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Lily Steiner

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Lily Steiner

29 December 2022

10:00 AM

Australia is a great nation and a country to be proud of. We have faced challenging times, year after year, with floods and bushfires – and we have all come together to help.

Australians don’t look at what colour skin you have, where you have come from, or even how long you have been here. We just pitch in and do what needs to be done to save lives and save homes when chaos strikes. We are all Australians.

Some of us help while physically on the ground, others send money for the cause. We organise concerts and marathons to raise awareness, we work with each other to do our part in a crisis. We pull together as Australians for Australians.

When you look at news footage you will see all skin colours, religions, and ages from around the world, both helping and being helped. Our annual appeals are breathtaking in the generosity, with most Australians rarely asking who they are helping.

This time, Australia is in a crisis but we are pulling apart and not together. We have splintered into so many separate groups that it’s hard to remember them all with new categories popping up each day. From political groups to sexual categories, we now ask how long someone has been here before assigning them a category, and that’s without the added ideological categories that make many so angry and hateful that they forget we are bloody lucky to live in Australia and enjoy life here.

C’arn Australia! Let’s pull together without the crisis. Let’s celebrate every part of us; Aboriginals, Aussies born here, and those joining us from all over the world. Let’s pitch in and help each other remember what a great country we live in each and every day.

Most of us realise how good we’ve got it here, but why is it that our government and politicians don’t get it? Why are they trying to pull us apart?

Get over yourselves.

Race politics is a rort to make politicians and their friends rich with a plethora of special projects, rights, and favours. Aboriginals are no different to other Australians who all have issues with family abuse, alcohol, and poverty. The disrespect of elders by children is happening across the country to all Australians, but our government is not helping by dividing and nanny-nursing us.

We have eleven Aboriginal members of Parliament, elected by the Australian people, which the current government does not want to listen to. Some of these voices remain closely aligned with their Indigenous communities and don’t believe that Constitutional segregation will improve the plight or position of the majority of Aboriginals who need help different from what these politicians are proposing.

The Voice, on the cards for 2023, appears to be a way of skimming taxpayer dollars into unnecessary projects that will largely assist those who receive a salary from, or are related to, the projects. Then there will be an entire industry of conferences and bureaucracy set up around the fringes, helping no one.

We are all Australians, whether born here yesterday or thousands of years ago, let’s pull together instead of pulling apart.

It is also interesting that Nyunggai Warren Mundine, after serving as the Chairman of the Labor Party and joining Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party as the Chairman of the Indigenous Advisory Council, shut down 16 of the projects they had set up. By doing so, he was able to get better results on focused goals and greatly reduce the cost of the Council. Sure he upset a few people, but in the end he was able to show great results.

I have been making the case that Aboriginals are no different to other Australians who are citizens of this great country. That is not exactly correct. Aboriginal people have approximately 600,000 people with over 200 languages and are far from a cohesive group. However, like other Australians, they have very different backgrounds, interests, and goals in life. The Voice is like a joke elite politicians are playing. Of the 600,000 approximately 20 per cent are in desperate need of help with violence, alcohol, and anti-social habits. That is a lot of people, but not a great percentage of the population, so if those proposing the Voice really cared, they would have joined Jacinta Price who is making great inroads into the problems in areas it was not available.

Essentially, the Voice concept is an act of virtue signalling, gaslighting, or an indulgence in anti-Australian ideology; which should rather be focused on bringing people together and enjoying life. That’s what Australia is all about. Let’s keep this island upbeat and positive. Let’s sing. Our national anthem in every school, every morning and teach our children to be proud Australians.

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au and lifelong advocate for Israel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. LilyHighOnLife Podcasts – Change Your Attitude Change Your Life.

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