive 400/500,000 p/month. The US drone that splashed down has been retrieved by RF. All of the buildings in Crimea owned by Ukrainian oligarchs or the state have been incorporated into the RF many of them have been converted into sanitariums.

Recently the LNR captured a group of Australian “medics” organ harvesting near Bakhmut. They would collect the wounded in Bakhmut and in transit extract the organs they required. These men will be made examples of some will be put to death.

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