As is the case nearly every year, the so-called globalist ‘elites’ of the World Economic Forum (WEF) congregated at the alpine resort town of Davos, Switzerland to discuss how to make their dystopian plans for the world more palatable to the ordinary public.

Here are some highlights to come out of the WEF’s Davos Summit 2023 thus far…

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Climate change for thee, not for me

Another year, another of the same performative circus at the WEF forum as the elites arrived in their private jets and were escorted to the venue in large VIP convoys to discuss the ‘dangers of climate change,’ and the need for ‘us’ (as in us ordinary people and not them) to lower our carbon emissions.

Yet, a staggering 1040 private flights were recorded coming into Davos, a sizable number of them flying less than 100 kilometres to reach the destination.

Oh… and the WEF also reportedly decided to not allow electric vehicles as a mode of transport to drive around their Davos attendees. Talk about ironic.

  • A large number of private flights were taken by Davos attendees to reach the WEF pow-wow, despite discussing the dangers of climate change.
  • Some high-profile attendees, including George Soros and Klaus Schwab, did not attend the conference. Schwab gave opening remarks but departed later because of unspecified “health complaint”.
  • Demand for prostitutes and escorts in the area where the conference is taking place has reportedly increased.
  • The WEF has shifted its language from ‘Great Reset’ to an ambiguous ‘New System’ and has urged attendees to come up with “better narratives” to persuade people.
  • John Kerry made controversial comments at Davos, referring to the attendees as “almost extra-terrestrial” and insinuated that everyday people would not understand their plans.

Soros and Schwab pull out of the submit

Despite there being 5,000 military personnel guarding the summit, two of the biggest faces of the globalist movement had excused themselves from attending the meeting.

Meddling billionaire leftist George Soros claimed he had another speech to deliver at the Munich Security Conference while WEF frontrunner Klaus Schwab — who did deliver opening remarks — reported left for the rest of the proceedings due to a “health complaint”.

Internet nerd and rubbish ‘vaccine’ pusher Bill Gates didn’t attend Davos but fact-checkers were quick to tell us this wasn’t because he pulled out of the event but rather because he didn’t plan on going in the first place.

Yeah, right.

Other big names that were a no-show at Davos include French President Emmanuel Macron and resident of the White House, Joe Biden.

The so-called ‘elites’ now really seem to be afraid, which is a good thing.

It is time for the people to wrestle back control of our sovereignty from these predatory leeches.

Prostitute demand skyrocketed in Davos

Some 2,500 global elites are attending the summit this year and they sure seem to be big fans of wild parties.

Demand for prostitutes and escorts in the alpine town skyrocketed as the conference commenced.

And just so you know, Switzerland is a destination hub of sex trafficking, including underage girls, in Europe.

In fact, it is legal for 16-year-old girls to work as prostitutes in Switzerland.

From ‘Great Reset’ to ‘New System’

This year’s summit seems to have a marked change in globalist lingo.

If you delve into the meeting’s agenda, terms like the ‘Great Reset’, ‘Green New Deal’, ‘Global Governance’, ‘New Normal’, and others used so often before are now remarkedly absent.

In their place is a rather ambiguous ‘New System.’

The WEF also urged its members to come up with “better narratives” to persuade people.

All this seems to point to the fact that the globalist ‘elites’ are concerned that their usual messaging and tactics no longer work.

Perhaps that and their growing concern that the public are not going to sit idly by as these so-called ‘elites’ propel the world from one crisis to another.

Hence, the need for a ‘new system’ to take back control.

The WEF are “extra-terrestrials”

John Kerry is a United States Democratic Party big wig; formerly a Senator, formerly a presidential candidate, formerly US Secretary of State and now the US Special Presidential Envoy for the Climate.

Kerry’s remarks at Davos really showed how delusional the so-called ‘elites’ are.

Either that or they bell the cat that these people aren’t really human after all! (Note for the fake news legacy media: I’m joking!)

Calling himself and his fellow attendees a “select group of human beings”, Kerry went on to state how “extra-terrestrial” their plans were about saving the planet.

He also made disparaging remarks about how everyday people just wouldn’t understand.

The word ‘extra-terrestrial’ is especially concerning since it shows how detached the Davos crowd see themselves from us, and hence how expendable we are in the pursuit of their agendas.

As the conference concludes, more news will come out on its bizarre happenings, ideas, and statements.

We’ll be sure to keep our readers informed as it surfaces.

Until next, God bless you, your family and nation.

Take care,

George Christensen, with a Nation First staff writer

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