Tom Burlinson

The story behind the photos posted earlier this month of Tom, Paddy & Charlie. Tom Burlinson is a great advocate & veteran for our brumbies & the their plight. Thanks Tom Burlinson

Tom Burlinson
Last weekend in Merrijig, Victoria I met a young horseman named Paddy Purcell and his horse, Queen, affectionately known as Queenie.
They were working together in a yard, with Paddy asking the mare to respond to various requests. Queen seemed to me to be very calm and cooperative.
Paddy told me that Queen is a rescued brumby. Only four weeks ago she was completely wild and would react with extreme agitation at just being gently touched.
I was truly amazed by the progress they’ve made together in such a short time. Kind, expert care and training have resulted in acceptance, trust and willing behaviours.
Paddy intends to participate with Queen in the Australian Brumby Challenge. He thinks that she could soon be a very suitable horse for a young rider.
My old friend and mentor Charlie Lovick was also present and he suggested that I get on Queenie for a photo. I did that only to be told by Paddy (once I was on!) that I was only the second person to ever sit on her! Him being the first, of course. Queenie quietly accepted that too.
I present this true story as an example of humane treatment and an alternative course of action to the brutal, barbaric, indiscriminate shooting of brumbies that has recently been taking place in National Parks in Victoria and NSW under instruction from the respective State Governments.
Management of brumby numbers is needed, of course. Slaughter is not management. It is inexcusable. SAVE THE BRUMBIES!


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