COVID didn’t kill these people, hospital greed did!

Dear friend,

Early on during the so-called ‘pandemic’, fake new legacy media outlets bombarded us with horrible stories of hospitals being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients and many of them dying.

The ensuing panic drove the worried public into accepting a whole host of draconian measures meant to ‘flatten the curve’.

In reality, of course, these were measures enacted by opportunistic powers to further suppress our freedom and accelerate the emergence of a New World Order.

The early high COVID-19 mortality never made sense, especially given that, even from the same strain, mortality rates plummeted later on even as the rate of infections picked up exponentially.

What was the truth behind the early high hospitalisation and death rates then? Read on to find out.

The truth is it actually wasn’t COVID killing most of these people, but hospitals themselves.

Financial incentives drove hospitals to put knock patients out and put them on ventilators, even when there was no cause for doing so.

The use of these highly invasive measures to forcefully push pressurised oxygen into inflamed lungs damages the air sacs, greatly increasing the risk of a fatality.

And then there was this unprecedented (and untested) move of putting multiple patients on a single ventilator.

Any person with a bit of common sense could tell how this could have risked cross-contamination, or worse, fatally hypo-ventilate one patient and hyper-ventilate the other.

In an open letter, European doctors railed against the dogma they were being forced to follow, citing that less invasive methods were actually needed in treating COVID-19 patients.

This push towards putting as many patients on ventilators was purely out of greed.

In the US for instance, $13,000 were paid out per person admitted as a COVID case, and another $39,000 was forked out for every patient put on a ventilator.

And since they wanted fresh bodies coming in to get more money, all COVID-19 patients were put under a “do-not-resuscitate” protocol, meaning if they stopped breathing or flat-lined, the hospital staff won’t intervene and let the patient die.

In a US study, of those under 70 COVID-19 patients monitored and put on ventilators, only 36 percent survived.

Of those over 70, only one of the seven monitored survived.

In a separate study, taken in the leftist stronghold of New York, the overwhelming majority of COVID-19 patients put on ventilators died.

In a JAMA study conducted in Italy, 90% of 1,300 critically ill patients with COVID-19 were put on a ventilator, a quarter died and another 58 percent remained in the ICU during the whole research period.

Similarly, in the Australian Critical Care journal, a study on the use of mechanical ventilation on critically ill COVID-19 patients showed mortality rates were 44 percent, with most developing septic complications during their ICU stay.

We have become accustomed to holding whatever the medical industry says as the gospel of truth.

However, time and time again, scandals have surfaced on how medical professionals played with the health and lives of many for profit.

Their interest is making money; your body’s interest is in trying to survive.

Until next time, God bless you, your family and nation.

Take care,

ANation First staff writer

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