Jordan Peterson vs Klaus Schwab: who will ‘rule ze vrold’?

Flat White

Flat White

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Flat White

1 February 2023

3:53 PM

The best James Bond film plot in town was released yesterday when Canadian clinical psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson announced on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he intends to launch a new ‘global consortium’ in direct challenge to the World Economic Forum.

‘We’re trying to put together something like an alternate vision of the future – say an alternative to that kind of apocalyptic narrative that’s being put forward, at least implicitly, by organisations like the World Economic Forum.’

Peterson elaborated on his ‘pro-human’ vision during the interview which he tweeted was ‘our best conversation to date’.

While the ‘bad guys’ host their star-studded Davos forum in the Swiss Alps, Peterson wants to base his in London, although he declined to reveal what the group would be called or who would take part (just like every epic secret spy agency).

Peterson explained that his rival bid for global domination consortium would be based on asking questions rather than making demands.

‘You don’t get to impose your Utopian vision in the service of your narcissism on the poor.’

In a departure from the World Economic Forum’s anti-human, unhinged, and Mr Burns-esque preaching, Peterson said:

‘You don’t get to save the planet by making energy prices so expensive that no one poor can afford them.’ He added that he wants the consortium to be ‘human-focused and not predicated on the idea that there are too many goddamn mouths to feed and that you’re evil if you just think about having children’.

There is an obvious flaw in Jordan Peterson’s plan: he’s the good guy.

The World Economic Forum has amassed money and influence because it promises powerful individuals even more control and money. It tells businesses and politicians to collude against the people in order to devise inescapable systems which, like the gates of a mega-farm, are locked before the public milking begins.

Peterson’s vision for the world is one that empowers citizens and threatens the control of global CEOs, bureaucracies, and governments. The desire to ‘do good’ in the world is vastly outstripped by the need to ‘have more’.

Those at the World Economic Forum inhabit that thin layer of excess where they have become bored with money and instead dabble with deification, lounging around Davos discussing ways to interfere with the natural order of civilisation.

The only way for Peterson to be successful is if he opens up membership of his club to the common people – to make it the world’s most powerful consortium of citizens, small businesses, and family farmers.

Killing off the back-room influence of the World Economic Forum is going to require a revolution – a conservative uprising… Peterson might just be the man to spark things off, given he is fresh from a political win after his speaking event in Ottawa went off without a hitch.

‘Where are the 36 organisations who called for the event to be cancelled?’ He demanded. ‘There were exactly zero protesters. CBC News, have anything to say about that? No? I thought not … you pathetic lying cowards.’

Peterson hasn’t been holding back. He said earlier:

‘Those who believe that the only dynamic is power, whether they are cynical nihilists, radical neo-Marxist leftists, or ethnocentric nationalists, oppose what I am saying because they are opposed to responsibility, unwilling to shoulder the burden of courageous, truthful conduct, and hoping to elevate their moral stature by diminishing those they regard too conveniently as enemies.’

‘Apocalypse politics’ is a dangerous political tool that has enraptured our children and infested the West’s corporate circle. It’s not too late for those involved to tap out and join the masses before civilisation turns on the greedy and the powerful.

Imagine how furious the citizens of the West will be when it becomes obvious they gave up democracy, capitalism, and their human rights for a green-tinted doomsday lie…

The World Economic Forum cannot bury itself in the Swiss Alps forever.

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