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The Spectator Australia

The Spectator Australia

Cover by Sarah Dudley, illustration by Ben Davis

The Spectator Australia

12 November 2022

9:00 AM

Not since Howard Carter risked the curse of the Pharaohs to plunder the pyramids a hundred years ago this month at the Valley of the Kings has Egypt seen such a gang of thieves.

Only this time, forget the grave robbers, it’s the gravy train robbers who are pilfering the untold wealth of the West in the Valley of the Despots also known as the luxury climate change junket Cop 27 at Sharm el-Sheikh. As the Daily Mail reports, ‘World leaders and delegates jetting into Egypt for the Cop 27 climate conference will be able to dine out on £90 mushroom sauce covered beef medallions – and sip on fancy bottomless cocktails – while facing calls to cut down on meat consumption to save the planet. Those with a taste for the luxurious can snap up an Angus beef medallion with sautéed potatoes… after scoffing back a £43 seafood platter for starter.’

No wonder all the greatest and most powerful leaders of the climate cult are descending from far-flung cities, flying in by Lear Jet or luxury gas-guzzling yacht to lecture the rest of the world on how we should eat bugs and insects in order to reduce our emissions. Indeed, our Climate Change Minister has bravely gone to Egypt this week in search of riches beyond his wildest dreams. Mr Bowen, now known as the Nefertiti of Net Zero, the Ramses of Renewables, or the King Tut-tut of the nanny state, has returned Mummy-like from his dead career as a Rudd minister to plunder the hidden treasures of endless government renewables subsidies in order to save the planet. The poor old humble Aussie taxpayer will be defiled and desecrated and dragged into an afterlife of perpetual impoverishment.

Already the Australian delegation has insisted that the controversial issue of ‘loss and damage’ be added at the last minute to the agenda of the Sharm el-Sheikh conference as a gesture of solidarity for Pacific countries. Which translated means: Aussie taxpayers are going to hand over a king’s ransom to any lucky Pacific leader who sticks his hand out because apparently we ghastly Australians are to blame for their islands sinking under the waves even though, er, plenty of them are actually increasing in size as even the ABC admits.

When Howard Carter broke his way into Tutankhamen’s secret burial chamber in 1922 the wealth he discovered was estimated to be worth around $15 million. But that’s peanuts to the gold and rubies that Chris Bowen and his expedition intend to excavate from the coffers of the humble Aussie taxpayer. Australia owes an extra $2.6 billion to the UN’s $100 billion climate finance target, according to the luvvies. Australia has paid only 38 per cent of its fair share, apparently, ranking us third-worst country behind the US and Canada.

And in news that would have Carter spinning in his own grave, the eco-warriors are demanding that the United Kingdom pays up to £1 trillion in damages to the rest of the world for her role in ‘creating climate change’. You know, by inventing all the modern equipment, transportation, drugs, manufacturing, goods and products that have created the modern prosperity, good health and civilisation that we all enjoy.

That is Great Britain’s curse – to have been at the forefront of industrialisation, technological progress, innovation, and mainly peaceful colonisation that shared the just laws and moral values of the Enlightenment around the world in an era, today, where the past is denigrated and despised in favour of pagan earth-worship, superstition and cultural and racial guilt-trips. Indeed, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is already proposing ‘climate reparations’ to poorer countries like Pakistan.

The curse of Australia is to have fellow-traveller and climate carpet-bagger Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen as our Climate Change Minister at a time when we desperately need to be increasing our energy supplies and fossil fuel and uranium resources but instead are concentrating on madcap schemes like pushing water uphill and green hydrogen hubs.

Of course, like any ancient Egyptian cult, the climate change cult relies on scaring the living daylights out of anyone who dares question the orthodoxy. But forget ancient skeletons and mummies coming back to life from secret burial chambers, today’s climate warriors are much more adept at striking fear into the hearts of their loyal followers.

So we have Roger Hallam, the ‘founder’ of Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil and other fanatical groups, threatening that thanks to the inevitable social disruption caused by climate change in the future your sister and mother will be gang-raped in their own home before having their eyes poked out with a burnt stick.

Or you have UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres proclaiming that thanks to climate change we are in a global ‘suicide pact’ and we are all on ‘a road to hell with our foot on the accelerator’.

Take your pick which of these leaders is the most irresponsible.

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