Top 10 Interesting Facts about India and Indian Culture




Did you know that India used to be an island more than 100 million years ago? About 50 million years ago, it collided with the Asian continent and thus was born the Himalayas. Fascinating, isn’t it? With over a billion people from all kinds of religions and ethnicities, India is not only the second most populated country, but it also has in store some mind-blowing facts and achievements under its belt.

Here are 33 Most Interesting Facts About India:

1. 5000 years old, Varanasi is One of The Oldest Inhabited Places in the World

Varanasi, facts about india

Situated on the banks of river Ganges and represented in the Parliament by the country’s PM Narendra Modi, the holy city of Banaras or Varanasi is at least 3000 years old. According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Shiva found this city 5000 years ago. 

2. A Meteor formed the Breathtaking Lonar Lake in Maharashtra

Lonar Lake, Maharashtra

A 4-hour drive from Aurangabad and doubling as Maharashtra’s best-kept secret, this lake was created by a plummeting meteor about 52,000 years ago. Travel enthusiasts must not miss this astronomical marvel and the temples around it.

3. Mysterious Anti-Gravity Hills In Ladakh, Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hills In Ladakh

With the anti-gravitational effect, this is the only magnetic hill in India. Landmarked by a yellow notice board that spells out instructions and asks you place your car on neutral gear right on the spot marked by white paint, this one will leave you in awe as your car will begin to move uphill on its own.

4. Land of Many ‘Firsts’, India Invented Snakes & Ladders, Shampooing, Algebra and More!

Shampooing Hair

A plethora of objects and concepts originated in India starting from the game of snakes and ladders to chess a.k.a Chaturanga, buttons, shampooing, the number pi, diamond mining, zero, algebra, trigonometry along with the finding of the presence of water on the moon. Now isn’t this an interesting fact about India?

5. World’s Only Floating Post Office in Dal Lake in Srinagar

Floating Office, Dal Lake

India is not only known for the most significant number of post offices in the world, but it has its very own floating post office on Dal Lake in Srinagar. Perched on a houseboat, it also includes a philately museum within itself. Quite an unusual fact about India, isn’t it?

6. Mawsynram is the Wettest Place on Earth with 11,873 Millimetres of Rain Annually

Mawsynram, facts about india

Holding a Guinness record for highest average annual rainfall, this town in Meghalaya gets about 11,873 millimetres of rain owing to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal. The winter months of this region are spent in preparation for the six-month-long monsoon ahead.

7. The Only Country With a Bill of Rights for Cows

Indian cow, facts about india

From the moment an Indian’s born, he has two mothers. One, his birth mother and two, Gaumata. Cows are believed to be holy in Hinduism, and the Constitution has a set of rules in place that prevents the sale and slaughter of cows. Now isn’t this a fantastic fact about India. 

8. A Voting Poll Booth Set Up For Just ONE Voter in Gujarat

Mahant Bharatdas, facts about india

India’s most privileged voter, Mahant Bharatdas, resides in a small hamlet called Banej in the middle of Gir Forest, Gujarat. The setting up of a particular polling booth for just one voter goes a long way in speaking decibels about the democratic spirit of the country.

9. Shani Shingnapur is Village Where the Houses Don’t Have Doors!

Shani Shingnapur, facts about india

Attracting over 40,000 devotees each day due to a 300-yr old legend, this village in Maharashtra features establishments without any doors and locks. Its residents sleep soundly as they believe Lord Shani to be the guardian of the town. Hmm, I wonder how they keep the rain away…

10. The Tiny Village of Madhopatti is Called the ‘Officer’s Village of India’

Madhopatti, facts about india

A small village in the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, Madhopatti has created history by producing the most number of IAS officers. With about 75 households, it has given 47 officers to Indian administration. Not just that, many from the same village have made their careers by joining prestigious organisations like ISRO, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and World Bank. Ask the villagers about their study schedules, maybe? :p 

11. Tulsi Shyam – The Hills that Defy Gravity

Anti-gravity road, facts about india

Imagine if your car when left in free gear, starts rolling up a hill against the gravitational pull. Freaky, right? This strange phenomenon is indeed a reality at a road stretch near Tulsi Shyam in Amreli district, Gujarat.

