Rebel News is in the Netherlands to cover the latest Dutch Farmer Rebellion! 

Last year’s protest shut down major roads in the country and endeared people around the world to the plight of farmers who found themselves staring down the barrel of crippling “climate change” policies.

(We had a team of Rebels embedded to cover that protest — you can see those reports at and watch our documentary right here to catch up).

The Netherlands’ globalist-friendly government is using nitrogen-based “climate targets” as a bludgeon against their agricultural sector. Critics fear these policies will irreversibly damage the Dutch farming industry and will have negative knock-on effects on global food supply chains. 

The proposed policies are estimated to force more than 11,000 farms to close and 17,000 farmers to dramatically reduce their livestock farming. 

Before the protest kicked off, I met Mark van den Oever, the man who organized the protest to find out what the farmers hoped to achieve. 

Here’s what he told me

Organizer says Dutch govt is 'blocking' farmers' major protest

The next day, Dutch farmers received a massive show of support — large crowds numbering in the thousands showed up to wave Dutch flags and listen to speakers during a rally at the Zuiderpark in The Hague. 

That’s where I bumped into Geert Wilders, leader ofthe Dutch Party for Freedom, who characterized the Dutch government’s nitrogen targets as ‘leftist rubbish.’

He also commented on the influence of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum and the path that lays ahead to push back against the government’s pernicious agenda.

You can watch the full interview right here

Geert Wilders: Dutch nitrogen targets are ‘leftist rubbish.’

Rebel News will be on the scene to cover every inch of the Farmer Rebellion and remain your most trusted source on this movement.

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Callum Smiles
UK Reporter
Rebel News 

For a brief period, Rebel News was back in the Netherlands to scope out the current tensions and investigate what will happen next regarding the Dutch farmer rebellion.

As you are aware, protests have sparked across the Netherlands. In fact, these protests have been ongoing since 2019, when the Dutch government declared a nitrogen emissions cap. The cap means the farmers have to reduce fertilizer usage, are forced to cut livestock by up to 50% and face the worry of having to give up their land to the state.

Fast-forward to today in 2022 and the situation has escalated. The protests have grown substantially, with the government not backing down on their push towards the agenda 2030 goal, and the farmers are continuing to rally to show their discontent for the Dutch government and the World Economic Forum-pushed blueprints.

In this report, we speak with a well-known cattle trader in the Netherlands who is very actively involved with the protests and gives his take on what these green policies from the Dutch government could mean for the future of his business.

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