We’re losing sight of real discrimination, says ANN WIDDECOMBE

What is it about Kings called Charles? Charles I betrayed Strafford, Charles II betrayed Montrose and Charles III betrayed Lady Susan Hussey.

By Ann Widdecombe

06:59, Wed, Dec 7, 2022 | UPDATED: 10:07, Wed, Dec 7, 2022


Ngozi Fulani attends reception at Buckingham Palace in November

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There is no other word for that bald statement from the Palace which omitted any thanks for 62 years of selfless service and which assumed guilt. As for Prince William, he too lost no time in throwing godmummy under the nearest bus, referring in terms to racism.

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Ngozi Fulani, the woman at the centre of the storm, says she is proud of her African heritage and, quite properly, can emphasise it in hair and dress. It was therefore absurd to take offence when Lady Susan showed an interest in that heritage. If you are proud of something you are happy to talk about it.

Instead, Ms Fulani turned all melodramatic, claiming to have felt “traumatised”. Considering she runs a
centre for people who have suffered the serious trauma of domestic abuse, that doesn’t indicate much of a sense of proportion.

I gave a hollow laugh when the charity in question, Sistah Space, had the effrontery to say it wants to deal with the matter “kindly” when Ms Fulani denounced her 83-year-old victim across press and media.

Ngozi Fulani is at the centre of the racism row

Ngozi Fulani is at the centre of the racism row (Image: ITV)

Prince Harry slammed over racist claims as William urged to take action to dispel comments

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been criticised over the allegations of racism that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have fired against the Royal Family. It comes as the couple are due to be awarded the Ripple of Hope Award by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR) organisation.

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Of course, our Ngozi has form in attacking the Royals, having previously accused them of domestic abuse towards Meghan. Yet still they invite her to receptions and now the King and Queen want to meet her to apologise. Why? It is she who should apologise to them for an abuse of hospitality.

On the very day all this circus started I overheard a conversation between two women. One asked the other where she came from and received the reply “Malaysia”.

“Oh,” said the first woman. “I thought you looked Ethiopian”.

Nobody took offence but then the exchange was between women of colour. If the first had been white and the second sensitive all hell might have broken loose. As it was, the conversation was friendly and normal.

The danger is we are losing sight of what racism really means and equating its ugliness with trivia.

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