Australia’s old media are on the ropes and are being exposed for bias and conflict of interest daily

ByShane Dowlingon•( 5 Comments )

Australia’s old media are now being exposed daily for their biased reporting and failure to declare their conflict of interests which has to mean their days are numbered.

The evidence for that statement and reasoning for writing this article is that I noticed that the last 3 videos I have published on YouTube are all about different topics but all raise media bias and media failings. I never did that deliberately but it is just that media bias can’t be avoided when writing about a lot of topics because they seem to be lying or pushing biased perspectives on so many stories and the new media are calling them out.

On the 13th of March, I published the below video titled “Robodebt’s Commissioner Catherine Holmes embarrasses old media by praising social media coverage”.

On the 14th of March, I published the below video titled “Bruce Lehrmann names Kangaroo Court of Australia and other independent media in his defamation claim”.

On the 15th of March, I published the below video titled “Nine’s paper editor, Tory Maguire, hides her conflict of interest in promoting War with China”.

As you can see in the above videos it’s not just me shining a light on old media’s failings. Robodebt Royal Commissioner Catherine Holmes made a special point to highlight how social media users on Twitter did a better job reporting the Robodebt Royal Commission than the old media.

Independent websites filled in a lot of the gaps in the reporting of the Bruce Lehrmann alleged rape. And it was the independent website True Crimes News Weekly that first named Lehrmann and if that hadn’t happened, we might still not know Lehrmann’s name, he might have never been charged and the cover-up attempt by politicians and police might not have been exposed.

And Nine Entertainment’s papers The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have copped criticism far and wide for running a propaganda campaign promoting war with China.

Add the daily reports of media bias in Australia to Rupert Murdoch’s lies being exposed in America via the Dominion defamation case against Murdoch’s Fox News and the only conclusion that one can come to is that the old media is going to fail and it’s only a matter of time.

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