Jordan Peterson: conservatism’s spiritual leader?

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Flat White

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Flat White

26 November 2022

4:00 AM

Canadian political commentator and best-selling author Jordan Peterson – best known for helping young men put their lives back together – is in town.

On Thursday, he spoke to an invite-only group of high-profile conservative MPs and Senators at Parliament House. Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, former Leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce and Senators Matt Canavan, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, and Pauline Hanson were among those in the audience.

Peterson was there as part of his global speaking tour to prod (rather sharply) conservative leaders into shape after what appears to be a collective failure of moral leadership and dangerous flirtation with globalist Utopias.

To say that conservatism has ‘lost its way’ in recent years would be like insisting that the Titanic ‘just needs a bit of work’.

In other words, conservatism has lost its mojo and Peterson has come along as a spiritual leader, of sorts, to give everyone a pep talk. While it might not work, it can’t hurt either.

‘It’s time for those in the centre to stop worrying about what they stand for,’ said Peterson.

Victorian Liberal Leader Matthew Guy should have that on repeat, blaring into his office as he faces judgment day this morning. During the state election campaign, Guy allowed himself to be led around by public opinion (or at least, public opinion curated by his enemies in the hostile press), de-balling himself to the point that he essentially whispered his way through the Sky News Australia debate so as not to appear ‘mean’.

Dear me… So much for the good ol’ days of fighting for what is right, not what seems easy. ‘Conviction Politics’ is something Guy would have to learn about at the local museum, given no one has seen it in the wild in Victoria for a generation.

According to the Australian Financial Review, Peterson added:

‘I started toying with the idea of developing a centralised vision that was contrary to the Woke messianism that characterises modern times. I have been organising that in my social media discussions and presentations, and also behind the scenes politically, meeting with people in Europe, the UK, US about how to formulate a vision that runs contrary to the hypocritical globalist Utopians.’

Peterson wants to see conservatives and those in the centre of politics put a stop to the Left’s long march through society and culture. He wants leaders to stand up against climate madness, renewable idiocy, the destruction of the family unit, and the general assault on liberty. It is almost as though he is trying to sketch a general ideological template for conservative politicians and succeed where their in-house advisers have failed.

He also managed to clutch onto the heart of the issue – young voters are obsessed with living vicariously through politicians. It’s what ‘Tealism’ looks like in its larval form.

‘One of the big problems, psychologically speaking, is that the Woke moralists have the moral upper hand. They offer something like a messianic vision for young people, and that’s actually developmentally appropriate. […] It’s the manifestation of the desire of young people to take their place in the social world and to contribute in some deeply positive manner. The advantage that the Marxists have, let’s say, is that they provide this vision, and they provide a quasi-religious narrative … to explain the world. That narrative is actually quite compelling as the world is divided into oppressors and the oppressed.’

It doesn’t help that the Marxist lie is allowed to go unchallenged by modern conservative parties who have attempted to make political headway (and money) off corporate partnerships with companies peddling guilt politics as a marketing message.

Instead of appealing to their better nature, Peterson might want to engage in a bit of Medieval ‘truth-telling’, locking conservatives in the room with him until the gravity of their ideological error sinks in.

The same young people that the Marxist lesson appeals to are the generation told to go out and spend four years getting a qualification in Gender Studies or Climate Change Activism and then discover that they are contributing nothing of value to the world. To fill this void, they swarm social media with angry hashtags and vote for politicians that prey on virtue-seekers. In this case, Millennial voters are fish food for political sharks – sharks of both persuasions.

As Peterson says, ‘If they [young voters] have the opportunity to pick “save the planet or destroy capitalism”, they will instantly pick “destroy capitalism”.’ He goes on to note that these activists and voters are prepared to sacrifice the poor to serve their political vision. That is what makes progressive politics so dangerous.

This is not idle speculation on Peterson’s part. Every Western nation that has allowed screeching ideological zealots to drive policy has found itself with spiralling power prices, a growing food crisis, a cost of living disaster, and the beginnings of a literal digital dictatorship. We are seeing the scaffolding of dystopia erected by part-time keyboard warriors who think they can ‘have it all’ when it comes to virtue-seeking and their comfy capitalist lifestyles.

There is nothing new about this sort of politics. The difference is that in previous generations, conservative politicians were able to prosecute the counterargument and successfully fight in the name of prosperity, reason, and liberty.

The Liberal Party held the door open for elitist lobbyists like the Teal movement by agreeing with the premise of ‘climate apocalypse’ and championing the cause of ‘renewable energy’ to court young voters. All they did was validate a new era in apocalypse-mongering and start a ‘race to the extreme’ for each seat (which the Teals naturally won). The only way back is to admit that it was a lie of convenience, blame retired colleagues, and wage all-out war on the eco-fascists.

There was a winning message buried in Peterson’s lecture, and that was in relation to the poor.

The politics of Red, Green, and Teal causes enormous harm to the poor. Every piece of Net Zero garbage or zealotry makes life more expensive for the average Australian. Socialism, as we know, is no friend of the peasantry.

Conservatives must ‘beat the drum’ for the poor. They can offer cheap, reliable energy. Liberty to speak. Freedom and flexibility in employment. The cutting of unnecessary government regulation. And remove coercive taxes and costs on the farming community to entice people back to the land.

‘I think the best takeaway [from this event] is that we have to stand true to our values and principles to be successful in life, you need to be authentic and have a sense of purpose and meaning. From our conservative viewpoint, it is wrapped up in family, the education of the next generation, and strong principles,’ said Senator Matt Canavan, who helped to organise the event.

Now, all we have to do is locate Peter Dutton – hit the reset button – and hope he reboots with a bit of energy.

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