The Prime Minister who cried wolf

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Liars will never be believed

David Flint

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David Flint

11 March 2023

9:00 AM

In that vast phalanx of taxpayer-funded partisan advisers surrounding Prime Minister Albanese, couldn’t one of them have reminded him of Aesop’s fable, ‘The boy who cried wolf’?

The moral is that a known liar will never be believed, even when he speaks the truth.

That is the fate of the Prime Minister and his government with its secret agenda, a government which must surely hold the record for its surprisingly early descent into lies and sleaze.

There is now a justified and legitimate fear in the electorate that neither their superannuation, their savings, their children’s inheritance nor even their homes are safe from the Albanese government’s predatory lust.

That fear will never go away.

Pleas that this breach of faith will only affect the rich will impress few. (As to the latest Newspoll showing ‘support’ for Chalmers’ superannuation changes, just read the question.) This failure to impress is aggravated by the PM’s contemptuous refusal to explain why his taxpayer-funded on-demand $400,000 pension and luxury-for-life perks won’t be touched.

The superannuation lie has also triggered the last thing Labor grandees want. Superannuation is being increasingly seen not through yet another lie, that it’s the envy of the world, but rather as a rort to enrich Labor and the armies of consultants needed to manage something so inordinately complicated.

Worse, the loose-lipped Treasurer has let yet another cat out of the bag. What’s left of your money after Labor’s depredations will be put into government-preferred investments. Investments no doubt like the NBN, which just lost $39 billion of your hard-earned money.

Now, it is possible that one hapless adviser did warn the Prime Minister, suggesting he follow John Howard’s courageous decision when he changed his mind on the GST and went to an early election over it.

In any event, Albanese grandly said it would be an issue in the next election. Of course it will, but those who say Albanese is only doing what Howard did are lying.

Howard took the unlegislated GST to an election, while Albanese plans to pass this with the support of some crossbench senators vying to be forever known as the most naive, some will say the most stupid, in the history of this Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, a section of the media seems desperate to perpetuate the honeymoon they gave the Prime Minister after covering up his incompetence during the election.

This has become ridiculous, with some reporting, without the slightest hint of embarrassment, that Albanese’s ‘marching’ in the gay mardi gras was ‘history-making’. If that’s history, no wonder some of our education standards have fallen below Kazakhstan’s.

This only encouraged Albanese to join the Harbour Bridge march, thus probably spending more time on gay pride than at the scene of his government’s disgrace, causing the breakdown of law and order in Alice Springs and throughout that vast federal, I stress ‘federal’, Northern Territory.

Not only was this a flying visit prior to his far greater indulgence in celebrity tennis, Alice Springs was sanitised for various photo opportunities showing a ‘concerned’ Prime Minister by having the streets cleared of drunks, delinquents and wandering children.

As in any banana republic, the problem was hidden away, thus making understandable the republic referendum which Assistant Minister for the Republic Thistlethwaite  is pushing but which will probably never be  held. But in doing so, he let yet another cat out of the bag, hinting that the day the politicians’ republic is installed will be the new Australia Day. He was rapped over the knuckles for this just as the Treasurer was for revealing the government has its eyes on your house, your savings and anything you plan to leave to your children.

This is not only a government with a shocking  agenda which, if revealed, would have been more unelectable than Bill Shorten’s, this is one which holds the record for so quickly also becoming  a government of broken promises and of sleaze. It is already  spending taxpayers’ funds in circumstances which are highly questionable.

We have seen the Brittany Higgins’ payout of millions following a one-day mediation.

Court-ordered costs against a union with a record of ignoring the law have been mysteriously forgiven.

Industrial relations law has been dragged back to before the Hawke-Keating reforms, with small business made potentially parties to union disputes with rich corporations.

Large funds to improve mobile reception have been concentrated in Labor-held seats.

The conduct of the Voice referendum is the sleaziest yet known. The Labor leaders in the Fisher government who early last century set up the Yes/No booklet to ensure the people were properly informed of the official cases for and against a referendum, would be appalled.

John Howard set the gold standard for the proper conduct of a modern referendum in 1999, although when the Turnbull republicans lost, they blamed him by concocting stories about his alleged misbehaviour. They hoped the mainstream media would forget the ovation the Turnbull republicans gave Howard when he allowed them to put their preferred model to the people, notwithstanding that it failed to gain the required absolute majority at the Convention.

Albanese’s’ conduct of the referendum is appalling, worthy of the sleaziest banana republic. The strategy has been to gag the No case and ensure it has no funds. The bill to change the conduct of the referendum, the  Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Amendment Bill, is an outrage, as I explained in a detailed and accessible submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters.

This sorry story demonstrates yet again that we need neither a referendum for a Voice nor a politicians’ republic. We need a referendum, preceded by an elected convention, to allow electors themselves to initiate referendums as well as recall by-elections in either house and even general elections.

The politicians must be made truly accountable, 24/7. It is the only hope for Australia.

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Comment by Nelle-true- this despicable man cannot lie straight in bed and he continues with his mission of destroying what is left of Australia-for decades previous PM’s (except Tony Abbott) worked on a plan hatched by Whitlam to destroy the fabric of our nation and bring it down and this is all but done with Albo bringing up the rear finishing the job

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