■No need of making holes on sacks because they can easily let water out unlike to the containers.

■First, add a layer of small stones of about 6-7cm at the bottom of the sack.

■Then followed by a layer of sand 5-6cm for good drainage in the sack.

Finally add your soil which were prepared earlier two weeks ago.

■ Place your sack with soil where you wanted to set up your garden. Remember the site must of receiving enough sunlight.

Now your containers and sacks are ready for planting your vegetables.

●Some vegetables can be planted direct without raising them in nursery bed then transplanted.

●Other vegetables must be raised in a nursery bed then later the seedlings transplanted to the prepared sacks or containers.

So vegetables with large seeds such as beans, cucumber, courgette/zucchini can be planted direct.

Others with very small seeds like tomatoes, spinach, lakes, lettuce must be planted in a nursery bed then transplanted later.

NB You can buy any vegetable seeds from any agrovet around you. Agrovet is a shop that sells animals and plants related inputs, including seeds and fertilizer. But remember we are practicing organic farming.

From my research and experience the best seeds are

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