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Professional Gardener Shares 9 All-Natural Ways to Kill Weeds. These Tips are Fantastic!

Gardeners are faced with a constant struggle against weeds, and as you can imagine it’s not easy to keep them at bay. Do I remove this weed or let other plants suffer?

byLinda Parker

April 24, 2017 – Updated on November 17, 2021



Professional Gardener Shares 9 All-Natural Ways to Kill Weeds


I’ve found that the best way is prevention! However, if that’s not an option anymore, then fortunately, we’ve got some natural ways that will for sure keep weeds at bay!

The best way to get rid of weeds is by hand. It’s been a tried and true method for gardeners who want an organic solution, without using pesticides that can be harmful not just in your yard but also people around you as well!

Just make sure you wear gloves so the weeds don’t end up anywhere else besides where they belong.

Weed seeds will not be able to germinate and grow well in a mulch because sunlight cannot reach the soil beneath.

Mulching also prevents weed seeds from entering into your own garden, so you can avoid any unwanted plants popping up everywhere!

Boiling Hot Water

To get rid of pesky weeds, take a pot filled with boiling hot water and carefully aim it around the crown of your plant. This will kill the weeds, so you can enjoy clean landscapes forever!

Use Salt

Salt is a great way to kill weeds in your garden. When applied correctly, it can be even more effective than Roundup because salt will dehydrate the plants and make them wilt quickly.

I recommend starting out with 3:1 salt to water ratio when cultivating small spaces or using more of this mix on larger gardens — just remember not overdoing things since too much input could also disrupt soil balance.


Stop throwing away your morning newspaper! Instead, put it around the plants that you want to protect from weeds.

This tactic works just like mulch and will prevent sunlight reaching weed seeds so they can grow healthier!


Vinegar is a natural and pretty cheap weed killer. The acetic acid in white vinegar kills weeds by drawing moisture out of their leaves, but be careful not use it on your flowers!

It will also kill plants soon after they’re sprayed with this liquid solution.

Herbicide Soap

Mix together dish soap, salt and vinegar in a spray bottle. Then put it on your garden weeds to kill them!

The three ingredients work great as they dehydrate the weed.

Torch Weeds

For more aggressive gardeners, use a weed torch to get rid of these annoying invaders.


Cornmeal is a great way to keep weeds in check. Sprinkle some around your garden and it will act like mulch, preventing new weed seeds from sprouting up!

How To Get High Yield Tomato Plants: 50-80 lbs per Plant

How To Get High Yield Tomato Plants: 50-80 lbs per Plant

Most people who grow tomatoes only get about 10 pounds per plant. This following video however can give you some great tips on your plants sto you can havest 50 – 80 pounds per plant. Yes you heard me right….. 50 – 80 pounds.

So have a look at this video today are start planning on what you are going to do with all those extra tomatoes.

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