Saving Ukrainians from Themselves

America’s Plan in Ukraine and How to Respond

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by Sergey Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies, in Moscow, author of the Markov Logic telegram channel, talks about the American plan for the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Now in Ukraine everything is going according to the American plan. This plan involves the creation of a strong anti-Russia out of Ukraine, with the help of which it would be possible to fetter Russia, which then would make it possible to deprive Russia of the status of a great power. Moreover, that would help to make it possible to change the political regime in Russia itself to a pro-American one.
The ideal model that the Americans are striving for, which is being voiced publicly, is the Korean model, that is, the cessation of hostilities. After that, Russia turns into an analogue of North Korea, and Ukraine – into an analogue of South Korea, a prosperous state.
The task is to make relations between Russia and Ukraine exactly the same as between India and Pakistan, that is, these are countries that were part of a single Indian civilization, but then were divided along religious lines and became eternal enemies. Ukraine is separated from Russia now according to some linguistic principles, which are artificially created.
This plan included an intensive manipulation of consciousness in an anti-Russian spirit and the creation of a sufficiently strong Ukrainian army. After that, hostilities in the Donbass were supposed to result in that the main part of Ukraine became total anti-Russian. According to this plan, intense fighting should show that it is bad to be for Russia. This was perfectly demonstrated by the history of Mariupol. And Mariupol is one of the most pro-Russian cities in Ukraine.
The Ukrainian army suffers huge losses while implementing this plan, but these losses were predicted. After all, the more funerals come from the front to Ukrainian families, the more total and endless will be the hatred for Russia. Therefore, when Ukrainian generals holding British or American passports and receiving salaries in dollars and euros give the order to fill Russian positions with the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers, this simultaneously and dramatically increases the effectiveness of military operations, and also has a colossal political effect.
In order to make anti-Russia out of Russian Ukraine, from 2014 until 2022, it took the most brutal dictatorship that was installed by Kiev. After huge losses, attacks on infrastructure facilities, the population itself is already becoming anti-Russian, and no dictatorship is needed here.
Anti-Russia will always fight with Russia, will fight, blowing up the metro in Moscow and St. Petersburg, blowing up planes, it will fight like terrorists fight, regardless of any victims.
Only one thing can break this plan – a military victory for Russia. It must be understood that this is a war of attrition, a long one, and such a war is beneficial to the United States, because Ukraine is only formally opposed to Russia. In reality, Russia is opposed by the huge economies of the United States, the European Union and their highly developed allies. Their combined potential is significantly greater than Russia’s.
The American plan also works great in terms of regime change in Russia. After all, a necessary condition for this is a split in the elites, and such a split already exists. The elites are shocked and frustrated, they have lost their way of life.
But one question arises – why are the Americans doing so well in Ukraine? The main reason why they did not succeed in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria lies in the fact that there they were opposed by fanatics who were ready to make any sacrifice. In Russia, they are opposed by ultra-pragmatists (Putin people) who only pretend to fight.
This does not mean at all that in order to defeat the Americans in Ukraine, Russia must use nuclear weapons. Russia has such restrictions – for example, not to be the first to use nuclear weapons. But at the same time, fanaticism and the will to win are needed, and not the desire to beg for negotiations.
It is possible to agree with the Americans on only one thing – only on the terms of surrender by Ukraine. From my point of view, Russia will still win. It will win because the majority of the people of the Russian Federation do not want negotiations with the Americans on the terms of Ukraine’s surrender.

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