12. The Largest Number of Vegetarians in the World

Vegetarianism, facts about india

Are you a vegetarian? You will fit right in here. With the majority of the population following Hinduism, around 29%-40% of the people are vegetarians.

13. The Highest Cricket Ground in the World

Chail Cricket Ground, facts about india

India is a cricket-loving nation. It’s only natural for it to also feature the highest cricket ground in the world recorded by the Guinness Book. It is situated at a level of 2,144 metres above sea level in Chail, Himachal Pradesh.

14. India is the Second Largest English-speaking Nation

Second largest English speaking country, facts about india

Second, only to the US, India has around 10% of its populace fluent in English. This statistic is expected to quadruple in the next decade.

15. First Rocket of India Transported by a Bicycle

First rocket of India, facts about india

In 1963, ISRO launched its first-ever rocket from a church in Thumba, on the outskirts of modern-day Trivandrum. The said rocket was transported on a bicycle. The launching pad later came to be known as Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC).

16. World’s Largest Milk Producer

Milk in India, facts about india

This is a world-record-breaking Fact About India. Love milk and milk products? Here’s an interesting fact for you. Reaching over 155.5 million tonnes in 2015, India is the largest milk-producing country in the world.

17. Indian National Kabaddi Team Has Won all World Cups

Indian National Kabaddi Team, facts about india

India is where the game of Kabaddi originated, and the Indian national Kabaddi team makes sure it brings all the 5 World Cup trophies home. The women’s Kabaddi team has also remained undefeated in all the Kabaddi World Cups.

18. The Image of the Kumbh Mela Gathering That is Visible from Space

Kumbh Mela from space, facts about india

The Kumbh Mela is a spiritual event held once in 12 years in Northern India. In 2011, this religious gathering was so vast that it was visible in space through a satellite. It attracted over 70 million people.

19. The Himalayan Ranges Have 9 out of 10 World’s Highest Peaks; A Large Part of Which is in India

Mount Everest, facts about india

The mighty Himalayas boast of 9 out of 10 world’s highest peaks, the highest being Mt. Everest at 8,848 metres. While the entire Himalayas do not fall in India itself and a number of highest peaks are actually in Nepal, a large part of Himalayas are in India. 

20. There are Over 300,000 Mosques in India!

Jama Masjid, facts about india

With 14.2% of the country’s population being from the Muslim community, India happens to have the most number of mosques in the world. Some of the famous ones being Jama Masjid (New Delhi), Mecca Masjid (Hyderabad), Taj-Ul-Masjid (Bhopal), etc.

21. The Second Largest Network of Roads in the World

Indian Highways

Travelling becomes convenient here since there are around 1.9 million miles of roads in the country, making it the second-largest network of roads in the world only second to the USA.

22. World’s Highest Rail Bridge in Jammu

Chenab Bridge, facts about india

About 35 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower, the arch-shaped Chenab bridge in Jammu and Kashmir is the world’s tallest rail bridge. It stands at the height of 1,178 feet over the river Chenab.

23. Bandra-Worli Sea Link Has steel Wires Equal to Earth’s Circumference

Bandra Worli Sea Link

This is a Fact About India that many probably don’t know. Each of the cables is capable of holding 900 tons of weight. The entire establishment’s weight is equivalent to that of 50,000 African elephants.

24. Benny Prasad: Fastest Man to Have Travelled Around the World in 6.5 years

Benny Prasad, facts about india

Also, the first to have designed the world’s first bongo guitar, this instrumental guitarist from India holds a world record for having travelled 257 countries in 6 years, six months and 22 days. Travel goals much?

25.  The Number of People Travelling in the Indian Railways Every Day is Equal to the Population of Australia

Indian Railways, facts about india

Connecting more than 7,172 stations, the Indian Railways is the largest rail network in Asia carrying over 23 million passengers daily in 12,617 trains.

