They Have No Authority and You Can Demand That They RESIGN NOW!Impersonating a Commonwealth Official

The below transcript is from Superior Court Judge, Anna Von Reitz. “In 1960, the Queen personally enacted the Corporate Bodies Contracts Act 1960 [8 & 9 Eliz. 2] [CH. 46]. This act in effect opened up the floodgates of corruption and allowed private individual contracts of BODIES/CORPORATIONS, and especially MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS a.k.a. STRAWMEN, to supersede and overcome the Constitutional contracts owed by the Queen, the Crown and Government to the people of Great Britain. Because of this Act, you could unknowingly sign away your Constitutional Guarantees and effectively “jump ship” to become a UNCITIZEN (and slave), subject to UN CORP “private law”. And if you didn’t do this unconsciously for yourself, then it could be done “for” you via the Birth Certification process. This started from the basis of a Constitutional Monarchy, which, as it has never been repealed, remains the basis for the land and soil jurisdiction of Australia. Even though they are running Australia as a corporation structure in the international jurisdiction of the sea and are enslaving Australians in that foreign jurisdiction. This allowed the Queen, the Crown, and the Parliament to evade their constitutional obligations, and provided an excuse for the Pope to enforce UN “Law” on the people of Great Britain using the poppets, STRAWMEN, as the new “Subjects” of the UK CORPORATION. This allowed the imposition of UNIDROIT as the private citizenry of Great Britain were sequentially “redefined” first as UK Corporations and second as public Municipal properties and UN franchise CORPORATIONS. It’s all fraud, treason and Breach of Trust in both cases and in any event. 

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  CONTRACTS Definition of “contract” (noun) – An enforceable agreement. It depends for its validity on six conditions: 1. Mutual assent – offer and acceptance 2. Legal consideration 3. Legal capacity for contracting 4. Absence of fraud or duress 5. Not in violation of law (in theory can’t lawfully contract to murder, steal, damage property, trespass, sell into slavery) 6. Must be realistic and attainable  

  Vacating the Contract If these six conditions are not met there are legal grounds for vacating or rescinding the contract.    



  From The Great American Adventure by Judge Dale, retired: “These corporate laws and regulations are called statutes and their affect and control over human beings is deceptively obtained by consent through civil contracts.”  

  Notifying the Judge While Judge Dale has explained in detail why the courts are not our courts, but are administrative courts of the corporation, occasionally people might find themselves unwittingly in their arena. Judge Dale offers invaluable guidance for anyone caught in just such a situation. He also offers instructions regarding notifying the courtroom judge of our real status, thus nullifying their jurisdiction.

Greetings my Fellow Free Journeymen

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 This Site is only for education and entertainment.   

Welcome to Our True Australia website, this site is born as a result of every aspect of corporate government at every level from those in Federal to State to the local Councils Lying to, Deceiving, Defrauding, Stealing From, Threatening, Intimidating, and KILLING Australian Men Woman & Children without remorse.

Millions of letters, Documents and Affidavits were sent to every possible government agency with almost a 100% of those documents ignored by what is meant to be PUBLIC SERVANTS.

They have presided over, and been in charge of causing reckless endangerment of more than 50% of the entire population, which has now resulted in more than 30,000. EXTRA DEATHS over a 13-month period above the 5-year average according to the Corporate Government’s own data.

Now It seems that the World Economic Forum, The World Health Organization and The United Nations are in Overdrive to introduce S.M.A.R.T ( Self Monitoring . Analysing . Reporting . Technology. ) Cities and take control of your every movement and restrict your consumption of everything from what you are permitted to eat and how far you can travel.

It is now time for all people to shine their own light on this terrible scourge that is besetting our world by highly organized groups of Parasites and literally withdraw your Consent in every way you can. 

Let’s lift our vibration high, and let’s be joyful in our actions as we must appreciate the fact and knowledge that we as a large number around the world who have had the strength of mind the power of the soul and the capacity of the body to withstand the most prolonged globally orchestrated mental, emotional, financial and physical warfare in all of History.

Please use any and every aspect of this site for your personal endeavours and entertainment.

Knowledge in itself has NO power, once gained it must be put into action to have POWER

Courage is vital

A Deep Conviction and Vision for a Free Future is a MUST

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