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Mar 9

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Many of you are aware of the WEF’s 15-minute cities or Smart Cities to “make our lives better and save the planet”. Everything we need within 15 minutes’ walk or cycle. 

This all sounds good and most people would rather walk than drive if it is more practical and beneficial. People living in highly dense areas like city centres of Brisbane, Paris, Hong Kong, etc. are already walking everywhere for their daily needs without governments telling them!  

The UK is already rolling out their 15-minute cities and these videos below will give you a taste of what is coming: 

The idea of 15-minute cities rolling out to our suburbs is bazaar and it is always refreshing to see someone on lie-stream media, The Project, allowed to say what she actually thinks about this dystopian idea. 


Excess Death Awareness Campaign 

Why did so many Australians die in 2022? 


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