Covid confusion: reckless and illogical governments

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Phillip Altman


Phillip Altman

6 December 2022

9:00 AM

Coming from a background in Big Pharma and having been a senior pharmaceutical consultant in clinical trials and drug regulatory affairs for more than 40 years, the Covid pandemic policies (including lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports etc) and the claims by our government that Covid vaccines were ‘safe and effective’ – despite the lack of evidence – did not make any sense to me.

I’ve been searching for nearly 3 years to find a reason to explain the apparent illogical and reckless policies and the near total denial of the harm done by the Covid vaccines to people across the world.

I think I have found it.

We were told by so-called ‘experts’ to expect a pandemic of biblical dimensions. There were unsourced news clips of people dropping dead in China, claims that hospital intensive care units would be overrun, and scary headlines declaring that the world would need to make hundreds of thousands of respirators to keep people alive. Masks were compulsory everywhere, some even advocated for multiple masks – at the same time! Then came the lockdowns which were followed by the brave new world gene-based vaccines deployed on the entire population – including healthy people, children, infants, and pregnant women – with little short-term safety data and no long-term safety data.

Nothing like this has ever been done previously.

The fear that was generated in the media using daily case numbers in ICU and those dying was palpable. It stopped most people questioning the science or rationale behind public health policies. Covid science was too complicated for most people to understand. It was easier to blindly trust the ‘experts’. After all, why would they lie? We now know the experts got it wrong nearly every time. The list of misinformation, disinformation, and lies is very long indeed.

Medical opinion, if it was not totally consistent with the prevailing government narrative of the time, was shut down. Doctors and other health professionals were threatened with de-registration if they questioned the safety of Covid vaccines or sought vaccine exemptions for their patients on valid clinical grounds. Important international medical journals imposed self-censorship of papers that questioned the safety of vaccines or the effectiveness of alternate therapeutics.

We now know the numbers of Covid deaths in Australia stands at about three-times that of annual serious influenza. Covid mainly affected elderly individuals with multiple co-morbidities, most commonly those in their 80s or older. The younger age groups were rarely seriously affected and the risk to very young children was virtually zero. Government figures regarding Covid deaths remain inflated because they do not distinguish between those dying with Covid as compared to those dying of Covid. It has been known for some time that the Covid vaccines do not prevent infection nor do they prevent transmission of infection, which means there was no scientific basis for vaccine mandates (official US FDA News Release 11 December 2020).

The Covid vaccines have produced the highest incidence of associated serious adverse reactions and death ever seen in the history of the pharmaceutical industry. Under normal circumstances, any new drug which was associated with even 1 per cent of reported or assumed deaths linked to the Covid vaccines would be withdrawn immediately – but the Covid vaccines have not been withdrawn.

The total number of deaths due to all causes measured around the world have increased significantly in parallel with the introduction of the Covid vaccines. Only a minor proportion of these deaths can be ascribed to Covid; the remainder comprise increased numbers of deaths mainly due to cardiovascular events (heart attack and stroke), cancer, diabetes, and neurological disease including Alzheimer’s disease. In Australia, these excess non-Covid deaths could amount to many thousands of people per year, possibly as high as 20,000. Nobody seems to know why these deaths are occurring and our health authorities have not conducted an investigation to find out if these excess deaths are caused by the Covid vaccines. In addition, the number of miscarriages have soared in several countries and fertility rates around the world have reported as yet unexplained discrepancies.

There is an increase in fit young professional athletes that have unexpectedly dropped dead since the introduction of the Covid vaccines, although this remains disputed with some researches stubbornly blaming Covid. Still, there are warnings that athletes should get their hearts checked…

To make matters even worse, our health authorities effectively banned widely used off-label drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and discouraged the use of Vitamin D – all of which have, at one time or another, shown potential. Surprisingly, health authorities here and overseas advised against any early treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection – the first time in history it was not recommended to treat a serious infection as early as possible.

The impacts on our society due to the lockdowns in terms of the deteriorating mental health, devastation of small businesses, and long-lasting damage to the education of young people, seem to have been ignored. Vaccine mandates continue to this very day even though there is no scientific evidence that such mandates prevent the spread of infection and our health ‘experts’ stay silent.

Despite all this, our health bureaucrats have not admitted to any policy mistakes or recognised that the Covid vaccines may be killing or injurying healthy people. Indeed, they have doubled down and support the construction of detention camps, introduction of international vaccine passports, and are planning to hand pandemic control of health policy to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a legally binding pandemic treaty which may mean that Australians may be locked down, forcibly injected and/or sent to detention camps for non-compliance to pandemic orders in future.

With so much evidence and accumulated experience and knowledge about Covid and the vaccines, why haven’t our politicians and so-called ‘health experts’ admitted their mistakes and changed course? Why are they so bold in their continued support for vaccines which have significant safety concerns? Why do they want to introduce totalitarian measures to force us to be vaccinated in future with unsafe experimental gene-based vaccines?

Furthermore, why would pharmaceutical companies cut so many corners in the development of a new class of potentially dangerous drugs, release these therapeutics onto the market, and take the reputational and legal risk if something should go terribly wrong?

Having worked with our drug regulator for more than 40 years, I refuse to accept excuses of incompetence or ignorance on the part of our drug regulators – they are neither incompetent nor ignorant.

The only answer I can conceive which easily answers this catalogue of questions can be summed up in two words: National Security.

In the wrong hands, a collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and government could pose a threat to citizen safety.

The point has already been proven that governments – through a mixture of mandates, economic coercion, fines, restriction of movement, and public bullying – are capable of forcing an insufficiently tested medical product onto the global population. Most nations were prepared to withdraw civil liberties until compliance was achieved, with very few capable of holding out against two years of State pressure. The proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty will only firm up this potential abusive marriage of power.

Is this really the sort of power we want to allow our leaders to wield? Should secretive relationships be allowed to exist between the private pharmaceutical industry and government? Do we want the Greater Good to permanently enshrine itself as a means to abuse in the name of some illusory noble cause?

Looking at the whole sorry pandemic mess through the national security lens explains absolutely everything. It explains the wilful blindness. It explains the lack of compassion. It explains the refusal to acknowledge tragic mistakes and lies. It explains the secrecy surrounding the alarming safety data. It explains the plans to hand absolute control of our pandemic health policies to unelected globalist power brokers. And it explains what might happen next.

I hope I am wrong.

Phillip Altman BPharm(Hons), MSc, PhD. Clinical Trial & Drug Regulatory Affairs Consultant

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