Dutch politicians trying to take 3000 farms out of production using military road blocks enrages the population

Mar 12

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

The NWO plan to remove farming, hence food is heating up in the pilot country of Netherlands similar to Queensland where the Labor Corporation has legislated to severely reduce the use of nitrogen fertiliser on coastal farms, in effect removing their ability to produce crops.

Every farm between the Great Dividing Range and the coastline from Cairns and Brisbane, some 1900 klms, is affected. Government policies worldwide have pushed up the price of nitrogenous fertilisers by 500 per cent or more except in Russia. Now that the stupid Labor and Liberal politicians in Canberra have alienated Australia with Russia by putting our troops and hardware on the Ukranian front line we are unable to purchase their cheap and abundant nitrogenous fertilisers.

Researchers have long discovered there is more nitrogen-based runoff from coastal cities into the Pacific Ocean than ever there was from farming. Urea, made up of 46 per cent nitrogen dissipates into the atmosphere if left exposed to the weather for any length of time. It dissolves with moisture and farmers bury it into the soil when applying it to their paddocks where it is taken up by plants.

The amount of runoff into waterways and the ocean has been found to be negligible. In any case reputable scientists say the Great Barrier Reef is in fine shape and always has been.

Australian primary producer bodies such as the National Farmers Federation simply go along with whatever hue of government, not offering any protection to their hard-pressed members from vexatious, partisan policies.

Since it inception in the early 80’s the NFF has been a training ground for National or Liberal party candidates who will not oppose any government policy whether it is detrimental to the industry or not.

The state member associations of the NFF fare no better and have no credible runs on the board when it comes to shutting down agriculture.

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