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Eric Abetz

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Eric Abetz

7 November 2022

12:00 PM

I have been involved with the Australian Monarchist League for many years now, but when I stepped up as Campaign Chairman of Vote No Republic, I did so with the confidence that the organisation supporting me was comprised of a dedicated membership whose individualities were unified by a shared love of constitutional monarchy.

It was this shared love that unified the addresses of those who spoke at AML’s successful 2022 National Conference in Sydney. I had the great privilege to chair this conference and to provide a comprehensive report on the status of Vote No Republic.

This year’s conference brought together some of the country’s fiercest defenders of constitutional monarchy in the wake of the government’s taxpayer-funded Assistant Minister for the Republic. I was certainly pleased to host nine other speakers collectively representing four other states, including Philip Benwell (NSW), Nick Cater (NSW), Alessandro Rosini (VIC), Senator Pauline Hanson (QLD), Dr Neville Rochow KC (SA), Jack Barton (QLD), Katherine Deves (NSW), Alexander Voltz (QLD) and, via virtual attendance, Shadow Attorney-General Julian Leeser MP (NSW). Our national representation only continues to expand.

Everyone was very impressed by the calibre of this conference’s speakers. I wish now to strongly echo the undeniable talking points that those speakers illuminated.

Our Crown and Constitution have served us faithfully for 121 years. When measured on all fronts, humanity has not yet conceived a more superior system of government than constitutional monarchy. As I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Republicans have no basis in fact for any of their hyper-emotive, manipulative arguments. In the words of Dr Rochow, ‘In the heart of every republican yearns a presidential – or, at least, an ambitious – lust for power.’

Katherine Deves rightly noted that a Sovereign as our constitutional head of state enables us to rise above the impoverished and debased political environment we currently find ourselves in due to both identity politics and cults of personality.

The Labor government has alienated itself from its passionate grassroots base by pursuing a republic. Roy Morgan polling clearly shows that 58 per cent of Labor voters overwhelmingly support the retention of our constitutional monarchy.

A republic only benefits the elite.

We are living in a cost-of-living crisis. Uncontested academia from economist Professor Mauro F. Guillén, Director of the Cambridge Judge Business School, ultimately concludes that because constitutional monarchies better protect property rights, optimised constitutional monarchies like our own delivers 1,500.00 USD more to every person annually. If politicians, especially the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, care about rehabilitating Australia’s economy and providing financial relief to hardworking households, they must support our present constitutional arrangements. Sadly, republican Jim Chalmers is more interested in virtue signalling and designing a new five dollar note. He is disgraceful.

It is equally disgraceful that the Assistant Minister for the Republic is also the Assistant Minister for Veteran’s Affairs. Such is an utter slap in the face to the brave Australians who swore allegiance to, fought under and, in some cases, died for our Crown.

Charles III, as the new King of Australia, is ready and able, as his mother was before him, to serve as our Sovereign, adhere to our Constitution, and keep ultimate executive authority out of the lukewarm hands of scheming politicians.

According to the 2022 Democracy Index, three of the top five nations in the world are constitutional monarchies. The bottom fifty are all republics.

The Australian Republic Movement recently announced a new cast for its National Committee, including elite sportsmen, Indigenous activists, and a Climate 200 director. Despite the fact that republicans seek to destroy the Crown and the constitutional checks and balances that have ensured Australia’s prosperity, sorely lacking amidst this new National Committee is any reputable degree of constitutional law expertise. It is a token committee seeking to tokenise contemporary agendas and manipulate them to suit the republican cause. Senator Hanson noted this with conviction.

Julian Leeser committed himself as the effective Shadow Minister for the Constitution. Furthermore, he understands his senatorial Coalition colleagues are about to start asking the Assistant Minister for the Republic some tough questions.

It’s time to stand up for Australia.

If Prime Minister Anthony Albanese was a constitutional monarchist, I would be happy to invite him to speak at the next AML National Conference. But he is not. He is a radical republican.

It was Anthony Albanese that promised that a republic was not Labor’s priority. One of his first actions – literally – was to appoint an Assistant Minister for the Republic funded by the public purse. He then said that Labor would not take any steps towards a republic in its first term of government, instead concentrating on the Voice. Only recently did the Assistant Minister for the Republic announce that he would soon commence a national consultative tour, designed to condition the Australian people into voting for a republic at a referendum. In the AML, we know what that’s called: tax-payer-funded indoctrination.

The incumbent Federal government long ago exceeded its mandate and jurisdiction on this matter and cannot be said to be working in the interests of its constituents. It is, on this matter, as Dr Rochow noted, behaving corruptly.

Everyone left AML’s 2022 National Conference feeling enthused for the fight ahead. But the fight is not a fair fight, and we will lose it if we do not continue to prepare as we are now. The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against us patriotic Australians. We ask that you donate to AML or even join us as a member if you are able. We are grateful for all contributions, and all contributions support us.

God Save The King.

Eric Abetz is a former Leader of the Government in the Senate and Campaign Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League’s Vote No Republic Campaign. 

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