Labour finished in NZ but don’t vote for Nationals, support Democracy NZ

Feb 8

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Letter to the Editor

You cannot vote National, please vote Democracy NZ ….

Luxon will not stop the Pfizzer take over of this country…. he will continue with it… 

for those overseas, NZ’s problems are going to continue if the National party with Luxon at the helm currently gets in power, which is a likely outcome…. 

Labour does not stand a chance and ACT and the Greens are just offshoots to collect slightly left or right voters to come under the main 2 parties anyway …..

We have groups of lesser parties started up in opposition to the madness of the last 3 years who will change this country for the better and Democracy NZ is led by Matt King who was in the National party as an MP but left to start his own to try to take NZ back from the puppetmasters of the 2 leading parties Labour (Ardern and the WEF) and National (Luxon who is also WEF)… 

from Donna


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