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Treason of the elites

David Flint

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David Flint

3 December 2022

9:00 AM

‘Taking out the trash’ refers to politicians releasing bad news when it’s least likely to be noticed, such as a Friday afternoon before a three-day weekend.

Both sides of politics do it.

But now, the US mainstream media have started doing it over their suppressing reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop during the 2020 election.

Senator Ted Cruz concludes that there is a confluence of institutions – media, Democrats, bureaucrats, universities  and big business – determined to deceive and lie to the people.

This US establishment has learned from Beijing how to marry ideology – communism with either Chinese or American characteristics – with the potential to reap massive wealth from corrupting government to make them all Soros-like, new-style communist billionaires.

Added to that, building on abuses matured under Obama, they have dared to undermine traditional checks and balances so essential to our system.

This is done by weaponising and politicising institutions against their opponents, institutions which in a democracy must be above the political fray. Well described in Ted Cruz’s Justice Corrupted: How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System, this involves misusing the taxation bureaucracy (IRS) and the justice system (DoJ, FBI) against enemies. And don’t think Australia is immune.  Just recall what Victorian authorities and the ABC did to Cardinal Pell.

Meanwhile, in the Australian mainstream media echo chamber, hardly a day goes by when there is not some attack on Donald Trump, all the while ignoring damning evidence on the Biden family such as that released through the coming Republican-dominated House Oversight Committee.

Yet not only were Trump’s achievements remarkable, domestic and foreign, he was alone among Western leaders courageous  and honest enough to walk out of the ruinous Paris Climate Accord.

The only salvation for the free world can come from the next real Republican president. Fortunately, the choice will be made by the best judges, registered Republican supporters voting as primaries stretch across that great country, albeit at an infuriatingly leisurely pace. As to the Paris Accord, while this is doomed to have zero effect on the climate, a trite application of the follow-the-money principle indicates its sole beneficiaries are, unsurprisingly, the usual assorted billionaires.

These especially include the murderous multi-billionaire gangsters in Beijing who are bleeding the Chinese people dry while profiting from their infamous sideline, the on-demand trade in human organs ripped out of the living bodies of healthy young Muslims, Christians and Falun Gong practitioners.

Meanwhile, they are laughing all the way to the bank as our leaders line up to sign up for net zero, something Alan Jones long ago warned would be a ‘national suicide note’.

This is nothing more than a betrayal of Australia, a veritable treason of the elites.

Just on that, the uninformed (especially those exposed to modern education) were no doubt scared by the recent official ‘State of the Climate Report’, which was, of course, the intention.

While its assertion of increasing temperatures was reported in the mainstream media as unquestionable fact, scientist Jo Nova points out that satellites show that, despite an increase in CO2 (which Peter Ridd points out is greening Australia), there has been no warming in Australia in the last ten years.

But, she says, if you use thermometers in carparks, near runways, or close to incinerators, you’ll find the increase that will ensure the grants keep flowing in. Helped by lowering past readings, perhaps?

To return to the media taking out the trash, we saw a spectacular example over Thanksgiving when CBS suddenly announced they had finally authenticated the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.

But they’re still pretending there’s no evidence to show Joe Biden was the ‘Big Guy’ receiving 10 per cent from the sale of access and influence into Washington.

Two years before, on CBS’s 60 Minutes, presenter Lesley Stahl forbade President Trump from even referring to the laptop because the story ‘could not be authenticated’.

But Stahl curiously never asked for authentication when Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cast doubt on whether the Holocaust had occurred.

Cruz says that the story about the Hunter Biden laptop and the Biden family’s corrupt dealings with foreign powers, was ‘incredibly inconvenient’ because it broke in the New York Post just before the 2020 election and could have affected the way the establishment had decided the vote should go.

So, he says, the FBI contacted ‘their buddies in big tech’ to ask them to suppress this on the tired old ground that it was ‘Russian disinformation’.

This blatant lie was conveniently supported by an open letter from more than fifty former senior ‘intelligence’ officials .

Acting in concert, Cruz says, Facebook and Twitter then took down not just the story but the New York Post.

Rather than asking Biden about the laptop, the mainstream media preferred to ask him about such important issues as the flavour of the ice cream he would so ostentatiously eat in front of them.

Now, after two years, and with the 2020 and 2022 elections safely out of the way, the mainstream media are changing their story.

For two reasons. First, Republicans have won the House and are already starting investigations to show that Joe Biden lied and was the ‘Big Guy’ raking in his 10 per cent.

Their recent first report has been almost totally ignored by the mainstream media and its Australian echo chamber. But as hearings begin in the New Year, the mainstream want to be able to say: ‘Nothing new here. We’ve already covered that.’

The second reason the mainstream media are changing direction is that the establishment have decided that their ‘useful idiot’, Biden, is in fact no longer useful. This is not only because he is being exposed as the Manchurian candidate this column warned of as long ago as 24 October 2020, but also because he is threatening to stand in 2024.

The ultimate treachery the mainstream media plans is to block Trump or any good Republican candidate from becoming President and making America great again.

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