Australia has already achieved net zero

What climate crisis?

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David Flint

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David Flint

18 March 2023

9:00 AM

Australia has more than reached net zero emissions, and we are in surplus, argues the nation’s leading climate scientist.

So why is the Albanese government pouring billions into going even further with this agenda, and in the process wrecking lives by replacing one of the cheapest and most reliable electricity systems in the world with one of the most expensive and least reliable?

And with a leading Scandinavian car ferry line banning electric cars for safety reasons, why is the NSW Liberal National party government pushing apartment buildings into making it easier to charge EV’s when it should be banning such dangerous death traps from all car parks?

Meanwhile, the Albanese government must be thanking its lucky stars. The first poll on its superannuation changes, Newspoll, was based on a question that summarised the government case but did not mention that the changes were in breach of a clear election promise or other criticism.

The Guardian’s Essential poll, hardly a source hostile to the government, subsequently found only 13 per cent strongly disagreed  with the proposition  that Labor was trying to trick people into accepting changes to super and only 17 per cent with the proposition that Labor wants to penalise people who work hard and are successful. Yet Newspoll found 64 per cent approved, including a majority of Coalition voters. As Faulty Towers’ Manuel would say, ‘Qué?

Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues with the long honeymoon it has granted  Albanese. Apart from a well-informed cricket commentator, there was little criticism when Albanese allowed himself to be  paraded around Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium in Modi’s grotesque chariot like a fawning minor potentate from some tributary state. Worse, he even joined the national cricket team line-up during the national anthem as if he were one of them. Imagine the media reaction if Howard or  Abbott had done this.

As the Essential poll shows and talkback confirms, there is widespread concern in the country about where the government is taking us. If they’d been honest in the election and revealed what Treasurer Chalmers did recently, that they’re considering, among other things, a massive lump-sum tax –  hundreds of thousands of dollars – whenever voters sell their homes, they would have been more unelectable than Bill Shorten was in 2019, as this column demonstrated before the election.

What is clear is that when Australians realise that, rather than the promised reduction in energy costs, these will go through the roof and blackouts become common, they will not be in a forgiving mood whatever honeymoon the mainstream is still according Mr Albanese.

Polling indicates that the relentless global warming propaganda has worked, but only to a point. People are not prepared to pay more than a nominal sum for the useless but damaging policies the political class insist on.

With notable exceptions, the political class have either lost their reason, or are incompetent hypocrites, all working, consciously or not, in the interests of the brutal multi-billionaire Beijing dictatorship, whose members are laughing all the way to the bank. When the rank and file realise this, the baseball bats will be well and truly ready.

Fortunately, there are those who stand out against this. Prominent among these is the nation’s best-known geologist, the highly credentialled Professor Emeritus Ian Plimer.

Notwithstanding the frequent calls by politicians to ‘follow the science’, few consult or even read Plimer just as few media outlets publish or broadcast him.

However, he recently gave an extended interview, ‘What climate crisis?’, available free on demand on ADH TV

Plimer challenges the elites’ determination to move to net-zero emissions. Even if the discredited global warming theory were true, he says net zero is unnecessary for Australia.

He has come to the startling conclusion that Australia has already achieved net zero. He explains that when we burn coal and petroleum products and release CO2 into the atmosphere, this is sequestered into grasslands, crops and forests and dissolved in the coastal sea.

Incidentally, never fall for yet another  linguistic trick from the Orwellian Minitruth, the Ministry of Truth, and call CO2 ‘carbon’. That’s done to suggest something unclean. Similarly, for reasons explained previously, never ever use ‘gender’ when you mean ‘sex’.

Returning to the sequestration of CO2, this occurs during photosynthesis, the process by which a plant uses CO2 from the air and water with energy from the light of the sun to produce its own food and what we need, oxygen.

Now, unlike politicians, plants do not distinguish between the 3 per cent of CO2 which is man-made and the rest. To a plant, it’s all food and not a pollutant, the silliest claim the elites could make .

Since Australia is lucky enough to be a continent with very few people, says Plimer, we absorb far more CO2 than we need.

Far from net zero, we are in a massive surplus, absorbing ten times our CO2 emissions. To achieve what we already have, our politicians are wasting billions and billions.

Plimer argues we should become the centre of every CO2 emitting industry in the world. After all, if a politician is under the delusion that CO2 is a pollutant and that it’s going to change the climate, he or she should campaign to locate heavy industry, smelting, metal manufacturing, in Australia.

Plimer’s thinking is impeccable. Why is he being silenced? Why don’t the global warmists try to prove this eminent scientist wrong? Is it because they cannot?

Asked what he would do if he were in power, he says he would stop subsidies and get rid of ‘foolish policies’ that as soon as you have electricity from wind or the sun, coal-fired power stations are to be blown up.

Rejecting claims about fossil fuel, he’d repeal legislation banning nuclear energy. Wholesale electricity contracts would be for the life of a nuclear power station, 80 or 100 years, to protect investors from politicians trying to stop them from providing cheap and reliable electricity ‘24/7, 365 days a year’.

Professor Plimer is right. What climate crisis indeed?

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