Climbing Veg Plants To Grow In Pots


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Want to grow some climbing veg but only have pots to grow in? Well, worry not. There are lots of different climbing veg that can thrive in pots.

Before we get into the plants, a little word on supports. There are lots of different support methods you can use with pots.

But the easiest, and the one I would recommend, is to make a simple wigwam out of bamboo canes around the edge of the pot.

This is easy to do, looks great and provides lots of support for your growing veg!

Runner Beans

A row of runner beans in pots

A row of runner beans in pots

Runner beans are a great climbing crop to grow in pots.

Not only do they love growing in pots, they also look gorgeous with their delicate orange or white flowers, making them perfect for growing on the patio.

Broad Beans

Broad Beans In Pots

Broad Beans In Pots

Broad beans are another crop that is easy to grow in pots.

Rather than using a bamboo wigwam for support, I would instead place some canes around the edge of the plant straight up.

Then tie some twine or wire around these canes to make more of a fence to stop the broad beans from flopping over.


Peas Growing in a bucket

Peas Growing in a bucket

Everyone knows peas love to climb, but not as many people try growing them in pots.

Im here to say you should. Grow them back the back door, and some might even make it to the kitchen before they get eaten… maybe.


Courgette in a pot

Courgette in a pot

Not many people know that courgettes can be trained to grow vertically, but they can.

Some varieties are more suited to this than others, although all can be trained to some extent.

Black Forest F1 and Shooting Star F1 are two of the better climbing varieties.


Triangular Frame

Triangular Frame

Squash love to climb, but some are more suited to it than others due to their smaller fruit size.

I recommend something like Uchiki Kuri squash. This delicious squash produces smaller fruit that can stay on the vine without support and is perfect for growing vertically.


When it comes to tomatoes and pots, most people grow bush types. But climbing vine tomatoes can easily be grown in pots too.

Place them against a sunny wall; they will thrive with the extra heat and protection offered.


A Cucurbit Growing up a obelisk

A Cucurbit Growing up a obelisk

Another member of the cucurbit family making the list. Cucumbers love to climb and also grow well in pots, the perfect combo for this list.

If growing outdoors, make sure you choose a variety better suited to UK conditions. However, there is no reason you can’t grow in a pot in your greenhouse.

Sharing is caring!

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