The Left’s racism against Senator Price: a voice that refuses to obey

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Thomas Bee

Jacinta Price/Facebook

Thomas Bee

8 December 2022

4:00 AM

In the name of equity and inclusion, Australia’s marquee satire publication, The Betoota Advocate, has written an astonishing (and some may say racist) article equating Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price to an ‘Uncle Tom’.

In a piece entitled, Senator Jacinta Price Officially Promoted To ‘One Of The Good Ones’ By Her Redneck Overlords, the journalist suggests Price cannot think for herself as her intentions are to appease her ‘white superiors’.

Announcing the decision with the party leaders on Monday was Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, an Indigenous woman who has made a name for herself over the last couple years by saying exactly what the rednecks what to hear on Sky News as a professional devil’s advocate.

The article attributes Price’s success in politics to her role as Sky News Australia’s ‘professional devil’s advocate’ and claims that she has been ‘promoted from her previous role as “the only one they have” to her shiny new position as “one of the good ones”.’

This decision to oppose The Voice, while extremely damaging for the Federal Coalition’s electability in 2026, has done wonders for the political trajectory of Senator Jactina [sic] Price, who has officially been promoted from her previous role as ‘the only one they have’ to her shiny new position as ‘one of the good ones’.

To be sure, this foul racial commentary is not just on Price; it robs Indigenous Australians of their true voice – the very thing Betoota is advocating for through their satirical attempts.

And yes, it is satire – but in the world of cancel culture and painfully meticulous social justice activism, this sort of race-baiting is only given a pass when it spews from a left-leaning publication that supports certain political goals. For a comparison, look at Mark Knight’s recent satirical cartoon on the Voice to Parliament, which was quickly censored.

Similar to when Biden proclaimed, ‘you ain’t black’ if you vote Republican, this kind of rhetoric puts Indigenous Australians in a position where they become anti-Aboriginal if they vote ‘no’ in The Voice Referendum, or are accused of supporting racism if they hold conservative values.

Likewise, all Australians fall into these categories if they do not subscribe to the left-wing orthodoxy.

Meritless arguments such as this are a logical fallacy known as ‘the appeal to emotion’, which the Left has weaponised to bypass fact and manipulate the public towards their side through emotional blackmail.

This tactic is used in two ways. Firstly, to defend people who are a part of the cultural elite, often by turning them into victims of the Right; secondly, to viciously label someone who offers a counter thought as one of the many ‘isms’ or ‘phobias’ which will see the target ejected from the public square, their logic-based opinions delegitimised, and their person forced into Soviet-style apologies.

Unsurprisingly, Jacinta was not offered membership into the cultural elite.

Instead of highlighting Price’s long list of achievements as an advocate for Indigenous Australians and fighting against domestic violence, the government, commentariat, media, and keyboard warriors have joined Betoota in demonising Price as the ‘devil’s advocate’ and narrowing down her success to obeisance towards ‘Her Redneck Overlords’.

Where is Paul Barry, Lisa Wilkinson, Peter FitzSimons, Clementine Ford, Louise Milligan, or Jane Caro when you need them? What about all the social warriors who have, in part, built a career out of festering public outrage, creating pseudo-victim narratives to push their ideology, and acting as Australia’s arbiters of morality? They have remained silent.

It is clear, however, the Left offers a pathway to redemption for members of conservative parties: 

Central-West NSW Nationals MP Andrew Gee has been quick to point out that he disagrees with his party’s official stance and is a supporter of the Voice, as someone who doesn’t think stoking racist hot buttons amongst frustrated rural voters is really going to achieve anything other than a few Murdoch headlines and ruined Christmas dinners.

The overall logic truly is flawed on many fronts; ‘It is not racist to say an Indigenous Woman is not thinking for herself when opposing our view’; ‘We will bridge the gap between the racial divide by encouraging intolerance towards other views’; ‘We believe in every Australian’s right to vote on the referendum, but democracy has failed us if the majority of Australians vote no’; ‘Vote yes to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament and anyone who disagrees should not be allowed to enter the debate.’ 

With this line of thinking infecting our Federal Parliament, Australia’s democratic process is rotting. The federal government has amended tax laws to give deductions to people donating to groups campaigning for ‘yes’ to the Voice, all the while organisations pushing for ‘no’ will not receive this incentive.

Furthermore, the government will spend $75 million on educating Australians on what the Voice means and preventing misinformation. With the term ‘misinformation’ being used in contemporary times to shut down critics, it is doubtful this money will be used to showcase both sides so Australians can make an informed decision.

Instead, it will fund a monolithic view on the referendum and extinguish the contest of ideas. How is this fair or democracy in action?

Rather, we will be subjected to weak, superficial arguments, which will be allowed to flourish without question or criticism.

Just like the Betoota Advocate, which advised conservatives to heed the warning from the Victorian State Election and not to question the Voice, as the Coalition lost because they delved into the ‘murky culture wars’.

This analysis is materially wrong. The Victorian Liberals lost because they were a Labor-lite government offering no point of difference. They had budgeted for larger debt than Labor, had more aggressive climate change policies than the federal Labor government, and banned a long-serving MP from the party room because he was anti-abortion, along with a candidate whose father was a member of a conservative church.

Despite this blatant failure to accurately peruse politics, we are meant to listen to them when it comes to changing our constitution, while conservatives who ask highly pertinent questions are removed from the discussion.

Instead, they are denounced as the root cause of the Culture Wars when they respond to the Left’s attempt to radically change long-standing institutions that have generated overall net positives for society.

The attack on conservatives around the world is profound. Nevertheless, we should pay homage to the likes of Price, who are fearless in their conviction to fight for values that have made the West the greatest civilisation in human history and willingly withstand severe public backlash in this pursuit.

I suggest these concrete cowboys give up their comfortable city lives for a few days and visit a remote community with Senator Price before they try to besmirch her reputation again.

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