26. Most Visited Place in the World, the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Golden Temple

Awarded by the World Book of Records, the Golden Temple of Amritsar is the most visited place in the world with over one lakh devotees flocking at the shrine every single day.

27. The Temple of Rats in Rajasthan

Karni Mata Temple

It happens only in India! The Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan is home to thousands of rats whom pilgrims consider to be their ancestors and worship, making it one of the strangest attractions of India and also one of the most unknown facts about India as well.

28. Biggest Family in the World

Ziona Chana & his family, facts about india

Living in his 100-room mansion in Baktawng village of Mizoram, Mr Ziona Chana is the head of the world’s biggest family consisting of 181 members. He has 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law and 33 grandchildren.

29. Roopkund – The Skeleton Lake

Roopkund, facts about india

Locally was known as the mystery lake or the skeleton lake, Uttarakhand’s Roopkund is infamous for hundreds of human skeletons found at the bottom of the lake and in the surrounding areas.

30. The Highest Motorable Road in the World

Khardung La, facts about india

The world’s highest motorable road greets you at Ladakh at an elevation of over 19,300 feet. Bike enthusiasts, take note because little fact about India could bring about a new adrenaline-filled adventure for you.

31. World’s First Hospital Train

Lifeline Express, facts about india

Living true to its name, The Lifeline Express a.k.a the Jeevan Rekha Express is the world’s first hospital train taking its services ranging from surgeries to cancer treatment to remote villages.

32. There’s a Day Dedicated To Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in Switzerland Called Science Day!

Abdul Kalam

Dr.Kalam had visited Switzerland on May 26th 2006, and that day is nationally known as Science Day in Switzerland.
With over 40 Indian attractions in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site list is one of India’s two most beautiful cities – Ahmedabad and The Pink City, Jaipur! With Ahmedabad having traditional houses that are densely packed and an urban landscape layout that was frozen in time, this city is a much-deserved place on the list along with the Pink City’s unique landscape of pink structures that go back to the city’s old rule. 

Phew! That’s a lot of unknown facts about India. Go on, pass it on to your friends and let their minds be blown away too!

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Indian culture is a unique mixture of eastern values and western freedom. It is quite confusing if you are new to the land. For instance, Indians consider their body as their temple but the left hand is believed to be unclean. Cows are sacred, snakes are God’s form and on the other hand, the land is the birthplace of the strategic game of all time, Chess. Are you still confused about Indian culture?

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Prior to that, let’s dig into the top ten cultural facts of India to help you understand them better.

1. Left is Unclean

Do not use your left hand for initiating anything. If you are left-handed, prefer spoon for eating. Do not get or give anything by your left hand. Left hand is meant for cleaning the body and is considered unclean.

2. Guest Culture

You are honored if you could find an Indian family and get invited for a meal. This is the best way to taste the traditional cuisine of the land. If you are invited, remember to take a small gift with you to offer them. Guests are supposed to bring something for the host. Leave your footwear outside. Do you want to enjoy the company of a local family?

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3. Religion

All major religions are present in India. The Indians tend to be quite a little sensitive in this genre. Thus, it is better to keep your opinions to yourself. If you see a temple for rats, just go with it. If you find people feeding snakes with milk, just watch and enjoy the scene. Every religion is celebrated and enjoyed in a respectful way and it is the basis of the diverse culture in India.

Religions are present in India

4. Your English is fine

English is one of the official languages of the country. Although only a small part of the country’s population speaks English, it is quite easier to get around the country by knowing nothing but English. This is because the land is multilingual. Every state has a unique language, which the neighboring state is not aware. Thus, English is the axis for this diversity. Your accent and style of speaking would not sound funny to anyone.

5. Cuisine

Do you know that Indian cuisine has more than 140 types of desserts? Every state has its own cuisine. In some cases, each region of the state has its style of menu. Thus, if you are looking for a food-based vacation, India is more than welcoming with banana leaf plate and rich-ghee flavored cooking. Are you planning to take some of these flavors back to home? Do not worry; India has the largest spice market of the world.

