Senior cop says ‘conspiracy theorists’ should be reported to Crime Stoppers

Dec 27

Posted by Editor, cairnsnews

Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford addresses a recent media briefing.


A SENIOR and seriously out-of-touch Queensland police officer has told mainstream media that people who post “conspiracy theories around Covid19 vaccines” should be reported to Crime Stoppers.
Deputy Commissioner Tracy Linford was speaking in connection with the recent shooting at Wieambilla, and launched into a spiel suggesting online “conspiracy theories” were somehow responsible motivating the shooting, despite the fact that police themselves have declared the shooting “not a terrorist event”.

One might wonder whether Dep.-Comm. Linford counted the heads at the anti-lockdown and anti-mandate marches held in Brisbane throughout 2021 and 2022. Estimates of crowd sizes ranged from 10 to 20,000 or more – all of them no doubt holding a conspiracy theory or two about lockdowns, mandates and Covid19 vaccines.

Queensland Police are living in La La Land if they think they can convince the broader population – many of them injured by vaccines or financially hurt by lockdowns – that only a relative few fanatics believe that the pandemic narrative didn’t add up. Even a considerable number of doctors and other medical professionals across Australia openly question the narrative.

The deputy commissioners comments could also be taken as an outrageous attack on free speech and political rights, especially given that the police force is increasingly influenced by woke politics.
Linford focused on the involvement of “security and counter-terrorism teams” in the aftermath of the alleged shooting of two young rookie police officers and another man by Gareth, Stacey and Nathaniel Train. She also referenced another one of the specialist groups involved as “our Covid Onlline team”. That in itself raises all sorts of questions.

Linford said the security and counter-terrorism team was “skilled at looking at the motivation of why people did things like we saw last Monday”. We wonder whether this team will be thoroughly investigating the flood of “conspiracy theories” online suggesting that the Train brothers had exposed a pedophile ring at work in the NSW Department of Education.

Linford then went on to claim that Queensland Police had “very little history” of the Train family and Nathaniel Train’s only record was “a driving offence”. She then referenced Train’s ramming and breaking of a NSW-Queensland border gate put up during Covid – a very serious offence under regulations in force at the time. Train was stopped by police after his car became bogged and two firearms were “handed in”. He was a licensed holder. This suggests, if anything, that Queensland cops knew very well who they were dealing with. The same person who crashed the border with guns in his vehicle was a few months later “reported as missing”.

Linford, when asked by an equally out-of-touch reporter about “online conspiracy theories”, then admitted that part of her role was with an Australia-New Zealand counter-terrorism committee and this issue was discussed by them. “We do investigate and monitor people who we know demonstrate and show concerning behaviour,” she said.

“As I said if there’s anybody out there that knows of someone that might be showing concerning behaviour around conspiracy theories, anti-government, anti-police, conspiracy theories around anti-Covid19 vaccinations, as what we’ve seen with the Train family… we want to know about that and you can either contact police directly or go through Crime Stoppers.”

So it is not too “conspiratorial” to see that senior cops are stepping out beyond their normal, state-based criminal issues into the world of global politics and monitoring of political dissent. Police “special branch” operations are nothing new, but the question is the extent to which this is being taken, particularly with the corporate funded, global “anti-disinformation” campaign, whose media “fact-checking” operations jump upon any online report questioning or denying the narratives we are all supposed to believe.

That senior cops like Linford have not seen or heard the global outcry against the entire Covid pandemic operation not only by regular folk like Cairns News readers but by prominent people in medical, scientific, legal and political realms is unbelievable. Are we to believe that about a third of the population are “conspiracy theorists” and should be reported to “right thinking” cops?
And what exactly is the role of the so-called “Covid 19 group” referred to by Linford? Again, are cops so out of touch that they don’t know about the widespread public dissent against the Covid 19 vaccines, lockdowns and censorship of treatments.

Perhaps the Queensland Police “Covid 19 group” should read The Great Barrington Declaration or interview eminent cardiologists Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Asseem Malhotra – or even some of the Queensland doctors like Dr Luke McLindon or Dr Andrew McIntyre who lead the growing movement Doctors Against Mandates?

This enforcement of poltical narratives by police also might explain the persecution and false charging of Tristian “Tricky” Vanrye, leader of The People’s Revolution, who led the massive anti-Covid lockdown movement in Brisbane over the past two years. Earlier this year, Vanrye had his mortgage and savings accounts cancelled without explanation by Commonwealth Bank of Australia and BankWest, which sounds like the result of some high-level whispering.

Queensland Police, media and pathetic politicians are fooling themselves if they somehow think they can use the Train shootings to denigrate a global populist revolt against the tyrannical plans of globalism, as espoused by the neo-Nazi Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and other megalomaniacal members of the uber-rich elite.

Editor: All is revealed Tracey worked for Victoria Police for 31 years. Wow was she trained in earlier years by Depraved Dan, the high-heeled man? When can Queenslanders expect the large rubber bullets or Mace?

The megalomaniacal West Australian Labor Premier Mark McGowan is welcome to take Tracy on and we send her best wishes in her new job. Meanwhile some good citizen probably will report Dr Kerryn Phelps to Crime Stoppers for revealing the Covid conspiracy.

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Comment by Nelle- the curse of communism is running rife in Australia and even heading the police force- the truth is coming out and there has been many reports of people dying world wide after having the vax-20 million and 2.2 billion impairments of health-surely it is time for people to wake up, stand united against these criminals in high positions-

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