15 Ways To Use Borax You’ve Probably Never Even Thought Of

As it turns out, there are so many uses for borax that we lost count.

byLinda Parker

May 4, 2017 – Updated on October 2, 2021



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Most housekeepers consider this product one of the most common and necessary ingredients in their cleaning arsenal; people use Borax as an ideal cleaner or even just to keep ants away from things they don’t like being near – you know those little pests can get into everything!

The versatile Borax can be used in so many ways, from the garden to animals.

Not only does it add necessary minerals for plant growth but also helps repel insects and pests like flies or caterpillars on fruit trees!

Borax is an essential ingredient for many home and garden products. It’s also a naturally occurring mineral found in the earth, but don’t let that fool you – Borax can be toxic if ingested!

However it doesn’t pose any danger when used as intended on plants since its main purpose as dishwashing detergent or potting soil conditioner.

Read on to find out the best uses of Borax in the Garden!

Different Benefits and Uses for Borax

There are a number of different ways that you can use borax in your garden. You might want to pay attention and see if any other ideas come up as well!

Borax as a Soil Strengthener

In order to maintain the health and quality of your soil, you should use borax as a nutritious element with plants.

The nutritional properties that this natural mineral provides will help in strengthening plant roots while also improving their ability to absorb nutrients from the soil naturally. This helps ensure healthy growth for all types or vegetation!

Borax as a Fertilizer

Fertilizing your soil with Borax is a great way to keep up production of crops.

If you’ve ever heard that organic fertilizers are better for the environment, this may be one reason why many people turn towards natural remedies like those found in their backyard – because they know what benefits come from using something right out there at home rather than relying solely upon store-bought.

As well as being good for plants themselves; healthy soils also mean healthier humans since we need dirt too!

Planting a fruit tree is not just an easy way to get delicious, healthy produce. It can also provide you with the proper nutrients your soil needs in order for it grow and thrive beautifully!

Using borax as fertilizer instead of synthetic ones means less work on top of all that good stuff. Most people who fertilize their trees use this method because they know how beneficial Borax can be.

Borax for Ants in the Garden

There’s a solution to keep pesky ants away from your crops: mix borax with sugar and water into a fine paste.

Apply the mixture on plants, trees or any other part where you want them removed- it tastes good too, and ants love it!

Borax as Weed Killer

Borax is an excellent weed killer. It can be used to kill weeds, including those that are tough like ground ivy and creeping Charlie!

You don’t even need to remove the whole plant: just put some of this acidic salt around it for easy disposal without any fuss or bother.

Destroys Lynch-Green Flies

Do you have a beautiful rose garden in your home? If so, then I am sure that the Lynch-green flies can be annoying.

These pesky insects are everywhere and will not stand against borax to protect themselves from it’s toxicity!

All we need to do is dissolve some into water before spraying all over their area – Voila! The coast should now be clear for these pests to leave us alone forevermore!

Remove Rust from Garden Tools

One of the most common problems for gardeners is to care and protect their tools.

However, time can make rusting worse, which often leads these tools to become useless, in some cases, until you purchase new ones!

We found out that using borax along with lemon juice proved effective at removing rust from our old gardening instruments – actually, only once applied on top will give you visible benefits right away so keep this trick up until the results are satisfying!

Cleaning the Gardening Gloves

Borax is the only solution to removing stains from your gardening gloves.

Soaking them in a mixture of water and borax will take those pesky marks right off! Give it ago if you don’t believe us!

Borax as a Deodorizer

Synthetic fertilizers, mulch and pesticides often lead to a smelly garden.

This can be very unpleasant for the gardener who wants their plants smell nice!

Luckily there’s Borax as natural deodorizer that will solve this problem easily if you don’t want a smelly environment with bad odor in your yard or home.

Augmenting of Mineral Deficient Soil

For those who have sandy soil, borax can be the perfect solution.

Just mix 7 tablespoons of it with water and apply in one or more areas for increased nutrients, which will lead to better augmentation of the soil among other things!

Borax for Warding off Mice

Pests are annoying and can ruin your garden, but they’re not the only ones who should be concerned.

Mice feed on many types of plant life including vegetables in their natural state as well as flowers, which would make them an uncharacteristically unwanted guest at any event or celebration!

So, you need a way of keeping them away from your garden or crops by using some borax powder in the soil which will work perfectly in this case!

Borax for Preserving Flowers

Borax is a great product for the garden because it can stop wilting and maintain moisture content in plants. In fact, borax helps prevent pests from attacking them too!

Unclog Drains with Borax

You can clear clogged sinks without having to call a plumber by pouring in borax and boiling water, then letting it sit for 15 minutes before flushing with hot water. There you go!

Shine Windows and Mirrors

To keep your windows streak-free, wash them with borax and warm water!

Mix 3 cups warm water with 2 tablespoons of Borax until its completely mixed in.

Wipe down any glass surface where you want to get rid of all those annoying streaks for good this time around; mirrors or sliding glass doors are perfect spots too (I know I’m always cleaning mine).

Eliminate Black Mold and Mildew

Borax and water are a great combo to get rid of mold, mildew stains on your clothes.

Simply combine one cup of Borax with one gallon of and gently spay or wipe it onto any area that needs cleaning; do not rinse away after you’re done using this mixture!

Remove Adhesive Residue

Borax is an excellent alternative to commercial products like Goo Gone.

Dissolve a half cup of Borax in ¼ cup warm water and you’ll be able to remove glue, gum, tar or other sticky spots with ease!

There are many ways to use borax in your garden and it is a great fertilizer for any plants that you may have.

Not only does this chemical help maintain the health of flowers, but also helps with pest problems such as ants or termites!

Did we manage to catch your attention? Will you try Borax in your garden?

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