Jordan Peterson: go to Camp Woke for re-education or ‘die’

Flat White

Rod Lampard

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Rod Lampard

13 January 2023

5:00 AM

The re-education of Jordan Peterson is yet another ‘forced speech’ assault on free speech by civilisation’s Woke fascists.

Peterson being told to effectively ‘convert, pay a tax, or die’ should be regarded as the political elite throwing a tantrum.

They’re worried and irate because Twitter CEO Elon Musk – through the release of the Twitter Files – has exposed several conspiracies designed to undermine US elections and the concept of ‘a free people’.

Jordan Peterson is just the whipping boy.

Musk deciding to un-ban Peterson’s Twitter account is uniquely linked to Peterson subsequently being banned by the post-pandemic totalitarian therapeutic establishment.

The actual person that Peterson’s punishment is intended to intimidate is Elon Musk – essentially, ‘Continue to mess with our plans, and the same thing will happen to you.’

Other medical professionals who see these events play out tend to self-censor, keep quiet, and genuflect in ascent to the government, are considered to be a bonus. As it would be if the Canadian psychologist, and inadvertent conservative, were to fall on his sword or accept assimilation into the hive mind.

The manipulative misuse of the medical establishment during the pandemic gives these powerbrokers the perfect weapon to curb academic dissent.

Remember how medical professionals abused the label ‘anti-vaxxer’ and weaponised the slogan ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ against a group of people whose only crime was to worry about their health?

Recall comments from the Australian Medical Association in November 2021, when they threatened those who refused the Covid vaccine:

‘You won’t be able to hide. You will be miserable. You will have a very lonely life and you won’t be able to maintain your employment.’

Paint someone as the enemy, deem them a medical threat, and the masses will run into the arms of the nearest safetyism, happy to embrace daddy government.

Political pirates (unelected bureaucrats) within the medical establishment want anyone trying to hold them accountable for totalitarian behaviour and failures in their management of the lab-borne pandemic – not just silenced by their technocratic cabal – they want them disbarred from the medical profession.

Their message is simple: ‘We are the status quo. Don’t challenge us, correct the collective narrative, or you will face redaction, reassignment, or redundancy.’

While Twitter has been largely liberated from this leftist lawfare, Facebook remains a diehard practitioner of algorithmic voodoo.

For all of Zuckerberg’s preaching about Facebook’s commitment to classical liberal freedoms in the past, Facebook’s covert participation in manipulating speech through cancel culture, continues to keep Facebook and free speech miles apart.

In spite of everything that has been revealed about the ‘stay home, save lives, stay Woke’ mob at Twitter – through Elon Musk’s unapologetic defiance – is still only a dent in the leftist hegemony’s technocratic armour.

As significant as the Twitter victory for free speech has been, the political power and ridiculously wealthy hegemony behind these anti-classical liberal forces, is almost absolute, and they know it.

This is why the same frenzy of silence is coming for those who refuse to adopt new cultural laws, expressed by such newspeak terms as ‘pregnant people’, ‘happy holidays’, ‘whiteness’, ‘cultural sensitivity’, ‘birthing-parent’, or ‘chest-feeding’.

All of these are being pushed by both aloof, and poll-obsessed politicians, who mine political capital from shooting verbal bullets at anyone not part of the Left’s perpetually offended, acronym army.

To those who say a CCP-type of social credit score is coming to the West, Jordan Peterson being paraded like a pariah is proof it already exists.

We, as a society, are close to the unthinkable, because of unthinking people. As James White explains:

‘If the “re-education” of Jordan Peterson does not give you chills, you just aren’t thinking. These people are no different than the Stasi “counsellors” used to “re-educate” dissidents in East Germany…before their final disappearance.’

Questioning the LGBTQ+ political religion, is as treasonous as questioning the unnecessary totalitarian response to Covid.

Peterson’s new battle is our battle.

To reiterate atheist, and evolutionary biologist, Bret Weinstein’s sentiment:

‘What the bureaucratic authoritarians somehow don’t realise is that they are driving all the smart, principled people together – creating a force that will soon return to the manor and string its bow…’

If Peterson is thrown under the guillotine by those manufacturing this insidious ‘cultural revolution’, he won’t be the last.

Neither is Jordan Peterson the first.

Note the horrific examples of medical professionals, Dr. Jereth Kok (see here and here), Dr Robert Malone, and Dr Mark Hobart.

The outcome of Peterson’s ‘people’s court’ trial will either see reason and conscience liberated, or purged into oblivion.

So said the man himself:

‘Wake up, citizens: professionals are now required to hold their tongue if they believe anything politically verboten. For all you leaning to the left – sometimes validly: these precedents will eventually be weaponised by those who stand opposed to you.’

At its very heart, the well-funded, fifth-column far-left factions united under Cultural Marxism, are monolithic, and tyrannical.

They are incompatible with a free state, made free because of its adherence to Biblically based Burkian Classical Liberal reforms, freedoms, rights, and responsibilities.

If Peterson falls, so falls the West.

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