Anthony Albanese keeps telling us the Voice is a “modest” proposal.

Anthony Albanese keeps telling us the Voice is a “modest” proposal.

“It’s just an advisory body,” he says, over and over.

Well, he must be praying Australians don’t get to hear this.

It’s from Marcia Langton, co-chair of the government’s “Indigenous Voice Co-Design Senior Advisory Group” – this is the mob who actually invented the Voice.

She was on ABC radio this week, trying to explain how it would work when “advising” parliament and executive government.

Keep in mind Langton wrote the mind-numbing, 272-page “co-design” report that Albanese says has all the detail you need on the Voice.

“Why would we restrict the Voice to representations that can’t be challenged in court?” she said.

Langton was asked if she thought it was a problem that if a democratic government made a decision without listening to the Voice, it “could be challenged in the High Court and potentially stopped from being implemented until the Voice had been heard”.

Her response?

“That’s a possibility. And why wouldn’t we want that to be the case,” she said.

If the Voice is “completely gutted”, she said, “then the government can ignore all of the Voice’s decisions with impunity”.

The activists pushing the Voice insist that it won’t confer any special rights.

But can you take the government to the High Court of Australia if it doesn’t listen to what you want?

No bloody way!

But here we have the activist who designed the Voice to Parliament saying that if your democratically elected government makes a decision without “listening to the Voice”, they will wind up in court.

Maybe that’s why Albo said last year that it would be a “very brave government” that ignored the Voice?

Nope, there’s nothing “modest” about this massive overhaul of your Constitution.

The truth is that the dangerous and divisive Voice will exert a political – and legal – power unlike anything before seen in our nation.

They want you to think the Voice is just a feel-good “request”, a “modest” change to our nation’s founding document.

But that’s a lie.

This is way bigger than they are letting on.

Matthew Sheahan
Executive Director

Published by Nelle

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