How to Grow Morning Glories in Containers

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For all of you gardeners out there who are looking to grow something new in the coming season, why not try growing some morning glories? Containers are perfect for this type of project because they don’t need much space to grow and can easily be moved around your garden as needed. In this blog post I will break down everything you need to know about getting started with container gardening and successfully growing morning glories.

Morning glories are a quick-growing vine that can be used to create an eye catching flower. They flower every morning in the summer and slowly fade away into brown during wintertime.

Advantages of Container Growing

Growing morning glories is a great way to add vertical dimension and they’re loved by pollinators with different color schemes.

The only downside to Morning Glories are that they grow quickly and can cause your garden to be overtaken.

Containers are an easy way to grow vines. This method is perfect for balconies, patios or other an area where you can’t plant a vine because of lack of space.

This plant is a perennial, so you can even grow it indoors and take advantage of warmer winter months.

How to Plant Morning Glory

Planting in a pot with drainage holes ensures that your newly planted seeds or bulbs won’t get stuck. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you should look for something that is at least eight to 10 inches wide and six inches deep. A good idea would be an open container without any walls on top (or a large plastic bag). Then add some gravel so the holes don’t get clogged.

You can plant seeds in containers about 4-6 weeks before the last expected frost and when the soil outside has warmed up (ideally 60°F) for a better germination rate. Starting with 2-3 plants per container will also lead to healthier fruit.

Grow your vine in a sunny location. Give it plenty of room, and make sure it has someplace to climb up or attach so the vines have something sturdy to hold onto when they’re not in use.

You can plant them in hanging baskets or let them grow over the side of a pot. Water your plants with care. You should water them at least twice a week if it’s dry weather.

Tip: Planting morning glories with other climbing vines such as moonflower can create beautiful flowers all day! Try planting them side-by-side in your garden.

Growing Morning Glory Indoors

If you’re an indoor gardener, give morning glories six to eight hours of direct sunlight and keep them in a window with plenty of light.

To keep your vines manageable, deadhead the flowers and cut back any lateral branches that grow too far down.

To keep your plants happy and healthy, try maintaining the right mix of soil, light, and water. Keep in mind that indoor plants need good drainage to survive in a humid environment without quickly getting either too wet or too dry.

Make sure you give them an inch deep watering at least once per week to prevent root rot. If growth becomes slow during winter months reduce feeding but do not stop entirely.

To encourage blooming, you may also feed plants every few weeks with a balanced organic fertilizer during the growing season. This will help them stay healthy and strong so they can produce fruit for years to come!

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