Indian Cuisine

6. Cricket is a Religion

Of all the sports in the world, cricket is the main attraction in India. There are numerous stadiums around the country. Visit any of the stadiums to get the cricket fever. Do you know that the world’s highest cricket ground is in India? At the height of 2444 m, Chail Cricket Ground is the highest ground built in 19th century in Himachal Pradesh.

7. Elephant Ride

Have you heard the stereotype of Indians riding on elephants? We have a news for you. It is half-true. Elephant is a symbol of pride and royalty. You can find spa for elephants, where you can bath, feed, play and enjoy with elephants. Do you know that these elephants even get soothing massages? (Source:).

Elephant Ride

8. Symbol of Dance

Each state has a dance as an icon. These traditional dance and music styles are the backbones of the land. If you are visiting historic and cultural regions like Jaipur, Delhi, Mahabalipuram and others, you can find cultural performances.

Traditional Dance

9. Indian Railways

With the large population moving around the city for business, career, education and others, road is not enough. A huge chunk of the population uses railways every day. Around 12,617 trains run carrying more than 23 million people every day (Source:). If you want to enjoy the raw culture of the land, take a local train ride in any of the metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and others. If you are up for a luxury vacation, try to ride the luxury Trains India.

Indian Railways

10. Fashion

If you are looking for the apt souvenir, the fashion is the right genre. Where else to buy fashion other than the land that invented buttons. Are you looking for iconic souvenirs?

Benaras silk of Varanasi, Kalamkari, Kanchipuram silk saree, traditional sandal dress of Kerala and so on are waiting for you in India.

Traditional Fashion India


Unusual Facts about India

You might have learnt a lot about India, its tourism attractions, the heritage, culture, festival and others. Do you want to learn a little more about India that would drop your jaw?

  1. About hundred million years ago, India was an island.
  2. Kumbh Mela is a religious festival in India. In 2012, 60 million people gathered in the same place to attend this festival making it the largest gathering in the world and this mass of gathering was photographed from the satellite.
  3. It is illegal for any foreigner to take Indian currency out of India.
  4. There are more than a million millionaires in India and more than 35% of Indians live below the poverty line.
  5. Himalayas in India has the tallest peak in the world. It grows an inch taller by every year. You can find a lot of monasteries in these mountains.
  6. Breathing the air of Mumbai at the peak time is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes. Yet, the most polluted city in India is not Mumbai. It is New Delhi.
  7. 70% of the spices in the world come from India.
  8. The Golden Temple in India feeds about hundred thousand people in India with no regards to their religion or race.
  9. A land that was in dispute between India and Bangladesh disappeared due to global warming, solving the case.
  10. The oldest inhabited place that is still in use is Varanasi, India.
  11. An impression of the meteor that hit the earth millions of years ago is in Maharastra. It is called as Lonar Lake.
  12. There is a hill in Ladakh in India that has magnetic properties which is strong enough to pull a car upwards.
  13. Chess, buttons, shampoo, cataract surgery, plastic surgery, pi (mathematical value), zero, algebra, trigonometry and diamond mining were invented in India.
  14. A river in India is considered to be cursed and no one touches the water. Since water is required for cooking, people who live around the river just eat fruits and raw vegetables.
  15. The world’s only granite temple is in Tamil Nadu. Brihadeswara Temple was built in 11th
  16. India has the largest family in the world. A man lives with his 39 wives and ninety four children in the same house.
  17. World’s only floating post office can be found in Dal Lake, Srinagar.
  18. The wettest place on earth is in India. Khasi Hills and Cherrapunji in Meghalaya have the highest recorded rainfall in the world.
  19. The first rocket in India was taken to Thumba on a bicycle. The satellite was brought in a bullock cart.
  20. India is the one place to have a spa for elephants in Punnathoor, Kerala.
  21. A poll booth is erected during every election in Gir Forest for a single voter, Mahant Bharatdas Darshandas.
  22. Other than India, no other country in the world has tigers and lions together. There are only 4000 tigers left in India.
  23. Visit a Chinese styled Indian temple for the goddesses Kali only in Kolkata.

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There are a lot more unusual things happening in India. Come and visit India to witness them for real.

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