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Sniper’ Movies in Order: The Complete Watch Order

By Hrvoje Milakovic / October 11, 2021

'Sniper' Movies in Order: The Complete Watch Order

In this article, we are bringing you one big and often overlooked action franchise, Sniper. As you will find out, there are a lot of movies in the Sniper franchise, and we believe this watch order will help you watch your favorite Sniper movies in order.

Sniper is a series of action and war films beginning with the 1993 film Sniper. It centers upon Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) and Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins). They work as Force Reconnaissance Scout Snipers in the United States Marine Corps.

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How many Sniper movies are there?

For the past 27 years, they have never stopped making Sniper movies. Although it may seem hard to believe, eight movies from the Sniper franchise have been produced and released so far, either on cable or directly on DVD/Blu-Ray.

Sniper movies in order

Over the years, the Sniper movie series has had major stars like Tom Berenger, Chad Michael Collins, Billy Zane, and numerous female sidekicks joining them.

With all those movies, sometimes it is hard to tell where you should start watching them, especially if you want to watch them in chronological order.

So, without further ado, let’s get going with Sniper movies in order.

'Sniper' Movies in Order

Sniper (1993)

Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) is an American soldier working in the Panamanian jungle. His job is to find the rebels and eliminate them using only the skill of handling a sniper rifle. Beckett is known for losing colleagues in such missions.

This time his partner is shooter Richard Miller (Billy Zane), who has never shot and who is much more of an office type. Together they need to capture a very important rebel, avoid all ambushes and successfully complete the mission.

Sniper 2 (2002)

Sergeant, sniper Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) is back and this time he teams up with prison friend B. J. Cole on a suicide mission in the Balkans.

Their target is a General accused of leading a secret ethnic cleansing mission in an area known as No Man’s Land. When Beckett discovers that the government is using him as a pawn in a larger mission, the number of dead bodies increases and bullets begin to fly.

Sniper 3 (2004)

Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) is one of the best snipers in the unit. After leaving a world with more than 70 murders, he was hired by William Avery (Denis Arndt) and Richard Addis (William Duffy), in a covert operation to eliminate suspected terrorists. The task soon begins to be considerably different from what was originally said.

It turns out that the terrorist is Paul Finnegan (John Doman), Beckett’s friend, whom he thought was dead. Finnegan’s death was a fraud and he was slowly becoming a crime that seriously endangered world security. Beckett has only one chance to eliminate his best friend.

Sniper: Reloaded (2011)

As a UN force soldier in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Marine Sergeant Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins), the son of renowned sniper Thomas Beckett, is given the task of rescuing a European landowner trapped in the midst of enemy rebel territory. But when he arrives at the farm with his men, they are ambushed by a mysterious sniper who wounds Beckett and kills everyone else.

With the help of his father’s former protégé, sniper instructor Richard Miller (Billy Zane), Beckett must learn to think like a sniper in order to track down the perpetrator before he returns and completes what he started. Above all, he must find out who ordered the attack and expose the conspiracy.

Sniper: Legacy (2014)

When Sergeant Brandon Beckett (Chad Michel Collins) finds out that one of the killed is his father, the legendary sniper Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger), he immediately goes into action to avenge the culprit.

But when his father – who is still alive – rescues him from an ambush, Brandon realizes that he is just a pawn in the game of his superiors. It’s up to Brandon and Thomas to stop them before it’s too late.

Sniper: Ghost Shooter (2016)

Elite snipers Brandon Beckett and Richard Miller have been tasked with guarding the pipeline from terrorists who want to blow it up.

When a fight with the enemy begins, and one sniper is killed by a ‘ghost’ who knows exactly their location, tension and suspicion of a security breach begins to be felt. Is anyone working inside with the enemy? Is this mission a facade for some other activities? Is Colonel pulling the strings?

Sniper: Ultimate Kill (2017)

For the first time, Brandon Beckett (Collins), Richard Miller (Zane) and Thomas Beckett (Berenger) join forces in Colombia to destroy a brutal drug cartel.

When the target of a deadly sniper with advanced and hitherto unseen weapons becomes Kate Estrada’s special agent, the elite team becomes part of the ultimate battle in an explosive action thriller.

Sniper: Assassin’s End (2020)

Special Ops Sniper Brandon Beckett (Chad Michael Collins) is set up as the primary suspect for the murder of a foreign dignitary on the eve of signing a high-profile trade agreement with the United States.

Narrowly escaping death, Beckett realizes that there may be a dark operative working within the government and partners with the only person whom he can trust, his father, legendary Sniper Sgt. Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger). Both Becketts are on the run from the CIA, Russian Mercenaries, and a Yakuza-trained assassin with sniper skills that rival both legendary sharpshooters.

Do you need to watch Sniper movies in order?

It would be best to watch all Sniper movies in order. Characters from the first movie also appear in other Sniper movies as well. So, to know their background, you should watch all Sniper movies in order.

Will there be more Sniper movies?

We do believe so, but for, now, there are no confirmed plans for another sequel. Sniper: Assassin’s End director Kaare Andrews says that he’d be up for returning for another Sniper, but that it depends on Sony Pictures.

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