What does America want?

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18 November 2022

1:18 PM

The time for speculation is over. Donald Trump has formally announced his intention to run for the Presidency in 2024 – resurrecting the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement.

‘I order to make America great and glorious again. I am today announcing my candidacy for President of the United States.’

In doing so, the former US President wasted no time taking aim at the Democrats and President Joe Biden, accusing them of being part of the ‘radical Left’ while (rightly) blaming them for the economic mess America finds itself in.

The numbers don’t lie. As far as the cost of living crisis goes, Biden has no one to blame but himself (and his shadowy puppet masters). American poverty is a weakness in the ‘feel good’ Democrat message. Generosity of spirit (also known as painful virtue signalling in exchange for social media attention) is a cult that can only prosper in an affluent, bored society. If ‘Build Back Better’ manifests as a post-apocalyptic landscape, the Republicans are in with a real shot in 2024.

That said, observers to the midterms were overwhelmingly mistaken in their predictions. Even in the Banana Republic blue states where Governors have to wade through literal filth to make their campaign speeches, the people continued to vote for them and their failed polices. Is this delusion? Stubbornness?

This brings us to the obvious question, does the world know what America wants in its leadership?

If one were to take a few steps back and assess the situation in a cold, sober fashion, perhaps America has already been pretty clear about what it values in 2022. America is led by a geriatric who does not know where he is or what he is talking about – a man drawn to children who can’t find his way off the stage and reads the prompts aloud after getting lost in the empty chambers of his mind. The politics of the American state is handled by a shadowy bureaucracy that tells the President what to do and any problem that arises is papered-over with public money.

Is there a greater image of the Millennial voter, who wants to live off mummy and daddy’s money while maintaining a child-like existence with the difficult decisions left to ‘someone else’?

America has fashioned a President that reflects them, just as they demand that the entertainment industry ‘looks’ like they do. This is not the sort of population that values or votes for strength, business sense, and a return to sensible social rules. They’d rather have infinite handouts and padded safe-spaces than erect an ordered society capable of leading the other nations morally, spiritually, and economically.

If this is where the spirit of the American people is headed, the nation will cease to be the soul of the free world. The dream will end and America’s wealth will expire.

Trumpism (and whatever breed of politics we’re going to name after DeSantis), is attempting to wade against apathy and re-ignite the fire that built America. The speech we heard from the former President this week is legacy Trump bringing the same message: ‘Drain the Swamp!’

He is running on heartland conservative issues – chasing the working class of America who are suffering the most under the cost of living crisis. While he speaks from the opulence of his gold-trimmed ballroom (which looks every bit like a presidential palace), his words go directly to the populace who feel as though they’ve been ignored for the last two years.

‘America’s comeback starts right now!’ Trump declared, bringing some much-needed momentum to the lacklustre conservative cause.

Trump went directly for Biden’s throat, pointing out what other world leaders have done – that Biden does not appear to be mentally or physically fit for the role. He also dragged up the shameful American withdrawal from Afghanistan that left the terrorist Taliban regime in possession of a globally significant army, calling it ‘the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country’.

‘We are here tonight to declare that it does not have to be this way – it does not have to be this way – two years ago we were a great nation and soon we will be a great nation again.’ He went on to say, ‘It’s not about politics, it’s about love for this great nation.’

That is the trick with Trump. Regardless of what you think of his leadership style, he knows how to inject a bit of energy and purpose into the Presidential race.

Is it enough to erase the lies spun about Trump that have since been cemented by social media ‘fact-checkers’ and the forces of the ‘free’ press? Can any conservative politician win if they have made enemies with the Murdoch empire? And what of the people? Trump’s charm may have been damaged beyond repair and if it that is the case, and his base have fallen in love with another face, then Trump must use what’s left of his political power to consolidate a leader that can win. We will not know the answer to this until Trump starts talking without the iron grip of Silicon Valley CEOs.

Cancelling student debt was an expensive trick brought out by the Democrats to buy their survival in the midterms – one that the working class are likely to resent over time. It’s a doomed policy (that may never eventuate due to legal proceedings). University debt accumulates every year and soon the next batch of Arts students, who made the same mistakes with the education as their predecessors, will want their debt cancelled. Where is the money going to come from? Is education to be free? How many more of these vote-saving exercises can the Democrats pull before the White House collapse into the pit of debt being tunnelled out every day?

There is a race for the White House, but it is not between Trump and Biden. Americans are racing against themselves and their internal conflict between wanting to lead and surrendering into the arms of the socialist, parasitic Big State that promises them Utopia.

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