Cookin’ with gas…?

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James Macpherson

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James Macpherson

15 December 2022

11:54 AM

Imagine an economy run by Anthony Albanese and Adam Bandt, with expert advice from Chris Bowen.

Guess what? You’re in it.

The Net Zero obsessed ALP has done a deal with the anti-progress Greens to pass legislation that would cap prices on gas for the next 12 months and subject gas prices to a ‘reasonableness’ test beyond that.

As a result, gas companies such as Shell are already putting projects on hold. This means less gas coming onto the market.

What happens when demand is high and supply is low? I’m asking you rather than Labor politicians because it’s clear that they haven’t a clue.

High demand combined with low supply always means higher prices.

The government plans to drive prices down by doing exactly what you would do to drive prices up.

Albo and his taxpayer-funded Tesla driving Energy Minister live in a fact-free universe where economics 101 does not apply.

Why would gas companies release gas onto the market over the next 12 months when prices are capped? Any sensible company would keep their stock away from the market until prices rise again.

But when prices do rise – after the 12-month government-enforced cap expires – gas companies will only be able to sell at prices Albanese and his interfering friends deem ‘reasonable’.

Define ‘reasonable’.

You can’t define reasonable because reasonable is whatever the government says reasonable is and that, by any definition, is entirely unreasonable.

We are moving towards a nationalised gas industry in everything but name.

Meanwhile, Greens leader Adam Bandt has extracted, as the price for his support of this madness, a promise from the government that they will pay householders to ditch their gas appliances for electric ones.

How much will this cost? No one knows. But it sounds reasonable to the government, so it’s a goer.

Adam Bandt told the media that by switching from gas to electricity, householders would save around $1,900 on their annual gas bills.

Considering the average NSW gas bill is $744 annually, that’s some interesting maths.

Is Bandt suggesting we will get a $1,200 credit every year? Now that sounds reasonable to me, but that’s just because it suits me.

Are you starting to see how this ‘reasonableness’ test works?

‘This is the beginning of the end of gas,’ Mr 10 per cent declared on Twitter, luxuriating in his new found power to guide national economic policy.

The unholy trinity of Albo, Bandt, and Bowen plan to make gas redundant so that we are all entirely reliant on electricity. At the exact same time, they plan to ban the burning of coal that guarantees our electricity supply.

‘Trust the wind,’ is their plan.

‘But sunbeams …’ is their argument.

Whoever dreamed that ‘cookin’ with gas’ would become a rebel yell?

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