Wong hands over initial $3.5m to overseas gay mob, enough to build 10 houses for struggling families

Mar 10

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Speaking at the Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference, Wong said the fund was part of Australia offering more practical support for the overseas queer community.

Labor Foreign Minister Penny Wong hands over $3.5m taxpayers money to overseas gay mob. Pic West Australian

“A new Inclusion and Equality Fund will be Australia’s first dedicated fund to support LGBTQIA+ civil society organisations and human rights defenders, international partnerships and networks — helping address social stigma and legal discrimination,” Wong said via a recorded message.

As a first step, Australia will contribute more to the Global Equality Fund, a fund focused on protecting LGBT+ rights globally.

“But this is just the start,” Wong said.

“In the coming months, I have asked our Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to consult across our region and our community to identify the areas in which we are best equipped to make a difference.

“This will inform a dedicated LGBTQIA+ human rights engagement strategy — including bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, development and humanitarian assistance.”

Wong is trave ling to Malaysia and India this week, with her first visit to the latter as foreign minister.

Also speaking at the conference, attorney-general Mark Dreyfus said Australia can play a leading role in progressing LGBT+ equality internationally.

Dreyfus said it was not enough for Australia to promote LGBT+ rights only within the country.

“As a good international citizen, we should encourage our near neighbours to do the same too. I’m proud to be part of a government that recognises that,” Dreyfus said.

“Australia actively works with diplomatic networks and state coalitions to promote the multilateral human rights system.”

The attorney-general also said the issue was cross-portfolio, adding health, foreign affairs, employment and workplace relations, and social services each had their role to play.

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